Luke Hamill Goes ‘Lenny Kravitz’ on The Set of BelAmi Porn Shoot with Joel Birkin, Peter Annaud & Orri Aasen

Joel Birkin Peter Annaud Orri Aasen Luke Hamill BelAmi Gay Porn

BelAmi just released some behind the scenes pictures from its Summer Production at the chateau outside of Prague where they shot Dirty Rascals last year. Director Luke Hamill shot a sex scene starring two porn models with huge cocks Joel Birkin and Peter Annaud with brave newcomer Orri Aasen. Check out some funny outtakes pictures where Luke’s balls hanging out of his shorts.

For more behind the scenes pictures, go to BELAMIONLINE.COM and don’t forget to check out the hot new sex scene Zac DeHaan fucks Milan Sharpe condom-free.


BelAmi Update: Helmut Huxley, Luke Hamill & Dario Dolce

BelAmi Gay Porn Helmut Huxley Luke Hamill Dario Dolce

BELAMIONLINE.COM has teased us with this cute new model Helmut Huxley for quite awhile. I posted his pictures along with fellow newcomers Hoyt Kogan and Jerome Exupery from their Christmas photo shoot last December and we saw Helmut sucking Jerome Exupery at the back of a van in the January issue of KinkyAngels.

Now it’s time for BelAmi to properly introduces Helmut Huxley to the world. You can watch Helmut Huxley interview and solo video in the latest issue of KinkyAngels. Members of BelAmi website can also watch Helmut Huxley’s photo session and jerk off video too.

Although you have not seen too much of Helmut yet, he is certainly one of the rising new stars we have. A charming personality, moviestar good looks and fantastically long dick we are all sure that he will quickly become a favorite for many of you. This photoset was taken by Marty Stevens at Rocco’s house just outside of Budapest.

This week BelAmi also releases a sex scene between two of their most experienced models. Luke Hamill and Dario Dolce. This video is so hot because Dario Dolce cums multiple times getting pounded by Luke Hamill and they just keep on fucking.


Luke Hamill Tops Johnny Bloom Condom Free [BelAmi Legends]

Luke Hamill Fucks Johnny Bloom Bareback BelAmi

Last week, we’ve watched the first scene from the BELAMONLINE.COM porn series “BelAmi Legends” in which Dolph Lambert fucks Claude Sorel. Every Saturday throughout November, Bel Ami will release a never-before-seen video of their legendary porn stars.

The second scene in the BelAmi Legends miniseries features porn star Luke Hamill together with hottie Johnny Bloom. It’s filmed in South Africa and you can watch Luke Hamill fuck Johnny Bloom in this video.

Don’t forget to watch these scenes released this week: Tim Campbell fucks Steve Russell and Yannick Modine fucks Ramon Macchio., all scenes are condom free.


Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Luke Hamill Film Each Other Fucking

Bel Ami Kevin Warhol Gino Mosca Luke Hamill Bareback

I’m a fan of this type of porn video from BELAMIONLINE.COM. It gives viewers a glimpse of what’s happening behind the scenes at the same time. A mix between porn and documentary, a “porncumenary” I guess.

When Kevin first started expressing an interest in learning how to do the behind the camera part of the job, we were more than happy to encourage him. Not all boys have an interest in it, and even fewer have a talent for it, so George thought we would let him try and see how it goes. Obviously we were not going to be so mean as to leave him all by himself, so Luke has decided to give him a few hints and tips as to how it is done. The thing is though, sometimes Luke’s hints and tips involve more than just camerawork!

In this video, porn stars Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca and Luke Hamill take turns filming and fucking each other. It’s so hot watching Gino (with a hard on) filming Kevin cums while getting fucked by Luke.


Bel Ami Is Filming SCANDAL IN THE VATICAN 2 with Porn Stars Keven Warhol, Gino Mosca and Joel Birkin in Rome

Bel Ami Kevin Warhol Joel Birkin Gino Mosca Luke Hamill Scandal in Vatican 2

Remember Joel Birkin? He made his porn debut back in 2012 as “The Mystery Model with Huge Cock.” Bel Ami kept his identity a secret from fans and didn’t reveal his face in that video. (Only his GIGANTIC cock!) Bel Ami finally reveals Joel Birkin’s face because Joel is one of six Bel Ami models in the ADDICTED swimwear campaigns: WET ME UP! and IN BED! with BelAmi. Check out his pictures below.

George Duroy also wrote about this hot new model Joel Birkin in a response to one of his fans on BELAMIONLINE.COM member forum:

Story how he was found will be told once we release him on the main site – probably in October. At this point we are shooting Scandal in Vatican 2 with him. Boys returned from Rome yesterday.

Yes, Joel Birkin was in Rome filming Scandal In The Vatican 2, the follow up to the controversial porn movie Scandal in the Vatican released in 2012.

