The Winner of MEN.COM Script Writing Contest is PAPARAZZI, It Features Marcos Session, Issac Jones and Harley Everett

First and foremost, Thank you everyone who participated in my MEN.COM Script Writing Contest. The team at MEN.COM has chosen JuanDiego978 to be the winner, Congratulation! And his script is called Paparazzi. I am so excited for this announcement! It’s the first time that a script from a reader of a porn blog gets turned into a real porn video!

I’ve already broke the news to Juan via email, but I didn’t tell him another good news. MEN.COM just wrapped up the shoot of this winning script, Paparazzi, the other day and I have exclusive pictures for you!

The scene features: Issac Jones as The Star, Harley Everett as The Bodyguard and Marco Sessions as The Paparazzi.



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  1. dio says

    OMG, Harley Everett is so much more unbelievably hot with hair… @_@ I hope he keeps going. He looks soooo much younger! LOL

    kinda meh on the winning script… I’d hoped it would be something a bit more original :-P, and the roles of Marcos and Issac should have been reversed, for real – or instead of Issac they should have cast Will Helm!

  2. says

    @Dio You have your chance to send in your “original” script but you didn’t. What are you afraid of? That other people will comment that your script is “kinda meh” ?

  3. dio says

    @QMN, my comment wasn’t really toward the poster/their idea, but MEN, and how they probs dumbed it down/went with something similar to what they were already planning on doing to appear ‘interactive’ etc. :) I’d have actually liked to see something REALLY crazy, like a Space-Marines-fighting-aliens-and-then-fuck-in-the-heat-of-the-moment sort of deal, something outside of MEN’s box, so to speak.

  4. bernardo says

    Okay, I am going to sound like an asshole but this is a plot that has been used by menatplay, uk naked men and a few gay porn films. It would have been fun to see a completely different scenario on also, how many gay porn stars have tattoos. Geez, I do not have really an issue with it but good grief it seem that about 70 percent of the guys have at least one tattoo on their body. Sometimes, it is distracting from looking at the hot body they have.

  5. ugh says

    Harley looks amazing with hair. He looks like a buff rugby stud in that pic of his with the security shirt. Please tell me he gets fucked in this episode or at least gets his delicious ass eaten?

  6. says

    This whole thing smells fishy, they ask us to send our wildest fantasy and then they choose a script the most similar to what they would have filmed anyway. It’s all just a marketing scheme, I feel sorry for anyone who actually sent in an original and daring script.

  7. says

    @Rabsa No, it’s not a marketing scheme. JuanDiego978 is the real winner. He’s a reader of this blog like you who sent in the script.
    Now Juan is really happy about this news, he wrote me a really nice email.
    Rabsa, you can use your freedom of speech to accuse me of such marketing scheme. But please, by doing so, you’re also accusing your fellow blog reader Juan.

  8. says

    @QMN I didn’t say he wasn’t the real winner, but I do believe that they chose his script because it fitted in with their ‘safe’ formula. From the looks of these preview pics there is nothing original about this video, Im pretty sure there were many more interesting scenarios submitted, even Dio’s idea would have been more sexy than this one :)

  9. dio says

    @QMN, what Rabsa’s saying is exactly what I said. The competition is legitimate, in that REALLY did choose a user submitted idea, but it more than likely won because it fit w/i confines of what MEN was already planning on doing and not something that reflected the creativity viewers/users. It’s actually fairly derivative, and shows little imagination whatsoever. Mad love for JuanDiego978, but you cannot tell me this was THE BEST idea MEN received… come on. šŸ˜›

  10. sasha says

    @bernardo and rabsa Did you send your “more interesting scenarios” to the contest? You sound like bitter losers and / or trolls who don’t provide any ideas of your own but trash others.

