Jacked Jock Dick Down – Maverick Men Fucks Carter Jacobs

The Maverick Men, Hunter and Cole Maverick, has teased us with this sexy video with hot jock Carter Jacobs. Today they just released this video Jacked Jock Dick Down in which the Maverick Men introduce straight jock Carter Jacobs to the joy of gay sex. You can watch it here.

Well, I got some news for ya; he is also an amazing kisser for a “straight boy”. Yes, our boy Carter, sadly, is straight. When I found that out, I was a bit devastated, but after discussing it with Hunter we decided to teach him how to get a hard, deep MaverickMen ass pounding. Carter has been in a few videos before but says he has never had such great sex with men in his entire life until us – big praise from a sexy jacked straight boy. We really wanted to get in deep and I think we almost made him faint. You will LOVE this video, it’s guaranteed to make you spooge all over your computer screen and lick it off.

+ Jacked Jock Dick Down – A Muscle Fuckers Video | WATCH IN NOW


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  1. Alias74 says

    I’m gonna be real honest here…I detest most G4P performers primarily because of a) their crappy money grabbing ever so slightly homophobic sentiments and b) their lame ass wood-deficient highly edited shenanigans they attempt to call ‘porn work’.
    That said…I am seriously in heart with Carter Jacobs…his clips on Chaosmen showed a guy who was not only affable with a sparkling and infectiously gleeful personality but a true high energy performer willing to stretch his sexual boundaries. And somehow EVERYTHING on this guy is perfect: face, body, the right amount of hair and yes…even his cock size and tattooes (although I’m sure size queens and anti-tat peeps will feel otherwise). As far as I can tell this guy is poised to be either the next Marcus Mojo albeit more willing to get blitzed by larger equipment and a better performer or the next breakout/reliable go to porn guy (let’s just hope he doesn’t become the next Marc Dylan whose stock seems to be plummeting after massive over exposure).
    Carter…LOVE YOU, BUDDY! You are PERFECTION PERSONIFIED! And please….whatever you do…DON’T sign with NDS. Choose wisely, young Padawan (I vote Chaosmen should be your home stable!)

  2. Mike says

    @ Kurt – LOL, OMG that is cute. Kurt actually thinks they Maverick Men don’t pay. LOL. I bet he thinks that Bait Bus and GloryHole are real also.

  3. pornbit says

    Do Maverickmen not pay their models? Is that true? I’ve decided to assume that all the men in gay porn are either straight or bi, that way I’m not disappointed when I hear they have a wife or girlfriend. But what straight guy gets bareback fucked by a couple of guys for FREE?

  4. pornbit says

    Thanks for clearing that up, Mike, I thought that sounded off. Anyway, I really don’t like tatts but that guys has my favourite type of build and an amazing ass.

  5. James says

    Yummm. The part where he is standing there with a plug up that perfect butt. Man! And, oh yea, that face. Ah. Heaven!

  6. Tom says

    @pornbit, what straight guy gets bareback fucked by a couple of guys for free? A dumb as shit, closet case, that’s who. And that pretty much describes every single porn actor I’ve ever met. Oh, and quite a few have serious drug or alcohol dependecies as well. Not everyone is able to be open about their sexual preferences, yes, even as dumb as it sounds, when they get filmed getting fucked in the ass. Socrates’s famous admonition: know thyself, does not apply to most human beings, I’m afraid.

  7. NutBuster Blog says

    Good to see Carter on the bottom of things. Next time pound his ass. He can take it. He’s a big boy.

  8. Kindu says

    I don’t see the irony. Straight people routinely omit condoms in their sex lives so why is it a surprise that a self-professed straight guy would do the same when fucking guys for cash? If anything, the G4P guys seems to be the primary group engaging in bareback porn. I’m not complaining 😀

  9. Owen says

    Slidin cock in ur hole…u have gay tendencies. These guys do it multiple times Ihey seem to really enjoy it(HELLO…THEY R NOT STRAIGHT). Im crazy for carter and benny g. They r gorgeous! Getting barebacked by like 8 guys…benny g better watch out! Its all fun til somebody becomes HIV+ by mistake and everybody else is looking at you with that ‘U know what the fuck u was getting urself into’ look on their face. Next thing u know they’re makin treasure island vids. W/ Paul Morris…yikes(scary).

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