Bel Ami Stud KRIS EVANS Fucked by Manuel Rios & Vadim Farrell

Bel Ami Stud Kris Evans has been topping all the boys of Bel Ami since joining the team. But sooner or later every top has his day on the bottom and Kris’s has finally come. For Kris’s first time on bottom they paired him with 2 of muscle studs with huge uncut cocks Manuel Rios and Vadim Farrell!

The scene was divided into two parts. In the first part, Kris Evans and Vadim Farrell take turns fucking Manuel Rios. Manuel cums while getting fucked and Kris cums in Mauel’s mouth.

The highlight is in the second part when muscular stud Kris Evans gets fucked by both Manuel Rios and Vadim Farrell. The video ends with Manuel and Vadim all cum into Kris Evans’ mouth!

+ Kris Evans and Vadim Farrell Fuck Manuel Rios

+ Kris Evans Gets Fucked by Manuel Rios and Vadim Farrell

+ More of Kris Evans | Manuel Rios | Vadim Farrell


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  1. Mel says

    Kris is very handsome and has beautiful natural body. He has the body of 18 year old. However this scene along with most Bel Ami falls flat since the stars and the directors dont understand gay sex.

  2. Jeff says

    Kris’ first time bottoming, and they couldn’t even film some build up to it? No ass licking or fingering at all. Just bam! One second they’re sucking cock, and the next Kris is getting fucked. Just horribly done for a first time bottom. I expected a lot more from Bel Ami. I sure hope Kris comes back and does more work for them.

  3. Tom says

    Well, since Kris Evans was exposed in his native Hungary and has lost his job as a policeman, I guess the only choice he has left is to get fucked in porn. Being Hungarian I know how homophobic Hungary is, I wish him well. So many Hungarian guys that do gay porn are under the illusion that no one will ever find out. But they will. Just ask Gergo Szabo. @MuScleStud, I do not think they should do bb. Very few guys in Hungary are “out” enough to have the courage to get tested and many who do porn and escort pretend to have girlfriends to maintain the facade of being straight so their risky behavior can harm many innocent people.

  4. Von Schlomo says

    Yeah, I, too, was surprised at how ordinary Bel Ami made his first time bottoming. A 3-way is a definite no-no.

  5. Fred says

    I luvit when one of my favorite hot tops, bottoms. Also love the mouth full of cum ending. Kris is a doll.

  6. andrew says

    Kris Evans is one of the most beautiful men on the planet. He is right up there with Cristiano Ronaldo. I’m sure Cristiano plays better soccer, but I’ll bet Kris is better hung.

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