Marc, Ellis, Kellan & Jacob Fuckfest in SOAKING UP SAN DIEGO

Corbin Fisher Gay Porn Soaking Up San Diego

Last September, I posted some sexy photo set of 4 Corbin Fisher models Marc, Kellan, Ellis, and Jacob playing shirtless football on a beach in San Diego. They were there for a meet and greet event with fans at Rich’s Night Club and location porn shoots.

CORBINFISHER.COM just released that movie called SOAKING UP SAN DIEGO. It consists of 5 sex scenes and ends with a bareback fuckfest starring Marc, Ellis, Kellan & Jacob.


Porn Sneak Peek: Brent Corrigan, Theo Ford, Hugh Hunter, Eddy CeeTee, Rocco Steele, Sean Zevran, Mattice LeRock

Brent Corrigan Theo Ford Gay Porn Stars Falcon

French gay porn star Theo Ford is in Las Vegas at the moment and he shot sex scenes for Hot House this past week. Today he worked with Falcon Studios in a new movie directed by Bruno Bond and his scene partner is porn star Brent Corrigan.

In this edition of PORN SNEAK PEEK, check out behind the scenes pics from Falcon Studos, Titan Men, Lucas Entertainment, Hot House, Corbin Fisher, and Men of Montreal.

Two hot newcomers to keep an eye on: Hugh Hunter and Mattice LeRock.


Shirtless Football with CF Studs Marc, Kellan, Ellis & Jacob

Corbin Fisher Porn Models San Diego Beach

Last month, on August 23th, CORBINFISHER.COM flew a bunch of CF studs to San Diego for a meet and greet event with fans at Rich’s Night Club. They also had a location shoot there as well. Check out these sexy pictures from their blog post, Surf, Sand, Sun and CF Studs showing 4 hot CF models Marc, Kellan, Ellis, and Jacob having fun on the beach.

As you know, a bunch of the guys went down to San Diego to meet fans and make an appearance at Rich’s (a club in Hillcrest). While there, they were also sure to get some quality time in down on the beach! Of course, we have loads of sand and sun here in Vegas but for some reason shirtless football out in the desert isn’t that popular? Either way, not only did the guys have a ton of fun down in San Diego but we were smart enough to have a camera around to capture their beach antics.

While we’re waiting for their sex scenes filmed in San Diego, check out these hot videos they released this week: Rhett Piledrives Truman and Harper Breaks In Lance.


Marc Has Returned To Corbin Fisher & Gets Fucked by Kent

Marc Kent Bareback Corbin Fisher

We don’t have to wait long for this one. :-) As I reported last week, hot Corbin Fisher model Marc was among a dozen CF hunks who greeted their fans at Corbin Fisher 10th Anniversary Party in Las Vegas and he filmed a sex scene with Kent.

I’m sure we’re all pretty excited to see Marc back in action and Corbin Fisher just released this new video Marc gets fucked by Kent bareback.


Corbin Fisher Anniversary Party: In-Depth Report [Guest Blog]

I published many photos of Hot Corbin Fisher Porn Models at 10-Year Anniversary Party last Sunday and today I would like to introduce my special guest blogger, Phillip T. You might familiar with him from his website NIGHTSINWEHO.COM. I’m a fan of his website where he shares his sexy photos of hot guys in West Hollywood.

Phillip was one of the lucky guys who attended Corbin Fisher’s party in Las Vegas last Sunday and mingled with all those hot CF models. As a VIP guest at the party, I’m so glad he shared more photos with Queer Me Now readers along with the in-depth report of his experience at CF anniversary party and production facility tour. :-)


Phillip T: I was one of the lucky few who got to attend Corbin Fisher’s 10th anniv events in Las Vegas this past weekend. I’ve long been a fan of the site, but like most, I’ve never really known much about them or their team. They’ve long been notoriously tight lipped. The hospitality, friendliness, openness shown to us this past weekend is just unmatched.