Hottie Paddy O’Brian and Christian Wilde on The Set of ADDICTED

Director Mike Esser started Australian porn company Alphamales Studios (Dream On Straight Boy, Aussie Bums, Twisted Web) back in 2005 in Sydney. Now he’s in London with the brand new Hot Spunks Studios in association with Eurocreme.

Last month he shot a new movie titled Addicted with the cast of HOT British porn stars we saw on UK Naked Men and Men At Play such as Paddy O’Brian (aka Patrick O’Brian, Patrick O’Brien), Dean Monroe, Jay Roberts, Seth Roberts, Isaac Jones and Brice Farmer.

He shared lots of behind the scenes stuffs on his blog Alphamales Mike. They were joined by one American porn star Christian Wilde. How come? Last May, Men of Porn reported that Christian Wilde is on a holiday in Europe until November. He needs the money to fund his trip.

And from the behind the scenes picture above, you can see Christian Wilde fucking cutie JP Dubois. Remember the wall in the background? This movie was filmed in the same location as the Oscar-nominated movie The King’s Speech, Amy Winehouse’s music video Rehab and the scene Carioca Fucks Kurt Rogers by UK Naked Men.

Alphamales Mike’s boyfriend wanted nothing more than the underwear Paddy wore on the shoot (from his own wardrobe).

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+ Behind The Scenes from Jay Roberts


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  1. just me says

    QMN I also want to know if Paddy will do more then a solo in this movie. thats the only person right now that gets me going Paddy O’Brian very hot guy and the smile

  2. says

    Paddy , listen to me , we were in America , want you to do a scene that envolve oral or anal sex done by you and another hot guy!!!! Im here if you need me , okay .You are really fucking hot and deserve a hot guy to have sex with you.

  3. Rick says

    @Mykull It is The King’s Speech Set.

    My porn quota will be filled for the rest of the year if Paddy has a scene with another guy. PLEEEEEASE let it happen!

  4. thegranvikingo says

    He seguido con gran detalle a Paddy en MAP UKNM y Englishlads sus avances, creo que es muy hermoso y si toma la desición de entrar de lleno en el mundo Porno espero y deseo que la video/produccion este a la altura y calidad de su debut, que la pareja con que trabaje se meresca tdo lo rico que este chico tiene y bienvenido!!!! Soy su fan numero !

  5. marc says

    ….just leaving another comment to say, more, more, more, patrick is just too fine and cant get enough of him. damn you have the nicest smile, one fine hot stud, and can act better than any other!

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