Gay Triple Penetration with Aaron Aurora Coming Soon on Staxus

Double Penetration has become a norm in gay porn these days. Every porn studios have done it. But Gay Triple Penetration is still a myth, a unicorn in gay porn. I heard about it, I saw some closeup pictures of it on Tumblr but I can’t find the studios that filmed it.

I used to blogged about “Triple Penetration” before but I only saw it’s done in straight porn so far. The closest to Triple Penetration in gay porn I’ve ever seen was the Rafael Alencar and Braxon Bond scene from Lucas Entertainment’s movie Assassin which included one cock and two dildos.

Today, I’m thrilled to see these preview pictures from STAXUS.COM! It’s the first time as a gay porn blogger that I see Gay Triple Penetration from porn studios!

This talented young man Aaron Aurora gets a Triple Penetration Fuck by Denis Reed, Milan Sharp and Neo Williams !!! This unique scene is coming soon on STAXUS.COM.

Aaron Aurora is one of those bottom boys who can never get enough raw cock in his tight little butt. And we have all seen him getting plenty of it with the other boys on the site too. But he has never appeared in a gay triple penetration scene… in fact, I’m not entirely sure any boy has appeared in a gay triple penetration scene – ever! lol

He’s in the middle of a hard dick sandwich, with an extra side helping of more cock too as Denis Reed, Milan Sharp and Neo Williams all enjoy his tight little hole and gang up to stretch him with all three shafts at once!


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  1. manu says

    Nice to know that it’s physically possible but it must be extremly uncomfortable for everyone .
    I won’t comment on these particular guys as i have really nothing positive to say :)

  2. sxg says

    doesn’t really look like it’s really in, just the tip seems to be squeezed between the 2 dicks. But would’ve been hotter if the 3rd one went in further, and if the bottom wasn’t a twink.

  3. JuanDiego978 says

    I also have been waiting to see this kind of feats in gay porn, it can be a little uncomfortable physically but still interesting. These models are not exactly my type, but I’m glad to knowat finally a studio has taken the lead in this type of scene and I hope others will soon follow it, turning this pose in a norm in gay porn.

  4. alex says

    I can’t believe how disinteresting gay porn has become in just a few years (since I started watching).

    Can we got back to the days when good looking MEN had sex with each other — and when most performers weren’t afraid to give up their asses — at least occasionally?!

  5. brentsfan says

    Nice idea, but I find it hard to call it “penetration” when not all of the dicks are actually inside the ass. That´s also what annoys me in “regular” DP scenes. Most of the time only one dick is inside, the other one only with the tip. And if they´re both inside the guys hardly move, and after about one or two minutes it´s all over. But if they do it well, I love it!

  6. Person says

    In this scene all of the guys are trying to fit it in in a vertical position, but if you had the top and the bottom guy in a natural vertical position and then had two other guys laying down on a bed in a horizontal position you could stuff FOUR cocks in at once……….boom! 4 penis penetration!

  7. fred says

    It’s ridiculous, more and more and more, just to be labeled “the first to do that”. There is nothing exciting in that, it’s not comfortable, it’s not even inside, btw… What’s next ? Quadruple fist fucking, head-fucking, or maybe using a guy as a sleeping bag ? God bless the past, when men were men, and when porn was sex, and not just an acrobatic thing to perform just to try to do something “different”.

  8. Mordecai says

    I think it’s a very hot scene. I wish more studios would feature a cream pie or two once in a while. Can you image all 3 loads bursting into the bottom twink? Hot

  9. Michael says

    I think the guys are very cute, especially Aaron Aurora. And of course the dicks are in, not all the time, but they are at the climax of that little “game”, because they are long enough to reach in the hole, even if parts of them are still outside. I think, one should not expect a scene that is far from reality. I hope you excuse my bad English, since I am German.

  10. Priapos says

    You are right, brentsfan, “penetration” means, that the dicks are stuffed into the ass. So not only the tip of the penis has to be inside. And one should see not just one thrust, but continous movements of the penisses back and forth. What makes a good double penetration, should be expected from a triple, too.

  11. Priapos says

    You are wrong, Person, the first guy is not in a vertical, but in a horizontal position, the bottom is on top, and 2 tops penetrate him vertically. Of course you could have 2 guys in the horizontal position, in order to stuff 4 penisses in. That quad(ruple) penetration is getting more and more popular.

  12. Priapos says

    There are three reasons why this Triple Penetration from Staxus is unsatisfactory:
    1. You should have a better bottom than this kid Aaron to take 3 cocks in his ass.
    2. The cocks must be hard enough to withstad that extra pressure.
    3. You need more practice than these Czech guys obviously had. Guys with extended experience in double penetration are best.
    The biggest mistake Dennis Reed made in this video was that he went in second, instead of waiting till the second boy had penetrated deeply.

  13. Theo says

    @JuanDiego: I have seen double/double penetrations (with 1 bottom taking 2 cocks in his ass and 2 cocks in his mouth), which is really a step-up in stimulus for all 5 participants, so I think it would be a climax to team up 7 after a lot of practise.

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