Today, Lucas Kazan just shared a couple of behind the scenes photos from the set of Scandal In The Vatican 2 on his Twitter! You will see porn stars Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Luke Hamill and Joel Birkin in the pictures.


Bel Ami: Rick Lautner, Tim Campbell, Luke Hamill, Paul Mekas

BelAmi Luke Hamill Fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall Bareback

February is BELAMIONLINE.COM’s “Month of Romance.” They released a romantic sex scene between Rick Lautner and Tim Campbell today.

I’m glad to see more video from Rick Lautner. He’s among the friendliest guys I met at Bel Ami 20th Anniversary Party in Prague last September.

Don’t forget to check out other hot scenes: Luke Hamill fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall and Paul Mekas fucks Julien Hussey and Erik Bouna.


An American In Prague 3D Remake with Mick Lovell, Kris Evans, Luke Hamill, Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, and Dolph Lambert

This weekend, BELAMIONLINE.COM released another 3 scenes from An American In Prague 3D Remake. You got the scene Kris Evans fucks Jean-Daniel Chagall (with condom), behind the scenes footage with porn stars Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca, Mick Lovell, Kris Evans & Dolph Lambert and the sex scene Mick Lovell bottoms for Luke Hamill (condom-free).


Bel Ami Update: Kris Evans Tops Jean Daniel Chagall, Lukas Ridgeston Photos by Rick Day & Introducing New “BelAmiNoir”

Too bad that Kris Evans‘ appearance in the second scene of An American In Prague 3D Remake is just a cameo appearance along with iconic Bel Ami model Lukas Ridgeston. But don’t worry, Kris will star in the next scene releasing this month, Kris Evans tops Jean-Daniel Chagall in this one. Another scene to be released this month is the American porn star Mick Lovell gets fucked by Luke Hamill. Check out some preview pictures below. You can also watch the full XXX trailer here.

This week BELAMIONLINE.COM also introduced a new section called BelAmiNoir where they showcase photos by guest photographers. The first set is the sexy photos of Harris Hilton by photographer Joan Crisol.


Luke Hamill and Colin Hewitt Go Sand Boarding Then Fuck in 3D

Continue with the Adventure in 3D theme from last month (Mick Lovell and Phillipe Gaudin paragliding and fucking), this month we join Bel Ami stars Dolph Lambert, Colin Hewitt, Florian Nemec and Luke Hamill s they go for a sand boarding adventure in the dunes around Capetown. It’s a 3 part series with oral action in second part and ends with Luke Hamill fucking Colin Hewitt.

George Duroy notes that this could be one of our most expensive scenes made in a long time owing to the fact that during the filming of the opening sequence and despite all the protective gear they had on the cameras, sand still found it’s way into the moving parts of the camera and as a result they had to be sent off to be cleaned and repaired afterwards.


Muscled Bel Ami Star Kris Evans Fucks Sascha Chaykin in Brazil

Last year, I reported that Bel Ami flew gay porn stars Kris Evans, Dolph Lambert, Luke Hamill and Sascha Chaykin to Brazil. Kris, Dolph and Sascha gave an appearance at a big party in Salvador, Brazil. Check out some behind the scenes pictures and video here.

This week BELAMIONLINE.COM release the documentary summary of that trip and a hot sex scene between two of the most muscled porn stars Kris Evans and Sascha Chaykin filmed in Brazil


Metrosexual Roku Winner Peter Fleming Bottoms For Luke Hamill

I first covered this hot Bel Ami model Peter Fleming 2 years ago. This guy is so hot he won Metrosexual Roku 2010, the male beauty contest in Czach Republic.

And finally, today we can watch him in action, Peter Fleming gets fucked by Luke Hamill. This is the first of five scenes Peter shot with BELAMIONLINE.COM before he called it quit.

Also check out some preview shots for this scene Peter Fleming bottoms for Brandon Manilow.


Bel Ami Releases “Scandal In The Vatican” Documentary

Bel Ami just released part 1 of the documentary about the upcoming gay porn movie Scandal In The Vatican to members of BELAMIONLINE.COM. It reveals the cast of the movie – Trevor Yates playing a priest along with Kinky Angels Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta, Jaco Van Sant, newcomer Sean Davis and Luke Hamill as a director.

And I found more info about this controversial porn movie on Gay Star News:

The Pope has been tricked into blessing two porn actors and a video of the moment is set to be included in a new Bel Ami gay movie.

The new film, Scandal in Vatican, is going to be released in September. It is the story of a couple of young priests, dressed as Catholic clerical students, who enjoy their sex experiences in the little country in the heart of Italy’s capital, Rome.

And viewers will see Pope Benedict XVI blessing the main actors in a Vatican meeting. The Pope didn’t know about their jobs and, according to producer Duroy, the scene will be the film’s most interesting part.

And don’t forget to check the new video 3 Colossal Cocks featuring Roger Lambert, Jack Harrer and Paul Mekas hot threesome!