Johnny Rapid’s Hole Gets Fucked Again, By Hunky Guard Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen and Jimmy Johnson in Prison Shower 3

This weekend, MEN.COM is releasing two scenes starring their popular exclusive model Johnny Rapid.

Today, Johnny reprises his role in Prison Shower 3 (He got pounded by Rafael Alencar in part 1 and he got tag-teamed by Sebastian Young and Jack King in part 2) This time, after some trouble in the Prison Shower, Johnny Rapid gets gang-banged by 3 hunky guards Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen and Jimmy Johnson! Including the DP with a nightstick!

Oh, and my source told me that this is NOT the last in the popular Prison Shower series 😉

And tomorrow, you will see Johnny Rapid in his most bizarre role ever. Johnny In A Box, he plays the incredibly life-like sex doll replica of himself, set in the 1950’s and Johnny bottoms for Marcus Ruhl.

+ Johnny In A Box: Marcus Ruhl Fucks Johnny Rapid

+ Prison Shower 3: Johnny Rapid Gets Gang-Banged by Charlie Harding, Colby Jansen and Jimmy Johnson



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  1. jose luis says

    I want to see a scene with Colby Jansen & Charlie Harding flip-flop.
    Quiero ver una escena con Colby Jansen & Charlie Harding de activo/pasivo ambos.

  2. Chris says

    Johnny’s ass hole looks amazing and well used… He is one very talented bottom!!!! Clearly enjoys his work!!!!

    Love him!!

  3. andrew says

    Johnny Rapid is unique. The camera loves him. I love the way he looks right into the camera as if making eye contact with his audience. His facial expressions are priceless! Hope his head is screwed on tight and that he is making a ton of money in gay porn. He should be because he is the center and star of every video he is in.

  4. JuanDiego978 says

    From what I have seen so far about the sex toy scene (Trailer for Johnny in a box), I think it will be an exciting scene. Johnny does seem a doll, how can he stay freezed so long?, and pairing him with Marcus Ruhl is great.

  5. says

    @jose luis, I don’t think Colby Jansen bottoms, unfortunately. One of the reasons I am not a fan.

    I guess I’m one of a very few who don’t enjoy the prison/rape scenes. They keep spitting them out on like rabbits.

    The love doll scene looks interesting, probably fun to watch, but not erotic for me in the slightest bit.

  6. ASDF says

    A DP with a cock and a nightstick (dildo and other toys) is not a DP for me. Two cocks is one ass is better and hotter.

  7. Spongey says

    The prison scene might’ve worked better without that boring Jimmy Johnson. Or maybe Johnny should’ve fucked Jimmy, that would be interesting. Something to spice up the same ol’ routine!

  8. manu says

    Lol I was hoping the nightstick would go into Charlie Harding’s ass on pic 1.
    I agree that a Colby jansen/Charlie Harding flip-flop would be extremly hot 😀

  9. Matt says

    2 very hot clips! How tall is Marcus Ruhl and how much does Johnny Rapid weigh? That’s amazing how Marcus picks up Johnny and positions him for sex, without seemingly flexing a muscle.

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