BEL AMI’s Largest 27 BOY CIRCLE JERK Has Arrived

The record breaking 27 Boy Circle Jerk from Bel Ami’s “on location” porn shoot in South Africa has arrived. 27 hot Bel Ami boys, 27 big cocks and 27 cumshots! See over 18 feet of cock and 27 boys helping each other out. This video comes in 2 parts, the second part – 27 cumshots – will be released on BELAMIONLINE.COM tomorrow.

Oh, and if all this circle jerk scene is not your thing… Relax! I heard Bel Ami has a big Orgy video shot in South Africa coming later this year.

+ 27 Boy Circle Jerk


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  1. und says

    What is the meaning of this scene? The viewers won’t view anything. Too many boys, it’s a dumb idea!

    I love the scenes with 2 or max 4-5 guys. But with 27?

  2. EdWoody says

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – all you people wishing for bareback disgust me. Have some fucking humanity.

  3. Luca says

    Come on, Bel Ami’s selling point is that they do it raw. Otherwise their guys are all alike and all way too twinky. Very boring.

  4. Dickboy says

    I think it’s fucking hot! All those guys jerking off together. I jerk off to these pics alot. I’d love them to stand around me and cum all over me

  5. Fredick says

    I wish I was there!!!I’d suck every one of those dicks. I wish it had turned into an orgy though,imagine that.some double anal would go down a treat,I’d love to see two dicks in the ass and two in the mouth

  6. Evannon says

    what’s boring is dicks in assholes. One asshole is just like any other. What’s HOT is 27 gorgeous men, their bodies, their faces… though you might say they’re all carbon copies, it’s the subtle uniquenesses that make them all hot.

  7. tim says

    This multi jerk off session is really HOT & SEXY!!!!! I’d love to join in on the action. Also Jack Harrer is just absolutel gorgeous and sexy.

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