Circus Sex with Bruno Bernal, Mickey Taylor, Woody Fox and Antonio Garcia from UK Naked Men

Bruno Bernal Fucks Mickey Taylor UKNakedMen

I reported that hottie Bruno Bernal has just filmed his first gangbang scene with Bulldog studios in UK. While we are waiting for that to see Bruno’s bottoming skill, check out his latest scene from UK Naked Men. In this scene called “The Circus Is In Town,” Bruno is the top and you can watch Bruno Bernal fucks Mickey Taylor.

Mickey Taylor shows some acrobatic skills with trapeze including sucking Bruno’s cock upside down, Spider-Man style. Check out pictures below.

Next week, don’t forget to check out other circus-theme sex scene, this time hot Aussie porn star Woody Fox bottoms for Antonio Garcia.


Woody Fox Gets Fucked by Mateo Stanford on UK Naked Men

Woody Fox Bottoms Mateo Stanford UKNakedMen

Today, August 4th, UKNAKEDMEN.COM is releasing a sex scene I’m pretty sure many of you have been waiting for. I have wait for this scene ever since I saw the preview pictures last April. I’m talking about this video Aussie porn star Woody Fox gets fucked by Mateo Stanford.

Woody Fox is the top in most of his scenes. So far, we’ve only seen him get fucked by Paul Walker in Top To Bottom 4 and bottom for Dan Broughton. And now his fans can watch him bottom again on UKNAKEDMEN.COM.

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Dato Foland Fucks Axel Brooks

I’m glad that MEN.COM is releasing more sex scene starring porn star Jay Roberts. (He’s freakin’ hot in person, by the way.) In this new scene called “In The Dog House,” you can watch Jay Roberts fucks Harley Everett.

Today, is about to release another hot sex scene starring two of the hottest porn stars from Europe, Dato Foland and Axel Brooks. The scene is called “Memories” and it’s nice to watch Dato Foland and Axel Brooks take turns fucking each other.


Porn Sneak Peek: Mateo Stanford, Paul Walker, Jake Wilder, David Benjamin, Jake Kelvin, Kayden Gray, Dustin Holloway

Mateo Stanford Frank Valencia SneakerFuck UKNakedMen

I can’t wait to see more videos from this hottie Mateo Stanford. Check out sneak previews of the scene he bottoms for Frank Valencia and tops Woody Fox from UK NAKED MEN.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out behind the scenes photos from Staxus, Hot House, UK Hot Jocks, Helix Studios, Joe Gage, VoyeurBoys, Gay Room and Randy Blue.


Porn Sneak Peek: Mateo Stanford, Matt Hart, Vic Rocco, Jaden Storm, Markie More, Robin Sanchez, Seth O’Malley, Eric Blade

Mateo Stanford Fucks Woody Fox UK Naked Men

UK NAKED MEN shared this HOT sneak peek photo on their Twitter. It shows Aussie porn star Woody Fox getting fucked by Hunky Mateo Stanford.

In this edition of “Porn Sneak Peek,” check out photos from the sets of High Performance Men, Corbin Fisher, VoyeurBoys, Next Door Studios, Staxus and, Randy Blue.

Newcomers to keep an eye on – Matt Hart, Seth O’Malley and Eric Blade.


Colby Jansen Gets Fucked by Woody Fox in Scrum Part 4

Colby Jansen Bottoms For Woody Fox Scrum 4

MEN.COM is about to release the scene many of you have been waiting for. In the episode “Scrum Part 4,” you can watch gay porn star Colby Jansen gets fucked for the second time! We’ve watched Colby bottomed for Tommy Defendi in his bottoming debut “Top To Bottom 4” last October.

You can check out some hot preview photos of this scene Colby Jansen gets fucked by Woody Fox below.


Woody Fox Bottoms For Dan Broughton at UK Naked Men

Dan Broughton Fucks Woody Fox UK Naked Men

I’ve already posted some sneak peek photos from this scene last January. And for those of you who are waiting for this hot scene Daniel Broughton fucks Woody Fox, the porn site UK NAKED MEN just released this video today.

This is the second time you’ll see Woody Fox getting fucked after his bottoming debut in the video “Top To Bottom 7” from (Woody Fox bottoms for Paul Walker in that scene).


Porn Sneak Peek: Ivan Lenko Makes Bottoming Debut, Gabriel Clark Gets Kinky, Justin Owen Can Multitask and More

Ivan Lenko Bodybuilder Gay Porn Star Gets FUCKED

I have a great news from MEN OF MONTREAL. They just shot this hot sex scene bodybuilder Ivan Lenko gets fucked for the first time! Can you guess who’s the lucky top that pop hunky Ivan’s cherry?

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Watch GODS OF MEN Promo Video

Jaxton Wheeler Colby Jansen Gay Sex

MEN.COM is launching the new site GODS OF MEN this week. For the Valentine’s Day, every sex scenes released this week are from Gods of Men section and they all have Valentine theme.

They released the scene Jay Roberts bottoms for Woody Fox yesterday. Today you can watch hunky Jaxton Wheeler gets fucked by Colby Jansen in “Reunited.” Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for the video called “Deep Intention,” Leo Domenico fucks Marco Rubi.

You can watch the preview video of Gods of Men below.