“Fuck Dynasty” The Duck Dynasty Gay Porn Parody

Fuck Dynasty Christian Cayden Mark Long

You know this one is coming right? Next Door Studios just released a new bareback scene called FUCK DYNASTY. It’s a gay porn parody to the controversial reality show “Duck Dynasty” which made the headlines last year after one of the stars of the show has made some outrageous anti-gay remarks.

This porn parody Fuck Dynasty features a bareback sex between power Christian Cayden and newcomer Mark Long.


Slate Steele and Brandon Bronco Quit Next Door Studios

[Developing] This past weekend, porn star Slate Steele made an announcement on his Twitter that he is no longer working with Next Door Studios. Fellow NDS exclusive model Brandon Bronco also tweeted that he walked away as well because “they pulled Slate Steele’s contract.”

Apparently Slate Steele and Brandon Bronco along with Conner Hastings, Cole Christiansen were shooting Christmas scene with Next Door Studios last week. Then it seems something had happened that caused Slate and Brandon to quit.

That’s all I know for now, can’t find more detail. But I hope both Slate and Brandon will continue shooting gay porn with other studios.

Check out tons of behind the scenes photos from the sex of Next Door Studios I found including pictures of former Randy Blue Addison Graham who was working with Next Door weeks ago.


Tyler Torro Has Returned To Next Door in Muscle Maid Services

I thought muscle jock Tyler Torro has left the industry, well I was wrong because he just made the cameo appearance in the upcoming video called Muscle Maid Services.

Next Door Studios has just released this funny trailer from the scene Muscle Maid Services online. It features Tyler Torro along with Christian Cayden, Hugh Jazz, Conner Hastings and Taylor Wolf. You can watch this funny trailer here.

But it seems like only Hugh Jazz, Conner Hastings and Taylor Wolf who do the fucking. Tyler and Christian are in their for the non-sexual part :-( And from the preview video, I think this scene Muscle Maid Services is also a bareback video (following the infamous scene Slate Steele got tag-teamed bareback released last month.) From the trailer, you can see Taylor Wolf gets fucked by Conner Hastings bareback.


Slate Steele, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden & Dante Martin Hot Orgy Scene “The Naked Challenge” from Next Door Studios

Next Door Studios just released another hot orgy scene with porn stars Slate Steele, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden and Dante Martin. The scene is called “The Naked Challenge” and this time hunky studs Slate Steele and Christian Cayden bottom for Brandon Bronco and Dante Martin.

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Next Door Studios Porn Models Nerd It Out in “Bottoming 101”

NEXT DOOR STUDIOS just released a preview / music video of its upcoming scene Bottoming 101 on Youtube starring Next Door exclusive models Slate Steele, Brandon Bronco, Jaxon Colt, Dante Martin, Cole Christiansen, Christian Cayden and Austin Storm with a cameo appearance by drag queen Willam Belli.

It’s quite entertaining to watch these hot and muscular models nerd it out in this video. The full uncensored “Bottoming 101” video will be live in NEXT DOOR BUDDIES this Thursday September 12th. Maybe it’s gonna be another orgy scene. Who do you think is gonna be the bottom in this scene?

Slate Steele uploaded the sexy picture of himself covered in cum about a week ago, who knows, maybe it’s from this shoot.


Christian Cayden Tells Liam Magnuson “Your Dick Is Magical” in 5-Man Orgy from Next Door Studios

I’ve posted the preview video of this 5-men orgy last week. Now you can watch this hot group sex starring Liam Magnuson, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden, Corbin West and Austin Storm online at NEXT DOOR STUDIOS.

The highlight of this scene for me is when Christian Cayden tells Liam Magnuson “Your dick is magic” while Liam is fucking him. So sweet :-) I captured that moment in the Vine video clip below.


