Behind The Scenes of Next Door Studios with Brandon Bronco, Jaxon Colt, Cole Christiansen, Austin Storm, Christian Cayden

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, NEXT DOOR STUDIOS has signed 9 new models to exclusive contracts. They just started filming new porn videos this past weekend. Check out photos of these hot porn models Slate Steele, Brandon Bronco, Jaxon Colt, Cole Christiansen, Austin Storm and Christian Cayden below. Don’t forget to follow them on Twitter – @Slate_Steele, @BrandonBronco1 and @JaxonColt.

Director Paul Snell also shared photos of 4 newcomers he’s working with – Stefan, Hugh Jazz, Damien West and Rex Raw.


Damien West

Hugh Jazz

Rex Raw

Hot new Cuban stud Stefan



  1. John says

    many hot guys here. too bad commentors here only see their flaws. may be it’s easier to point out flaws in these models than in themselves.

  2. manu says

    Ooooh It’s nice to see Willam there, maybe he’s squirrel friends with Bambi?
    Among the new guys I like Christian Cayden and SLate STeele

  3. Chris says

    I respect everyone’s right to express an opinion, however tattoos are not ugly… I have 7 including a full sleeve tattoo, and it is not ugly… I receive many compliments especially from non tattooed people…

    At the end if the day people get tattooed for themselves not for your approval…

    Back to the porn lol these guys are smoking… Tattoos too 😉

  4. Critic says

    Tattoos detract from the beauty of a well formed person. Period. They decorate a person who does not have the classic beauty some are fortunate to have.

  5. Watcher7634 says

    Really, you think these average guys rank high enough to be “exclusive” material? Based upon their past “exclusives” these guys don’t hold a candle. Maybe bargain basement “exclusives” who don’t get the big bucks that their past “exclusives” got? Still won’t get me to join!

  6. manu says

    Slate Steele is nice and all but the way he handles his twitter feed is strange .
    He says ” thanks for the follow” to every new follower…He has almost 4 000 now. This is a way to clog your followers’ feeds and eventually lose them 😐 Sometimes less is more!

  7. andrew says

    I think a few tats ( I have two) can decorate the body and make a guy look sexier. Too many tats, the sleeve tats and tats that cover the entire chest or back are too much of a “good” thing. In the end, it is a matter of individual taste.

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