Introducing Lance Luciano – Topher DiMaggio Real Life Boyfriend

Photographer Anthony Duran just posted these photos from the set of COCKSURE MEN on his Tumblr. He introduces us to the hot gay porn newcomer Lance Luciano and this sexy Latino stud is the real life boyfriend of Topher DiMaggio.

Looks like another hot porn couple has born, Wait to see Topher DiMaggio and Lance Luciano fuck on camera for the first time on COCKSURE MEN very soon.


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  1. nhuixnhuix says

    It figures the man with the biggest ego in porn would end up dating a clone of himself.
    Wasn’t he dating cutie-pattoty Cameron Marshall?

  2. George says

    I’m sure Topher’s hot ass has already taken his boy friends dick, that actually is bigger than Tophers. Hopefully we’ll see them both bottom soon in a flip flop video

  3. Jay says

    Couples are supposed to look like each other over time…not fresh out of the blocks. This is just disturbing, and speaks volumes about the narcissism of both men since it is VERY narcissistic to date a person who is almost a near physical copy of yourself.

  4. Mel says

    Topher has always stated he was gay during his RB days he talked about his attraction to guys. I think that he often robotic and unenthusiastic performance often leads one to wonder if he is not gay. I think he us a hot guy who thinks he doesn’t have to work hard during sex. Aka a lazy top he has gotten better in recent days.

  5. manu says

    You guys are really too mean and judgemental .
    Topher’s former boyfriend was Cameron Marshall who looks nothing like him.
    His boyfriend is latino and looks like him from 20 feet away…big deal , they have not commited a crime.
    I just hope to see Topher bottom soon , people on gay blogs have it too easy to abuse others IMO

  6. Fuxwell says

    Ooh. Scary. They look like book ends.

    Very typical Narcissistic Gay Man. The boyfriend is a mirror of him.


  7. sxg says

    Personally I don’t make a huge deal about porn stars with boyfriends that look very similar to them, but when it comes to Topher I have to agree he’s very full of himself it’s definitely no coincidence that his boyfriend looks very similar to him.

  8. David says

    Does this mean we are finally gonna see Topher get his ass fucked good?!? And a good cream pie or baby swallowing his boyfriend can give him would be nice – just saying..

  9. mitch says

    from his very first scene for randy blue i fell in luv with topher, he was better looking then without all these muscles, yet he is an excellent kisser and gives good head, only wished he would bottom soon. Lovely beautiful guy on screen at least

  10. andrew says

    Two beautiful guys. Is Topher as narcissistic as some commentors say? I don’t know, but if I was a beautiful as he, I would probably spend way too much time looking in the mirror.

  11. mark says

    Wow, two super good looking guys with great bodies and big dicks. CocksureMen does a great job shooting hot guys having hot sex.
    Can’t wait to watch Topher fuck Lance.

  12. Pennyisafreeloader says

    Im giving it 3 months – 6 if they’re lucky.
    Publicity stunt perhaps too?
    Lets see how long before the condom-free “lovers” scene comes out and Topher bottoms for the first time.

    Then its splitsville

  13. GreGG says

    Gee… the initial shock has worn off so I can type. Thats just to creepie. I could not date myself. Well, at times. Oh forget it. Anyway Cameron Marshall. Ahhh yes ..Now thats the date I would dream of repeatedly.

  14. Spiro says

    Wow just read what people are saying and I cant help but think why people say gay men are bitchy! If i looked like Topher I would look in the mirror more! lol

  15. manu says

    All you people are deluded , they have similar haircut eyebrows and sin tones but their faces do not look alike at all . You push a reality that you wabnt to see here to bash Topher .
    I m very attracted to Topher , his boyfriend does NOTHING for me , he has a “sweet” face that I don’t like . You can tell they also have different ethnic origins . The boyfriend looks Chilean/Peruvian( South American at least ) when Topher is Italian/Irish.

  16. SuckItBaby says

    Manu, no one here is bashing anyone, except maybe you. Every time someone on this blog criticizes a porn star you bash them and come to the porn star’s defense. People are expressing their opinions, whether good or bad, whether you agree with them or not. This is a public forum, get it? And yet you are saying people here are deluded, while at the same time adding that Topher’s bf does nothing for you. Well, that’s your opinion, isn’t it?

  17. andrew says

    Spiro : My comment about looking in the mirror more if I looked like Topher wasn’t “bitchy”. It was complementing Topher on his exceptionall good looks.

  18. gotim says

    haven’t seen them tweet for a while. And topher’s tweets seem like he is a player. Could it be that this relationship went south like most other porn star relationships?

  19. Alessandro Pacesco says

    Coming from someone who knew Toper aka Romeo aka Jose personally I can vouch and say he has the shittiest personality from anyone I’ve met in the limelight in person. Italian/Irish ? Mexican. The porn industry and media in general has a way of putting a beautiful image on an ugly person. He talks to people like they’re shit I’ve seen his ‘fans’ come up to him and tell him he’s gorgeous and he looks away and keeps drinking his drink only until they walk away does he look at me and tell me how people are so pathetic. I can’t stand to be around such narssasitic people. I will say this… This isint coming from so old or rich ,man. I’m actually equivalently good looking and a normal guy who’s tired of no only him but the majority of these ‘overnight gay celebrities’ .

  20. Larry says

    I met Topher at IML a couple of years ago. I am 70 and nothing to look at. He was very polite and cordial and an absolute gentleman. He is gorgeous and I was probably drooling, but he treated me with respect. I think all the negative comments on here are jealousy. Lance is beautiful, too and I wish them well.

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