Behind The Scenes of Next Door Studios with Brandon Bronco, Jaxon Colt, Cole Christiansen, Austin Storm, Christian Cayden

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, NEXT DOOR STUDIOS has signed 9 new models to exclusive contracts. They just started filming new porn videos this past weekend. Check out photos of these hot porn models Slate Steele, Brandon Bronco, Jaxon Colt, Cole Christiansen, Austin Storm and Christian Cayden below. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter – @Slate_Steele, @BrandonBronco1 and @JaxonColt.

Director Paul Snell also shared photos of 4 newcomers he’s working with – Stefan, Hugh Jazz, Damien West and Rex Raw.


Cumming Soon: Gimme Five Orgy with Liam Magnuson, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden, Corbin West and Austin Storm

NEXT DOOR STUDIOS has announced that it signed exclusive contracts with nine new models – Cole Christiansen, Mario Torrez, Slate Steele, Jaxon Colt, Brandon Bronco, Dante Martin, Jax Dylan, Austin Storm and Christian Cayden.

They just released a teaser trailer to the 5-stud orgy scene called “Gimme Five” starring Liam Magnuson, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden, Corbin West and Austin Storm. The scene will be out next week, August 29th.

Today you can watch one of the new exclusive models, Dante Martin (aka Corbin Fisher model Carson) gets fucked by musclebound James Huntsman in the new scene from Next Door Buddies.


Liam Magnuson: Bottoming For Angel Rock, Fucking Brayden Forrester Outdoor & Having 5-Stud Orgy for Next Door Studios

Last Tuesday, I broke the news and published a photo of porn star Liam Magnuson getting fucked by Angel Rock. Director Christian Owen and HOT HOUSE just released more preview photos of this scene. It’s from the upcoming movie called “Pumped” to be released this October.

As I told you, this is the second time Liam Magnuson getting fucked on camera. His first shoot was for MEN.COM. We have to wait and see who gets the video out first. Hot House or Men.com. Who’s the lucky first guy who fuck Liam on camera? Sorry, they want me to keep it a secret for now. Let’s the guessing game begins :-)

Fans of Liam can watch the scene from the movie Muscle Ridge by Colt Studio, Liam Magnuson fucks Brayden Forrester, the scene will be released today.

I also found 5 sneak preview / behind the scenes video of the 5-stud orgy scene starring Liam Magnuson, Brandon Bronco, Christian Cayden, Corbin West and Austin Storm to be released on NEXT DOOR STUDIOS next week, August 29th.


Porn Sneak Peek: Liam Magnuson, Darius Ferdynand, Zachary Perry, Johnny Rapid, JR Bronson, Jake Bolton, Isaac Hardy

I posted some pictures of Ryan Rose and Lance Luciano on set of Falcon Studios‘ upcoming movie yesterday. I found more behind the scenes pictures from this movie directed by Bruno Bond. Looks like it’s a threesome with Liam Magnuson, Darius Ferdynand and Lance Luciano.

Liam Magnuson tweeted that Darius Ferdynand “started to pre-cum like a fountain when he was riding.” Can’t wait to watch this scene!

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” behind the scenes photos from Gay Room, Hot House, Next Door Studios, Randy Blue, Men.com, Colt Studio, Men At Play and Kink Men.


Liam Magnuson On The Porn Set of Next Door Studios with Christian Cayden, Brandon Bronco, Tim Holden, Austin Storm

Porn star Liam Magnuson is working with NEXT DOOR STUDIOS at the moment. Check out Liam and his newest porn crush in the picture above, that hot guy is newcomer Christian Cayden! He also shot an orgy scene with Christian Cayden and hottie Brandon Bronco. I have some sneak preview for you guys below. Oh, and Liam tweeted that Christian Cayden is a very talented bottom!

Thanks to makeup artist Bambi and videographer Paul for behind the scenes pictures of many hot new porn models – Tim Holden, Austin Storm, Luke Adams, Paris Jones, Billy Munday, Roman Daniels, Alex Jordan, Brad Rockwell and Corey Haynes.