Paddy O’Brian & Connor Maguire Flip-Fuck in Gay of Thrones

Paddy OBrian Connor Maguire Gay Porn GayOfThrones Parody

Finally, MEN.COM is about to release the Gay Of Thrones Part 5 video where fans can watch porn star Paddy O’Brian sucking cock for the first time.

This episode of GAY OF THRONES, a porn parody to Games of Thrones, takes us north of The Wall into the Free Folk’s territory and recreates the love scene between Jon Snow and Ygritte, played by Paddy O’Brian and Connor Maguire.

Check out the trailer of this scene below where Paddy O’Brian and Connor Maguire take turns fucking each other.


Gay of Thrones XXX Trailers: Paddy O’Brian & Connor Maguire Flip-Fuck and Johnny Rapid Fucks Darius Ferdynand & Gabriel Cross

Paddy OBrian Sucking Connor Maguire Cock Gay of Thrones Porn Parody

We watched the softcore trailer of’s gay porn parody GAY OF THRONES Season Two last week. Now you can watch the first two XXX trailers. GAY OF THRONES Part 5, the full video will be released this Friday, July 3rd and it’s the scene many of you have been waiting for, a flip-fuck between Paddy O’Brian and Connor Maguire where Paddy who plays Jon Snow will suck Connor Maguire’s cock for the first time on camera.

GAY OF THRONES Part 6 will be released next week, July 11th. This one is a three-way where King Joffrey Baratheon played by Johnny Rapid fucks Darius Ferdynand and Gabriel Cross.

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Gay of Thrones Season 2 Johnny Rapid

MEN.COM has just released the softcore trailer of its upcoming gay porn parody, GAY OF THRONES Season Two on Youtube. The porn series was shot in Spain and starring Johnny Rapid, Jessy Ares, JP Dubois, Theo Ford, Paddy O’Brian, Connor Maguire, Darius Ferdinand, Gabriel Crosse & Dennis West with a guest appearance by Denis Vega.

The trailer looks very promising. We will see Paddy O’Brain sucking cock for the first time, the first acting role by former Sean Cody model Dennis West as Stannis Baratheon, Jessy Ares looks great as Gregor Clegane aka The Mountain, and Johnny Rapid is perfect to play Joffrey Baratheon.

Watch the GAY OF THRONES Season Two trailer below.


Paddy O’Brian Sucking Cock For The First Time Ever in’s Upcoming GAY OF THRONES Season Two

Paddy OBrian Gay Porn Sucking Cock Oral Sex

It’s one of the most requested sex act I saw in the comment section of this blog (if not THE most requested ever), we have seen gay porn star Paddy O’Brian get fucked in the ass multiple times and he even get gangbanged in Prisoner of War and Howl. But some viewers (yes, I’m looking at you MarcoManuel) still don’t satisfy. Some fans still want to see Paddy O’Brian sucking cock.

Well, your request has been answered. The wait is almost over. Next month, MEN.COM is releasing the new porn series GAY OF THRONES season two and you will see Paddy O’Brian sucking cock for the first time on camera!

Now the only question is, who is that lucky guy getting his cock sucked by Paddy? Wanna guess?

Paddy O’Brian, Martin Mazza, Connor Maguire, Allen King, Angel Cruz, Denis Vega at Besametonto Awards 2015

Paddy OBrian Gay Porn Star Besametonto Awards 2015

While I was having a blast in Chicago during the Grabby Weekend, there was another award show taking place in Madrid, Spain. It’s Besametonto Awards 2015. It’s an award show about night life in Madrid held this past Friday.

There were many European porn stars at the event: Paddy O’Brian, Martin Mazza, Allen King, Angel Cruz, Denis Vega, and more, including American porn star Connor Maguire.

Paddy O’Brian won Best Porn Star International, Allen King won Best Porn Star, Martin Mazz won Best DJ, Alter Sin ( won Best Studio, and Zeus España won Chulazo Del Ano (What is it?). Congratulations!

And thanks to Martin Mazza for sending me these pictures from the Besametonto Awards 2015.

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Gay Porn Paddy OBrian Denis Vega Chris Harder Gabriel Cross

Are you ready for the Johnny Rapid Fuckfest Weekend starting tomorrow? While waiting for that event, check out these hot sex scenes from MEN.COM released this week.

