Watch Out Magic Mike! Here’s NUDE MALE DANCERS of Montreal

I haven’t watched the movie Magic Mike yet, but it receives an impressive 78% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. So it should be good. And for those of you who’s not satisfy with what Channing Tatum and his six-pack-abs costars portrait in the movie, you can go for the real thing at this website NUDE MALE DANCERS.

NUDE MALE DANCERS streams the live go-go dancing show from Stock Bar in Montreal. These go-go dancers are all very hot, sexy, muscular and they perform naked!

The highlight of NUDE MALE DANCERS is its Exclusive Backstage Jerk-Cam. You can watch these hot guys jerking off and preparing for their shows.

Check out some sexy preview videos below, they also have some guest porn stars such as Marcus Mojo, James Huntsman, Samuel O’Toole and Cody Cummings.

Stock bar 20th. Anniversary party with guest porn stars Marcus Mojo, James Huntsman, Samuel O’Toole and Tyler Torro.

Stock Bar Easter party 2012- James Huntsman and Marcus Mojo as special guests.

Nude Male Dancers – Marcus Mojo and Cody Cummings.


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  1. Matias says

    Sorry guys, but Joe M (from True Blood) is my kind of a guy, a real hunk. (Matt B also very delicious.)

  2. MarcoManuel says

    Im from Montréal.I never been to Stock Bar.But,some of my friends went to Stock Bar.They said that all the male strippers are straight.Of course the bartenders are straight.Is theres such thing as gay bartenders?Why male strippers in gay male strippers clubs always have to be straight?It implies that gay men are not hot enough or not good enough.Why straight men always have to be in the way of gay men?Can gay men have something 100% gay for once?

  3. MarcoManuel says

    I dont care if these men are hot.These straight men doesnt give a fuck about men.All they wants is gay men money and get the fuck out of there.Its outrageous that theres barely any gay men in gay male strippers clubs.Those who hired male strippers must have an ad saying,(must be straight) or (its ok if you are gay but straight is prefered).Like gay male strippers clubs full of straight men were not bad enough,they have gay for pay guest from the worst gay porn studio ever.WTF!What is wrong with gay men?Are gay men that desperate for straight men?Straight!Straight!Straight!Straight!Straight!Straight!I cant stand that word anymore.This word is too often linked to anything gay.Gay!Gay!Gay!Gay!This is what i want.Why gay men always have to depend on straight men?Its disgusting.Straight men will always screw up anything gay.Throw these straight men out!Let gay men in!

  4. Scott says

    @MarcoManuel NMD has double/group shower shows often, and they must be amazing actors because some seem pretty into it. You definitely get a straight vibe from some dancers, but a gay vibe from others. I get what you’re saying, but at the end of the day if the some hot straight guys are gay-friendly enough to dance for them, it’s all good.

  5. Mike says

    I live in MOntreal, they are all straight.. maybe like 1 or 2 “gay” and a lot of douchebags here too.. sorry!

  6. says

    Why do you care if the strippers are straight or gay? As long as they’re entertaining you and getting you sexually aroused, they’re doing their job well. At the gay strip club in my area, the dancers are a mix of straight and gay guys, but on average, the straight dancers stick around longer, for various different reasons.

    Just saying.

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