Wagner Vittoria Fucks Tiziano Fuentes [Behind The Scenes]

Lucas Entertainment just released another hot scene from the movie LOVERS IN PARADISE, it’s the scene sexy newcomer Tiziano Fuentes getting fucked by Wagner Vittoria filmed in Costa Rica.

They filmed this scene during the second day I arrived in Costa Rica, that means I have plenty of behind the scenes photos for you! This is the first time Tiziano Fuentes has done porn ever! But he took Wagner Vittoria‘s thick dick like a pro. Shooting porn on location near the creek like that was not easy at all. It’s full of sharp rocks and some areas were very slippery. The weather was very hot and humid and the models had to walk like 15 minutes back to the villa after hours of having sex.

+ More behind the scenes photos I took from the porn set in Costa Rica

+ Wagner Vittoria Fucks Tiziano Fuentes



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  1. Matias says

    Nice looking guys. Funny, how Adam shows how he wants Tiziano to lay on the rock and the following pic show T followed the instructions. Not the easiest position. I like these behind the scene pics and videos, they are interest window to the weird world of porn. Ooh.

  2. Ben says

    Wagner is so fuckin’ hot! Totally underrated – somehow his boyfriend Diego seems to get more attention.

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