Tony Paradise Bottoms For Tyler Hunt in Lawful Entry

You saw Tony Paradise being fucked for the first time last month by Colby Jansen in the video called “Top To Bottom Part 1.” In a few hours, MEN.COM is about to release the new scene called “Lawful Entry” and fans can watch Tony Paradise get fucked for the second time, Tony Paradise bottoms for Tyler Hunt.

Don’t forget that next week, you can watch Paul Walker gets fucked for the first time by his real-life buddy Paddy O’Brian in Mates Part 4. will release a special behind the scenes feature for Paul Walker’s bottoming debut this Friday. You can watch it here!

+ Lawful Entry – Tyler Hunt Fucks Tony Paradise

+ The Straight To Gay Show 4 – Colby Jansen Fucks Jake Steel

+ GSI : Gay Scene Investigation 2 – Paul Walker Fucks Will Helm

+ My Hung Assistant – Tommy Defendi Fucks Mike De Marko



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  1. ed says

    Hope next time Tony gets hard when he’s getting fucked.

    QMN, do you know when Paul Walker bottom scene is being released. I’m waiting for that one most. thanks for all your updates. This is the best Gay porn blog ever!

    • says

      @ed Paul Walker Bottom Scene is being released on June 25th. The behind the scenes feature for that scene will be released this Friday.

  2. hot_bitch says

    QMN, when is the Top to Bottom 2 coming out? we are almost in June end. Would you give us a clue of who it is?

  3. alex says

    I bet it’s going to be Paddy! I’d prefer Charlie or Colby, but Paddy could be hot — as long as he’s not topped by Paul Walker (blah). Robert Van Damme is a top who only bottomed once, so maybe? I hope Tony does a flip flop scene in the future. Love when one guy turns the tables on the other.

  4. ed says

    thanks QMN, can’t wait. BTW is it just me or wil helm has gotten scrawny and pimply? I’m finding him less and less attractive.

  5. manu says

    Tony Paradise bottoming is (again!) the most anticipated update of the month for me !!
    I think his body is perfect like this.
    Ed: Tony was hard when he was getting fucked by Colby Jansen. What I’d love to see now is a top making him gape, and Tony cumming while getting fucked!!
    As for WIll Helm…He doesn’t have a very healthy lifestyle :/

  6. Iverson says


    Nope. I noticed recently he’s gotten more skinner, along with the acne breakouts on his face.

  7. sxg says

    Will Helm has always been very lean, but he is losing a lot of muscularity. And yes he has had an issue with his acne in many of his most recent films. I hope he’s ok.

  8. manu says

    Tony Paradise needs someone more dominant, passionate and proactive to fuck him…
    Colby Jansen fucked him a lot better than Tyler Hunt .

  9. manu says

    Daniel ! Tony paradise is the hottest bottom at MEN :p Well for someone like me who likes thick rugby type dudes at least.
    But Tyler Hunt isn’t a good performer/top : when you have a big guy like Tony in your hands you need to stand up to him, throw him around a little bit, put him upside down, make him stretch and squeeze his hot hole and tease it with your tongue!! That’s the way to do it, he needs to be overpowered.
    Tyler was just getting “serviced”:| he should only do solo cam shows I think.

  10. diego says

    manu: Tienes razón. A los hombres que son machos, grandotes, velludos y pasivos les gusta que necesitan ser dominados de verdad :-).

  11. Daniel says

    Manu, I do Like Tony a lot but I think he is so much better when he tops. Maybe you are right: he needs to be overpowered! But we need to remember that he was boring even with Colby Jansen (for me the best top nowdays). So maybe here is the problem: he just don’t like to bottom.

  12. DD says

    Tony must not bottom in his day to day life because that scene was a snooze and it’s all because he couldn’t take Tyler’s dick. I don’t think anymore than half ever went in. That’s just not sexy for porn. Christian Wilde was a better bottom than this. Very disappointing.

  13. manu says

    DD watch his first scene with Colby Jansen Tony took the dick all the way in and then some, iin a lot of positions!

    Tony Paradise is not a romantic guy like Christian Wilde apparently so he needs the top to overpower him and use his ass!
    Tyler Hunt is weak in this respect, didn’t do a good job at fucking Tony.

  14. Adam says features entirely too many scenes where the top just gets sucked and fucks the bottom, with no reciprocation of any kind! I really am tired of them thinking that it’s some Bi or gay man’s fantasy to be treated in this manner! I think they have about worn this out! Their biggest offender is Jimmy Johnson… It seems like the only thing he wants to touch another guy with is his dick!

  15. DD says

    manu I did watch the Colby scene and agree it’s much hotter. But Colby’s dick isn’t as large as Tyler’s either. I’m just saying if you’re going to bottom then bottom, if you can’t then you get the kind of scene we got. I don’t blame Tyler at all, he was trying to get it in, Tony seemed unwilling or able to.

  16. alex says

    Haven’t watched the scene yet, but it is very possible that Tony can’t take a big dick. Colby said on Twitter that his hole was very tight. I think that makes this scene all the hotter. There are plenty of bottoms with stretched out holes who could take an elephant dick and not work up a sweat. I don’t find that very hot. But I agree that has very few scenes where the sex is reciprocal. I’d be okay with that — if the performers changed positions from video to video (like Tony is doing). We want to see some of these guys who only top get what’s coming to them!

  17. ed says

    Will Helm doesn’t look well. He does bareback videos? Yeah hope he’s ok. I remember the first video he was in. so hot and nice built.

  18. Cain says

    @Adam: amen, amen, yes. Can’t stand selfish tops who get serviced and don’t give pleasure. It doesn’t mean they’re st8, just egotistical. Real gay men like to give pleasure as well as receive. In fact there’s nothing hotter than a big dick top sucking and deep throating. I blame the studios who accept this from the actors. Of course the hottest is 2 big dicked guys going at each other. You NEVER see BA guys just servicing. Even massive cock Trevor Yates, as boring as he can be, sucks dick, takes cum in the face and even bottoms!

  19. shep says

    What’s happening to Will Helm? His muscle loss body, facial acne and red eyes.
    I really want him to take care of himself. I’m hoping he gets himself back as he used to be.

  20. says

    It’s probably a good thing I haven’t tried to produce porn. Men’s formula is completely different from what I like. And they must be successful or they wouldn’t keep making it.

  21. JuanDiego978 says

    Hi. Where is that BTS material about Paul Walker and Paddy O´Brian?. I cannot find it either here or on

  22. Pete says

    Tyler Hunt does solo cam shows on Flirt4free. He is rather boring there too–demands credits and gives a poor show. Tyler says he is straight these kind of scenes make one question that

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