Steven Daigle with Brent Everett, Dakota Rivers & UK Naked Men

Big Brother reality star Steven Daigle seems to be everywhere in gay porn world these days. He bottoms for Brent Everett in upcoming movie from C1R called FUCK U, gets fucked by Dakota Rivers at COCKSUREMEN.COM.

Steven Daigle recently goes international, he just flew to London to shoot porn with UKNAKEDMEN.COM and MENATPLAY.COM.



+ Steven Daigle Gets Fucked by Dakota Rivers




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  1. und says

    Steven is a handsome and attractive guy, but he is everywhere, he becomes boring and disappears like Jason Crystal… I won’t cry because of this.

  2. says

    You so can not compare him to Jason Crystal . Steven is a great performer! SUPER SEXY! Anyways all the content above looks like it awesome! Can’t wait!

  3. brian says

    I’m a big fan of Steven Daigle since his beginning, but I have to admit: he is everywhere. It ‘tires’ the image of any person…

  4. b_894 says

    Missed his reality TV debut, but I love his introduction to porn, he made quite a name of himself. All I can say is congrats and I hope to still see him in many movies to come.

  5. me says

    I am sorry but I am NOT attracted to him. And normally that wouldn’t be a probably BUT I SEE HIM EVERYWHERE! Like he is being shoved down my throat.

    P.S. I did see him on Big Brother, and maybe that’s why I don’t like him. I didn’t like him there, I don’t like him now!

    Also, he has a good body (NOT to keen on his lack of an ass, but whatevas) but he really isn’t all that! I don’t wanna be a hater, but enough of him POPPING UP EVERYWHERE

  6. Rob says

    I’m sorry and I don’t mean to be cruel but shit if Steven Daigle can be a porn actor anyone can. But damn he puts himself out there. He’s on every internet ponr site it seems. I just think a bottom should have a great ass.

  7. Webb says

    should be the title of his next film. And not to be a hater or complainer but ROB 09 JUL 10 8:20 pm said Quote:

    “I’m sorry and I don’t mean to be cruel but shit if Steven Daigle can be a porn actor anyone can. But Damn!, does he puts himself out there! He’s on every internet porn site it seems. I just think a bottom should have a great ass.”

    ” ” “I just think a bottom should have a great ass” ” ”

    Rob is right! A bottom should have a GREAT ASS! Daigle doesn’t. He is everywhere and used up all of his Big Brother interest. NEXT!

  8. Buddy-boy says

    Dudes, my balls ACHE for Steven Daigle I want him so bad! My stiff cock rages for that cat & as long as he keeps sucking & fucking for the camera I’ll keep watching & yearning for that fine, fine hottie. I’m turned on by many gay porn dudes but there aren’t a lot of them I’m THIS nuts over. Blu Kennedy is one, D.O., Jason Pitt, Erik Rhodes, Brent Everett, the Bel Ami guys, Damien Crosse and a few others…but MAN, to me, Daigle is NUCLEAR hot!!! I don’t even know what Webb means by his “Big Brother interest.” I never watched his season (because what I saw of earlier seasons were a bore) so all I know of Daigle is what’s he’s putting out in XXX. There’s no over-exposing him to me. Daigle’s amazing!

  9. B says

    I love to see Dakota Rivers fuck anyone or my personal favorite: Seeing him get fucked. Unlike so many porn stars [Handsome Munchkins], Dakota has all the goods with respect to HEIGHT,face,body and 8 inch cock. He seems at least a foot taller than the guys he is paired with. As JOCKS has just released “Indiscretion” in which his beautiful ass gets ravaged by the much shorter Tom Wolfe; I guess Dakota is no longer a Titanmen exclusive? Would like to see Dakota in the middle of a fuck train…Dakota fucking while getting fucked!

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