Reverse GangBang: Bodybuilder Zeb Atlas Fucks Four Twinks Johnny Rapid, Jack Radley, CK Steel & Zac Stevens

Zeb Atlas Johnny Rapid Jack Radley CK SteelZac Stevens released many cool orgy scenes lately. We watched Dirk Caber got triple penetrated last week in “Stepfather’s Secret Part 8” and Paddy O’Brian gets gang-banged by 4 porn stars yesterday in “HOWL Part 4.”

Today they are releasing another orgy scene but this time it’s a REVERSE ORGY. I think it’s a hot concept and more studios should produce scene like this. One top fucks multiple bottoms.

The lucky top here is beefy Zeb Atlas. In this scene called “Scouts Part 4” you can watch bodybuilder Zeb Atlas fucks 4 twinks Johnny Rapid, Jack Radley, CK Steel & Zac Stevens!

 CLICK HERE FOR MORE … Update: Zeb Atlas, Jaxton Wheeler, Bennett Anthony, Colby Jansen, Johnny Rapid, Dustin Tyler, Dato Foland

Zeb Atlas Colby Jansen Fuck Jaxton Wheeler

MEN.COM is about to release a new 3-way scene full of beefy porn stars. It’s “Tour Of Duty Part 3″ where you can watch bodybuilder Zeb Atlas and Colby Jansen tag-team Jaxton Wheeler.

Yesterday, Dustin Tyler makes his first appearance on in a video called “Singles” Dustin Tyler fucks Jake Wilder. also releases preview videos of the upcoming updates for the first half of September. So many hot scenes to keep an eye on, including the porn debut of the latest exclusive model Bennett Anthony where he tops Johnny Rapid. Check out the previews of the upcoming updates below.


Muscle God Zeb Atlas Fucks Colby Jansen and Sebastian Young Bottoms For Jarec Wentworth at

Zeb Atlas Fucks Colby Jansen Gay Porn

MEN.COM is about to release the scene I’m pretty sure Zeb Atlas and Colby Jansen fans have been waiting for. It’s the first episode of “Tour Of Duty.” You can watch Colby Jansen getting fucked by muscle god Zeb Atlas.

Don’t forget to watch the hot scene called “Master” where Sebastian Young plays a submissive bottom who begs Jarec Wentworth to fuck him harder and deeper. And the orgy scene called “Houseboy Part 3″ starring Johnny Rapid, Landon Conrad, Logan Vaughn, and Paul Wagner.


Coming Soon: Colby Jansen Bottoms For Zeb Atlas, Paddy O’Brian Gets Fucked By Abraham Al Malek and More

Zeb Atlas Fucks Colby Jansen

August is going to be a great month for fans of Colby Jansen because MEN.COM is about to release 4 hot scenes he’s featured in. The highlight, as I mentioned last week, is the scene Colby Jansen bottoms for big bodybuilder Zeb Atlas. The XXX preview video is online now.

Another porn series to keep an eye on is “Men In Ibiza.” This is one of the longest porn series on Filmed on the island of Ibiza, I’ve posted some behind the scenes photos here. And in the second episode, you can watch porn star Paddy O’Brian gets fucked by Abraham Al Malek.

Check out some previews of the upcoming hot scenes from this August below: Sebastian Young bottoms for Jarec Wentworth, Topher DiMaggio tops Colt Rivers, Colby Jansen flip-fucks with Dirk Caber, 3-way with Jaxton Wheeler, Tom Faulk & Topher DiMaggio and more.


Coming Soon: Colby Jansen & Zeb Atlas in “Tour of Duty”

Colby Jansen Zeb Atlas Tour of Duty Gay Porn

MEN.COM has just sent out an email announcing that fans can watch Colby Jansen, their beefiest exclusive model and one of the most popular gay porn stars, in his new sex scene after a few months absence. is about to release part 1 of a three part series called “Tour of Duty” and Colby Jansen’s scene partner is bodybuilder porn star Zeb Atlas! You can check out the trailer this Monday (July 28). I like watching big guys like Colby and Zeb fucking. It’s going to be a hot scene. But who’s the top and who’s the bottom?

Hey, and since the latest’s military-theme porn series “Prisoner of War” ends with Paddy O’Brian’s first Gang-Bang scene, it would be awesome if “Tour of Duty” ends with Zeb’s bottoming debut. LOL.

For now, check out the final episode from “Gay of Thrones” porn parody, Colby Keller fucks Toby Dutch and a hot three-way with Johnny Rapid, Billy Santoro and Dirk Caber in “Houseboy Part 2.”


Bodybuilder Zeb Atlas Group Sex with Dallas Reeves & Friends

Correct me if I’m wrong but I think this is the first time I’ve seen bodybuilder Zeb Atlas in a group sex scene. Zeb has 9 sex scenes on and none of them was orgy.

It’s interesting to see Zeb in an orgy, he’s much bigger and towering over all of his co-stars. In this newest scene from ZEBATLAS.COM, Zeb has a group sex by the pool with Dallas Reeves, Andrew Collins, Seth Jonson and Jack Fuller.


Bodybuilder Zeb Atlas Pounds Johnny Rapid at

This is definitely a good week for fans of Zeb Atlas. We just watched this bodybuilder porn star topped Logan Vaughn at High Performance Men a few days ago and today MEN.COM released this new scene called “The House” where you can watch exclusive model Johnny Rapid getting fucked hunky Zeb Atlas.

Don’t forget to check out preview photos and video of the orgy scene to be released tomorrow, it’s the final episode of porn series Gay Watch Part 4. In this scene, Mike De Marko gets gang-banged by Billy Santoro, Braden Charron, Landon Conrad and Topher DiMaggio.

[UPDATE] I’m so sorry guys, just me email telling me that he made an error and gave me the wrong release date for the first Top to Bottom 4 trailer. It’s actually NEXT Friday (October 4th) not this Friday.

Big apologies. If you do want to update your readers, we can “practically” give it away and say that he was a TOP in either Top to Bottom 1 or 2…which narrows it down to Colby Jansen or Topher DiMaggio.