Paddy O’Brian fucks Blue Moores in The Professional, Chris Harder gets fucked by Bennett Anthony in The Mysteries Of Bennett Part 3, Denis Vega tops Dakota Vice in Find The Mole Part 1, and Gabriel Cross pounds McKensie Cross in Ivy League Part 3.

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Gay Porn Jessy Ares Paddy OBrian Max Toro Will Braun Dakota Vice

MEN.COM is about to release this hot 3-way sex scene starring Jessy Ares, Denis Vega, and Max Toro. The scene is called Sex, Lies And Surveillance Part 4.

And I hope you guys enjoy these two sex scenes: Paddy O’Brian fucks Dakota Vice in Hard Knox Part 3 and Will Braun fucks Tyler Morgan in Not Brothers Yet Part 2.


Paddy O’Brian Fucks Alexis Belfort, Gabriel Vanderloo Fucks Dani Robles, And The St. Patrick’s Day Sale from

Paddy OBrian Fucks Alexis Belfort

To celebrate the coming St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S., MEN.COM is now offering a monthly membership for $25.00 a month (rebilling at 25$ for life) Starting today until the St. Patrick’s Day.

This week, you can watch gay porn star Paddy O’Brian fuck Alexis Belfort in Hard Knox Part 2 and Gabriel Vanderloo fucks Dani Robles in Sex, Lies And Surveillance Part 3.


Bruno Bernal Gets Fucked By Paddy O’Brian in Hard Knox Part 1 + Bruno’s Dad As an Extra in The B-Roll

Bruno Bernal Paddy OBrian Gay Porn

Did you guys remember the story I reported last September about porn star Bruno Bernal taking his dad to the porn shoot? That scene is going online later today. It’s called “Hard Knox Part 1″ starring Paddy O’Brian and Bruno Bernal.

Check out the trailer below, Bruno’s father worked on set as an extra for the prison scene. He is in the b-roll with Paddy. So don’t worry, he was not on set the day his son Bruno Bernal get fucked by Paddy O’Brian.

Fans of Bruno, don’t forget to watch the new scene from Phoenixxx, Andro Maas fucks Bruno Bernal.


Dani Robles Gets Fucked By Paddy O’Brian & Isaac Eliad

Paddy OBrian fucks Dani Robles Gay Porn

Did you know that porn star Paddy O’Brian has a hot cousin and he is a mix of Turkish, Irish, Jamaican, and British? He shares a lot of his Twitter. Wondering if his cousin is considering to join Paddy in porn industry…

After watching Paddy O’Brian fuck bodybuilder Flex in “Body Locking Part 1,? this week Paddy is back for Part 2: Paddy O’Brian fucks Dani Robles.

And don’t forget to watch Jarec Wentworth fuck Mike De Marko in yesterday’s update “The Apartment Part 3.”

This week, you can also watch Dani Robles get fucked by Isaac Eliad in a video called “Perfect Stranger” from Menatplay.

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Brent Everett Luke Adams Deviant Otter Will Braun Richard Pierce

There are many surprises coming from MEN.COM this February. Starting this Valentine’s Day with the collaboration between and porn star Brent Everett. The video “Sunkissed” was shot in Turks and Caicos Islands, Caribbean last December by director Marc MacNamara. In this scene, Brent Everett fucks hot bottom Luke Adams in some acrobatic positions. The scene will released on both MEN.COM and BRENTEVERETT.COM. is also introducing new exclusive model Will Braun. You might recognize him from his sex scenes on Guys In Sweatpants. You can watch Will Braun fuck Jimmy Fanz on February 27.

Deviant Otter who has his own porn site DEVIANTOTTER.COM will make his first appearance on on February 20. It’s a flip-fuck between Deviant Otter and Colby Jansen!

The other porn star who is making his first appearance on is former Randy Blue model Richard Pierce. After some hiatus, you can watch Richard Pierce bottom for Phenix Saints on February 15.

Eli Hunter who got fucked raw and creampied on many bareback websites is starring in two sex scenes this week. Getting fucked by Max Sargent and in 4-stud orgy.