Cameron Marshall with Boyfriend Topher DiMaggio & Kyle York

This week, fans of Cameron Marshall can watch 2 videos starring this hottie. At 3D porn website DOMINIC FORD, Cameron Marshall was pair with equally hot stud Topher DiMaggio (He starred in Randy Blue videos and upcoming Police Academy Gangbang). They also announced that they are boyfriends and Dominic Ford is the first company film them as a couple. Cameron Marshall bottoms for Topher DiMaggio in this video.

And for those who want to see Cameron tops, go to SUITE 703. They release 4 new videos each week and one of them is a flip flop fuck scene between Cameron Marshall and Kyle York. I love Kyle York’s performance in Key West Vacation and happy to see him back doing more gay porn.

+ Topher DiMaggio Fucks Cameron Marshall


Suite 703 will be running a special limited time promotion starting this Friday, May 28th. New members will be able to join Suite 703 for $14.95.

+ Cameron Marshall and Kyle York Flip Flop Fuck

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  1. Mel says

    Not really a fan of Cameron but congrats on hooking up with Topher. Topher is catch and his pics look hot. I guess RB does the best job of finding young porn stars.

  2. gwyneth cornrow says

    Agree with Mel: not a big fan of Cameron either, but these guys are smoking hot together.
    If they’re bfs they should BB.

  3. EdWoody says

    I think Cameron is absolutely adorable. It’s a shame he and Josh Vaughn broke up, but these things happen.

  4. Cee says

    Topher is too hot for this guy. Classic case of beauty and the beast. Not that Cameron is decrepit. I don’t know how else to say it. He’s not hot lol

  5. Nobara Jones says

    I am a HUGE Cameron Marshall fan (in fact huge probably doesn’t cover it adequately) and I gotta say he is probably one of the hottest, dreamiest guys I’ve ever laid eyes on! No offense, Cee!

    There was a part of me that was crushed when I heard he was no longer with C1R, but he’s been releasing scenes this year so I’m CHUFFED AS NUTS!

    Topher is gorgeous as well…he has a unique look amongst the current crop of porn stars! BANK – these guys make a beautiful couple! The Brad and Angie of the porn industry! (PS I’ve been a fan of Topher’s ever since his Chaosmen scenes!)

  6. j leddy says

    cameron and topher, a match made in heaven.topher, you better stick with him when he is pregnant with your baby!

  7. Dan says

    There is just something about Topher that doesn’t come across on screen. Hardly any of his scenes with any studio he has performed for show him to be REALLY enjoying himself. A lot of his scenes, he appears to be bored and really doesn’t project any enthusiasm. He may be one of the most popular models currently, but he needs to at least improve on his personna. With such a fickle porn audience, he could be gone tomorrow.

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