Bel Ami Model Ryan Kutcher Does A Photo Shoot with AussieBum

I first mentioned this hot jock Ryan Kutcher almost 2 years ago. He was one of Bel Ami models participated in Sydney Mardi Gras back in 2011. Mick Lovell who was the mysterious model at that time and also went on that trip is now a popular porn star. And maybe it’s Ryan Kutcher time to wow Bel Ami members because this week BELAMIONLINE.COM releases a documentary video featuring Ryan Kutcher.

While Bel Ami crew were in Australia a couple of the guys were invited by Aussiebum to do a photo shoot. Check out some screencaps from this sexy documentary below.

And in case Ryan Kutcher looks familiar to you, this muscular jock had done a solo scene with MAN AVENUE as Christian two years ago.



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  1. Marko says

    boring? never! i have been a member for almost 10 years and am enjoying all clips and photos as i did those first days

  2. GreGG says

    Something missing???? Oh. I know. I know. Jumpin’ up and down wavin’ hand. Yes Sir. OK… We need his body painted up so we can’t recognize it. Stick a earRing in a ear. Do sumThing dumb with his hair. And most important .. don’t let the guy look like the guy you would like to meet. Thanks.

  3. MarcoManuel says

    Anybody noticed that east european gay porn never have black men in their movies?

    East european gay porn always have white men.

    East european straight porn is more diverse compared to east european gay porn.

    In east european straight porn you see blacks,asians,ect…

    Unlike east european gay porn,east european straight porn is not all about whites.

    American gay porn is more diverse.Its not all about white men.

    The only european gay porn that seems to be a bit more diverse is german,english and french gay porn.

    French gay porn is possibly the most diverse when it comes to european gay porn.

    Lots of gay men says that all men in east european gay porn looks the same.

    Anybody knows why east europeans only have white men in gay porn?

  4. John says

    Marco is incorrect. Raw Studios regularly had a very hung black star in their movies from Czech/ Slovakia. Belami had a half black actor in a number of scenes. He was light skinned, but admitted in his interview to having a Black father. I can’t remember his name but he was American. There are very few Black people in middle Europe unlike Britain and France.

  5. MarcoManuel says

    John! Im not incorect.Its not because you saw 2 black men in east european gay porn that im wrong.

    When you use that example of only 2 black men you saw in east european gay porn,it proves my point.

    The point is that you barely see black men in east european gay porn.So,im still right.

    The fact is you barely see diversity in east european gay porn compared to english,german and french porn who are more diverse.

    East europeans seems to be obsessed with white men.

    Im not complaining.Its just an observation.

    Bel Ami is known for men who are 99% white.

    Kristen Bjorn movies are way better.Theres more diversity in men.

  6. John says

    Has it ever occurred to you that the reason there is so little diversity in Eastern European porn is there is little diversity in Eastern Europe. Most immigrants move to England, Germany, France and Scandinavia where the jobs are. There is very high unemployment in E Europe which is one reason why porn can attract so many hot guys to act there.

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