Porn Sneak Peek: Dani Robles, Kayden Gray, Sebastian Evans, Bruno Boni, Jordan Levine, Zane Porter, Marcus Ruhl

Dani Robles Menatplay Gay Porn Star

Check out this super HOT newcomer Dani Robles. He’s about to make his porn debut on MENATPLAY.COM in an upcoming video with porn star Edu Boxer.

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Marcus Ruhl Fucks Sean Duran in CONTROL ROOM Scene 1

Marcus Ruhl Fucks Sean Duran Control Room

Four weeks ago, at the beginning of my “US Tour,” Director Christian Owen invited to the set of his upcoming porn movie CONTROL ROOM. I was there while they were filming two sex scenes for this movie – Marcus Ruhl fucks Sean Duran and Luke Adams bottoms for Dave Circus. I’ve posted some behind the scenes photos from those porn shoots along with an exclusive video interview with hot porn star Luke Adams.

Today, HOT HOUSE just released the first scene from this movie CONTROL ROOM and it’s one of the scenes that filmed when I was on set. It’s the hot sex scene where Sean Duran gets fucked by Marcus Ruhl.


Exclusive: Queer Me Now on Set of Hot House “Control Room” Part 1 with Gay Porn Stars Marcus Ruhl and Sean Duran

Marcus Ruhl Sean Duran Gay Porn Leather Sex Hot House Control Room

In case you haven’t read my previous blog post, I’m traveling in the U.S. and director Christian Owen invited me to the set of HOT HOUSE‘s upcoming movie Control Room while I was in San Francisco. They were filming two sex scenes with porn stars Luke Adams, Marcus Ruhl, Sean Duran and Dave Circus.

In Part 1 of Queer Me Now’s exclusive report from Hot House set, I would like to share with you some behind the scenes photos I took from the sex scene where porn star Marcus Ruhl in latex police outfit dominates and fucks musclebound Sean Duran. You might saw pictures of Marcus Ruhl in the same outfit but pairing with Sean Xavier and Dave Circus. They did tried those pairing but the director thought that the duo between Marcus Ruhl and Sean Duran is the best combination, and decided to shoot the actual sex scene with them.

The scene took a really long time to shoot, they needed to adjust lighting and camera angles all the time. But the models were very professional and never complained. I was happy to be on set, check out some behind the scenes photos below.

 CLICK HERE FOR MORE … Update: Paddy O’Brian, Damien Crosse, Duncan Black, Tom Faulk, Marcus Ruhl, Vance Crawford, Ryan Rockford

Paddy OBrian Fucks Damien Crosse

MEN.COM has released many hot sex scenes this week. I can’t wait to watch this first episode from the porn series called “Voyeur.” It features two popular gay porn stars Paddy O’Brian and Damien Crosse fucking.

If you like group sex, don’t miss “The Calendar Shoot.” Duncan Black and Tommy Deluca bottom for Marcus Ruhl, Alex Adams and Vance Crawford in this 5-stud fuckfest.

Another porn series to keep an eye on is “College John.” In this first episode, Tom Faulk tops Vance Crawford.


Marcus Ruhl Gets Fucked by Dirk Caber in “Worked Over”

I’m not sure what’s the story behind this sexy photo set porn star Marcus Ruhl shared on his Twitter last month but I like it. The candid photos show Marcus walking around nude outdoor on a bridge. The view is nice and the sight of Marcus’ bubble butt is surely nicer.

You can watch Marcus put that sexy ass to good use in TITAN MEN‘s new movie called WORKED OVER, Marcus Ruhl gets fucked by Dirk Caber.


Porn Sneak Peek: Marcus Ruhl, Marco Rubi, Alexander Gustavo, Jimmy Durano, Michael Evans, Nicoli Cole, Diego Sans

Director Christian Owen is directed a new prison-theme porn movie for HOT HOUSE and he shared many hot behind the scenes photos of muscular porn stars Marcus Ruhl, Jimmy Durano, Landon Conrad, Alexander Gustavo and Angelo.

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Marco Rubi Gets Fucked By Jay Roberts in Shaft Lane 2

First thing first, in case you haven’t already seen it, check out Marco Rubi‘s answering questions from Queer Me Now readers here. You will learn more about this hot porn stud and I’m pretty sure you will like him as a person even more :-)

MEN.COM is about to release its first scene working with Marco today, in this scene called “Shaft Lane 2,” Marco Rubi gets fucked by porn veteran Jay Roberts. It’s always nice to watch Marco’s perfect bubble butt getting pounded!

Don’t forget to check out these recent scenes – Marcus Ruhl bottoms for Jimmy Johnson in “Physical Therapy” and Jason Goodman gets fucked by Sebastian Young in “The Str8 Whisperer.”


Porn Star Marcus Ruhl Makes Directorial Debut at Dominic Ford

Porn star Marcus Ruhl is making his directorial debut this Thursday at DOMINIC FORD and you can watch the XXX movie trailer of that scene below. I first blogged about Marcus last year around June at the very start of his porn career. Now he’s a well-known porn star and it’s interesting to see him as a director.

In his directorial debut, Marcus Ruhl bottoms for Alex Graham. Fans of hunky stud Alex Graham is back to porn. He was recently working with Joe Gage in Palm Spring and you can watch him fuck Marcus Ruhl this Thursday. :-)


Porn Sneak Peek: Christian Power, Jim Kerouac, Armond Rizzo, Rogan Richards, Layne Nixon, Marcus Ruhl, Mike Dozer

We’ve watched bodybuilder Christian Power bottomed for Alec Leduc last April. It’s payback time :-) I found two preview photos of this upcoming scene from MEN OF MONTREAL. This time Christian Power fucks Alec Leduc.

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