Jess Fucks The Pre-Cum (and Cum) Out of Jessie [Bareback]

Pre-cum, some people consider it the “holy grail of gay porn” (hey I read it somewhere I didn’t make that up!). It’s quite rare, it means the bottom really likes taking it up the ass, no faking.

Jessie’s cock oozes pre-cum while he’s getting fucked by Jess in this new video from Sean Cody! It’s very HOT! Jessie must really love having Jess’s big cock into his bubble butt. This scene also features plenty cum-playing and snowballing. Jessie looks like the happiest bottom in the world through out the video.

And the good news is, for the time in a decade-long history of the website, now SEANCODY.COM features 2-minute preview video of the scene!


Will Popular CF Porn Star LUCAS Return To Corbin Fisher?

This past weekend, Lucas, one of Corbin Fisher’s most popular porn stars dropped by for a visit to help celebrate Corbin’s birthday and the site’s birthday. CORBINFISHER.COM is nine years old this week! Lucas’ last sex scene was more than two years ago and I think he looks great now.

Lucas also did a liveblogging on Corbin’s Campus and a bonus episode of Pete’s Attic. And the response to the question on everyone’s mind – “Will you come back?”

Lucas: There’s a good chance of seeing me in the near future…

Isn’t that great news! Another hot guy who just returned to porn after 2 years hiatus was Jess. He’s one of Sean Cody‘s most popular tops and they just released this hot scene Jess fucks Ryan bareback.


Sean Cody Model JESS Is Director Bryan Singer’s New Boy Toy?

It’s the gay porn rumor that everyone is talking about – Weho Confidential, Tabloid Heat, Gay Porn Dirt:

WeHo Confidential reports 46-year-old X-Men and upcoming Superman reboot director Bryan Singer, who is openly gay, is smushing body parts with Sean Cody porn star Jess.

Hey Calvin Klein’s boyfriend was also a former Sean Cody model too! Nick Gruber was Sean Cody model Zeke (aka Aaron Skyline).