Welcome To The Corbin Fisher THE SUMMER OF 69

It’s summer time in the U.S. and the American gay porn website CORBINFISHER.COM is offering a special deal: Three months of American College Men for $69. They also have this cute and colorful hippy-theme photo shoot.



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  1. dio says

    if Landon does a scene in that get up I’ll do $69 starting next month… LOL as it stands I don’t trust CF to deliver quality scenes on even a semi-regular basis, so I’ll continue to do month-to-month.

  2. bill says

    pass, plus sean cody so much better, plus they treat gays like shit, won’t get a dime from me and anyone else i know.

  3. Sam says

    Obviuosly there isn’t the demand for memberships that they used to have or they wouldn’t need a sale. If people are buying, you don’t have to discount it. As soon as I see something go on sale I think nobody wants it anymore.

  4. Jupiter Street says

    I’ll sign up again if we’ll get to see new models. If it’s going to be another round robin of sorts, then forget it!!!!

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