  11. JuanDiego978 says

    Hi everyone, I am juandiego978 or just Juan, from Spain and I’m so excited for seeing those pictures of the script I sent. I love Issac Jones. I wanna thank to the ones that like my idea, and also to those who don’t. I can understand that not everybody likes it because I’m just a porn lover not a script-writter. But I do have a lot of imagination and that’s why I wanted to participate in this contest. When I watch porn I prefer situations that could be possible. And @dio, I think it is not time for criticizing, you should have sent your original story about space marines and aliens and probably you’ll be the lucky winner. I don’t understand why you didn’t send it. Mine is also original because it comes from my imagination and fits my taste. Finally I wanna thank QMN for this opportunity and MEN.COM for choosing my idea. Can’t wait to see the whole scene.

  12. says

    Juan, I’m sorry if my comment offended you, to be fair there is nothing wrong with your script. My comment comes from me being a little jaded with the gay porn indusry… Well done for winning – its actually an amazing accomplishment! :)

  13. Matias says

    The French guy (don’t remember his name, so sorry) is a beautiful man, but no more tats, please, let your body show.

  14. sxg says

    Wow everyone is right about Harley with hair he looks even more stunning! And I normally prefer guys with short or shaved/balding heads! He should definitely keep the hair more often, or at least switch back from hair to shaved head more!

  15. Philippe says

    I’m very disappointed by the choice of This script had already seem in many, many, many… videos.
    Nothing of original in this story.
    But congratulations to Juan.

  16. Sam says

    Congrats to the winner and to anyone else who took the time to send in a script idea. This was a unique way to get the viewrs of porn involved. Who knows, maybe will find some of the other stories interesting too and use the ideas for future videos. For those that chose not to participate, please don’t criticize QMN or for trying to do something original. Your negative comments and opinions are annoying.

  17. dio says

    @Sam, thanks?
    @JuanDiego978, yeah, I meant no offence. But, tho the players have indeed been changed (glad you got to see your fave Issac Jones in the role! :-D), as bernardo posted, this ‘original idea’ has been DONE, many times. I was hoping for something fresh, since it was coming from a wider pool of creativity, but leave it to MEN… -_-

  18. GRPR50 says

    I love the models and cannot wait to see the video. What fantastic body ink. I love that the video has already been made. Now someone please write a script including Nacho Vidal. I just love Nacho and would love to see him rubbing up or plowing some mans butt :-)

  19. JuanDiego978 says

    @dio, why don’t you wait to see the whole scene before throwing your tantrum?. So far you know that my script has a star, a bodyguard and a paparazzo, but you unknow what situations happen and what details I wrote for the episode. I supposed you are imagining a wrong story from the few information you got about it hitherto. You can’t say that my story is already done when you haven’t even saw it or read the script. And I think it’s not fair that you dare to say that I have little imagination and all that. The point here is that you are unable to understand that not everybody shares your idea about what original is. I made up a story using normal characters in a very original situation that fits MY TASTE, cause it’s my fantasy!. To be an original story the characters don’t need to be martians. And finally, I wonder why you are arguing and claiming if you didn’t even sent your wonderfully implausible and childish space story. Sorry but I am not into cosmic porn.

  20. says

    At this point in time I’m afraid I have to agree with dio, bernardo, Rabsa, Philippe, etc. I’ve got a similar sinking feeling that took the path of least resistance and picked a scenario that was within their wheelhouse, whether fresh or not. Hopefully the contest wasn’t just about increasing web traffic and that us naysayers are proven wrong once the scene is released. Big congrats to JuanDiego978.

  21. Sam says

    I am not quite sure how everyone can criticize a scene that has not even been released yet? Maybe y’all are a bunch of psychics?? Anyhow, gay porn scenarios are not generally known for their originality, as a matter of fact I can’t remember the last time I saw a gay porn scene and thought to myself ‘wow, that is original’. So rather than complain that the scene is more of the same old stuff, you should have taken the opportunity to write your very original, never been seen before story, and submitted for review. I doubt any of the complainers on here did that. So, let’s all wait for the scene to come out and then your comments may be considered relevant.

  22. Almatolmen says

    Congratulations JuanDiego978! And Sam has it exactly right. And I also hope with him that considers some other worthy entries. I wish that I could have submitted one, too.

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