Depths of Desire: Tristan Jaxx & Girth Brooks Fuck Chris Porter

Today, FALCON XXX releases the first video from Mustang Studios‘ new movie Depths of Desire, Part 1. Newcomer porn pup Chris Porter shows us his bottoming skill getting tag teamed by Girth Brooks and Tristan Jaxx! The baby-faced Chris holds on for dear life as he’s forced to suck his tormentors’ cocks.

This is one of the first scenes Chris Porter shot with other studios before signing as Raging Stallion exclusive. He’s so adorable and looks good getting fucked.

Depths of Desire, Part 1 also includes the scene Nash Lawler gets his bubble butt fucked for the second time. He bottomed for Ty Colt in his bottoming debut.

Another scene to look forward to is the scene Nash Lawler bottoms for Brandon Bangs!


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Luke Riley & Chris Porter
Now this is the kind of massage I want when you go to the local parlour – the kind that has a very happy ending. Throw in a couple of toys and we have ourselves a really hot encounter between muscle boy masseuse Luke Riley and his twink prey Chris Porter. Once he’s on that massage table, there’s no escape. This tattooed twink is fucking hot too! I love seeing him get his ass filled by an older guy. CLICK HERE

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  1. manu says

    More guys dressed up as backroom rats…lol WHO finds this leather bullcrap interesting/original/exciting!!??
    To me it’s becoming a boner killer, and I’m really not vanilla .
    Always a good thing to see Nash taking it up the butt though but I won’t watch this one.

  2. leev says

    I really like Brandon(and Nash) and I’d like to see this one….but…..can the boy stay hard longer then 10 seconds?Yeah I know better ask:did they edit the scene to make it look like so?I saw him in the scene with Parker London and it was a battle for him to stay hard…that was such a shame because the premise was really hot..I hope he’s not like this in all his movies,overall he has a strong personality on camera…
    @manu:what I don’t like about the leather bullcrap is having models who clearly don’t belong that case it really looks like a gimmick and it’s boring and contrive…

  3. says

    Its a fetish! The demographic would be men between the age of 30-45. Mostly older men who have grown past the regular sex etc. Also some men really get off to all the leather weather or not its straight or gay porn. — Nash will only bottom when he is getting the big bucks! He has already stated it! I like him as a top personally. — I think If Erik would have directed it, it may have been a little better. — Keep in mind that even tho the models can’t keep a hard-on throughout the whole movie it may not be because thay are not Turned-onn! A lot is going on while they are trying to film. Its takes a lot of work and talent to be able to stay hard and your mind has to be in a certain place. Between the hot lights, directors screaming, “cuts” and “Action” scene resets and just them constantly getting interrupted its no wonder why they can’t stay hard. Then you have some who just wanna bust a nut get their in-and-out bugger and check and call it a day. .~*TROPHY*~.

  4. leev says

    @TROPHY:all you say is true,I was being sarcastic about Brandon,I know that straight or gay it takes a lot to make a scene,but my point was since it’s a fantasy and it’s indeed a movie I’d expect a better editing in some cases…so if for a second the actor loses his hard on,you just cut that second out especially if the actor himself seems to uncomfortable.I like scenes to have some realistic moments,they make the action more interesting and I’m not into perfection but I also need the scene to be technically well shot…if that make sense….

  5. Nobara Jones says

    CHRIS PORTER ROCKS! Everyone watch his scene with Michael Lucas in Auditions: Porn Stars in Training….WOW!

    @Leev….I hear ya about Brandon Bangs…nothing makes me cum hands free like a hot redhead and I was all set to splooge my keyboard with the Parker London-Brandon Cocksure scene…but you are sooooo right…halfway hard limp noodle doesn’t cut it! Let’s hope he improves because I’m still willing to spend the BAZILLION it costs to buy this DVD to watch him bone Nash Lawler.

    BTW TEAM NAWLER!!!! Love that GUY!!!!

  6. leev says yes that was potentially one of the best scenes in a while but Brandon fucked up a little…or better they should have edited the scene better…29 minutes were unnecessary in this case..ok out of frustration I’ll re-edit the scene myself with imovie,brandon and london are too good together to give up so easily LOL

  7. Jeremy says

    Poor Nash, he looked like he’s really trying. His pictures in here are so powerful that he simply can show it to people and they would say: “Say no more, bro. I feel the pain of your financial situation.”

  8. Scott says

    I had no idea that Steven Scarborough codirected this thing (as jocklover points out in first post); I guess there’s a limit as to how much Falcon trusts Eric Rhodes’ capabilities.
    But I wrote basically the same thing on gaypornblog, where I first read about this, that this leather drag thing is so played out, and actually bears no resemblance to reality. That is, I’m not really vanilla either, but I have never in my life seen a hot guy decked out in leather drag. If you do see someone wearing that shit out in public, it will not be someone you would ever want to have sex with.
    But we have Steven Scarborough (and all those Hot House movies) to thank for it. Enough already.

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