2011 Paragon Man of The Year MARCEL aka M-Rod Totally Naked

Last year I posted this HOT photo set of Marcel aka M-Rod from PARAGON MEN. Marcel was sizzling hot but too bad he didn’t show his cock in those pictures.

Fast forward to 2011, Muscle god Marcel has won the title of Paragon Man of The Year voted by subscribers. Yes, gorgeous Marcel aka M-Rod is back, and for the first time ever he has gotten totally naked and put on an explicit XXX show, just for PARAGON MEN.

Finally we can see Marcel’s rock hard cock! They captured all the action in still images and two-camera HD video.


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  1. MacroT says

    Very nice muscular body without the hard juiced look. Gorgeous skin and uncut cock. I give him five stars.

  2. Alan says

    Been witing a long time for this = Marcel in all his glory. What a stud. Outstanding in every way.

  3. mel says

    I ve followed him for years from his cute days ast 18 year old during his vista days. now this. I actually met once in Hialeah. He was nice enough to get pic with me.

  4. JLin says

    I agree with Mick, never point the dick straight on into the camera. ruins the image. Loved him for years! MORE MORE MORE!

  5. danial says

    since 2008, I ‘m enjoying through marcel’s curious videos & photoes but this is the first time I got full naked frontal photoes. I cannot imagine, I love him. I need him for gay sex.I can’t forget his shining cock…oh…….i nedd to lick it..my cute guy I need you …

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