Bodybuilder Vince Ferelli Fucks Himself with Giant Sex Toys

Hot House exclusive gay porn star bodybuilder Vince Ferelli fucks his muscle ass with big dildo

Bodybuilder VINCE FERELLI appeared in Hot House Backroom Live twice and he just blow my mind! This guy is sexy, masculine and eager to please! At one point during the live show, a fan asked him to stick a big dildo (that just went up his muscled butt) down his throat and he just swallowed it without hesitation! I don’t mind it’s been in my ass since it’s my own ass he said. (In case you missed it, you can watch all previous shows in the archive)

This bodybuilder is also a better and insatiable bottom than I expect. Throughout the live show, he fucked his ass with various sex toys, from butt plug to giant dildos to manrammer. And this guy takes it like a man!






“I don’t mind it’s been in my ass since it’s my own ass”






+ Hot House Backroom Live

+ Watch Vince Ferelii Gets Fucked at Hot House Backroom


Vince Ferelli in Foot Fetish

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  1. Tommy says

    I don’t care about Vince is str8, bi or G4P any more, as long as he keeps delivering hot videos and gets that muscular butt fucked silly, what he does off screen is really not our business after all.

    BTW, QMN, could u enlighten me? I saw so many new hot bottoms these days, but there r not as many hot tops coming along with that. Could you introduce some really hot tops? I mean, like a really good one, with the look, the body, and of course a giant cock, and has the potential to become a true legend.

  2. Steven says

    Solo scenes are boring and most of Vince’s stuff from HH is boring and mechanical as well. They seem to do hotter scenes with Kyle and Paul Wagner than they do with Vince.

  3. Gareth says

    I don’t get why someone would want to degrade themselves by stuffing and sucking dirty dildos online. I mean a career in porn is demeaning enough without stooping to this level. Seems a really sad thing to me to do for a few lousy dollars.

  4. Alessio says

    I think Vince is hot but why put two bottoms together? Vince certainly has learned how to have his ass used, too bad he’s such a dull performer. If you are going to shave your entire body you should probably shave your face as well. I fail to understand Rod Daily’s attraction. I would have preferred to see Vince fucked by a top guy.

  5. Tom says

    @Gareth, my feelings exactly. It’s hot but how degrading it must be in reality. And it’s out there in cyberspace forever. How do you face people who have seen you do this stuff? I suppose I’m still glad someone is willing to do it.

  6. Dave says

    Hey Vince, go fuck yourself! Oops, you took me literally. LOL. :) No offense, I still think that Vince is one of the hottest bottoms in porno today, regardless of his lackluster performances. I still inisist it must be the bad directors. The guy is so hot!

  7. Tito1 says

    I love Vince and fucking himself with dildoes is a great idea but it puzzles me that he keeps on shaving his body despites all the negative feedback he got from this – it just does not suit him ,his face and body don t look like they belong to the same person and overall it makes him look his sex appeal when he’s absolutely scorching when hairy – one of the most beautiful men ever featured on this site.
    I guess I won t bother watching this , this hairs issue just makes me sad , I know it s becoming the norm among gay people to pluck your eyebrows , shave your armpits ,pubes and look like a bloated baby with a dick but it s not my thing and never will be .

  8. Simon says

    @Dave, hate to be the bearer of bad news but it’s Vince who’s the bad performer and not the direction. It seems he’s equally as lacklustre as a hooker as well according to a friend of mine who hired in arse. Guess he’s one of those that looks the part but doesn’t deliver in person.

  9. JM says

    I’d say “Vince’s” 15 minutes of fame are just about up if he’s been reduced to fucking himself with a dildo and then stuffing it down his mouth. He doesn’t look hot at all in any of these pics.

  10. Michael says

    It always seems a lot of people who post here have such weird sexuality issues. How is it hard to believe he’s bisexual because he uses a dildo on himself? Wouldn’t that be visual proof of his comfort about his bisexuality.
    Also, if you believe porn is degrading, and demeaning, why would you be on a porn site, and presumbably downloading, and watching it? Talk about stunning hypocrisy.

  11. Ryan says

    I hate that waxed body and shaved/plucked eye brow look, the hairy face and smooth body as well, it makews him look really prissy. Plus, what’s up with his face? the pics at the top looks like he’s using the stuble to hide his bad skin? He’s starting to loose his manliness and look too manicured!

  12. says

    Please keep Vince Ferelli with his body hair. It´s stupid
    to show him shaved! No more. . .
    I used to get excited with his previous films and appareance. DO NOT SHAVE HIM ANYMORE!!!!!!

  13. green says

    Vince Ferelli is just one of the hottest performers in the modern era of porn. I love his look in the above scenes (I love his previous looks as well) For me he is the total package. for some reason I don’t understand pairing up two bottoms.

  14. Adam says

    Well Michael, it’s actually not hypocrisy at all. I love seeing Vince dildo himself and then suck the dildo, but I sure as hell wouldn’t do it myself on camera. It can be deamening and I can still be grateful other guys are willing to do it. See?

  15. Jason says

    I agree about how demeaning porno can be. I love it, buy it, watch it endlessly, but case in point, I love Vince Ferelli but can’t imagine having him as a boyfriend and I doubt many guys would.

  16. Dave says

    I was a big fan of Vince’s when he first came on the scene but now unfortunately it is just plain boring and what he does to his body has detracted from his hotness. I think HH are to blame for his decline and boring scenes. As hot as a bottom he is it is carbon copy fucking each and every time “yawn”

  17. Trace says

    Vince F. is one of the most beautiful men EVER with his natural body hair.

    With the body shaved and waxed he’s beautiful only from the neck up.

  18. says

    High time Vince stopped sucking and getting fucked silly! Now here’s a beefy handsome muscle stud, tailor made for erotic bondage. Hot House, Bound Gods are you listening?

  19. Marcus says

    Have to agree with JM that Vince’s 15 minutes of fame must be coming to an end unless he vastly improves his performances and stops waxing because it’s just not hot to watch anymore.

  20. Hamish says

    Vince was hot when he first appeared but now I am so over seeing him always getting fucked in the same positions over and over again. What’s the saddest of sad is seeing him fuck himself with a dildo and then shove the same dirty thing in his mouth….not the most hygenic thing in the world to do!

  21. says

    Vince does his job and does it well and does it the best at HH! The man can do no wrong. I could see having him as a boyfriend, even tho I am more into the CF and RB Men. Point being this is him job and he is an exceptional performer and always has been! Also who cares about the pairing of two bottoms its diffrent. When it comes to his hair, yeah kinda weird that he did not shave his face but his body, but it Soo works for him. He is still 100% sexy.

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