Joshua Has Returned To Sean Cody and Fucks Newcomer Noel

Look who’s back! Joshua, one of my all-time favorite Sean Cody models has returned! In his last scene with the website, last December, Joshua bottomed for Abe. I really liked that scene.

Today, Sean Cody released the scene Joshua tops newcomer Noel. It’s nice to see him back :-) (It would be even better, if he had bottomed in his come back video.)

Note: One of Joshua’s co-stars at Sean Cody was porn star Connor Kline (he was called Brice back then) Connor used to give some detail on his interview that he’s never met a single gay guy when he worked with Sean Cody. That means Joshua, Calvin and Jarek are all straight.)

+ Joshua Fucks Noel Bareback


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+ Sean Cody Muscle Jocks Joshua, Calvin and Peter Fuckfest!

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  1. jeremyrain says

    Joshua’s not gay? Well, then I’m the president of United States. That dude smiles and rolls his eyes so hard every time a naked thick cock is inside his asshole. Seriously, who does Sean Cody think he’s fooling?

  2. says

    It is time to move out of 100% naked guys…bring a theme in…business men, white collar guys, lawyers, make it interesting with fine clothing including sheer socks. Give a twist and get out of the average. Tks

  3. Alias74 says

    This shoulda been a flip fuck.

    And seriously? Gay, straight, bi, open minded, epicurean, gay for pay….who cares?!!?!? I’ve met so many straight guys who seem gay and gay guys that seem straight…I give up and just ask: “Guys or girls?”

  4. sam says

    @ Alias74: I agree with your comment… Who cares… The main point if the scene is great then credit to the model… Whether he’s gay, straight, bi, open minded, epicurean, gay for pay at least they has fulfill your fantasy that you can’t do like they do… For Joshua I think he loses some shape right… Not like old time… Buff up a little… Love you Joshua…

  5. Orestes says

    Gay for pay is the most stuoid thing to beleive in…
    On easter Europe still lots of gay men say ther are bisexual, discret straights…

  6. Jordi Lim says

    Yeah maybe there’s truth about what Connor Kline said coz I remember I had read a blog of same former SC model his name now is Devon Hunter and he blogged about almost all were STRAIGHT GUYS and had bad experienced or discriminated as gay man in this gay porn themed company. But now I think among its model this Jayden is a real gay man and I hope Sean Cody realize that putting gay actors on his video wasnt bad at all. Lol. But of course I love Brandon and Jess, they are hot and funny at the same time.

  7. Jeff says

    Nope–this one is not straight. He enjoys the sex WAY too much…he’s into his scenes, and a straight guy really cannot fake that he’s in ecstasy with a dick up his ass.

  8. Jo says

    Some of these porn sites need to start hiring actual gay guys. It’s like almost an insult, like they’re mocking gay guys and saying they can only enjoy them on screen.

  9. cltguy says

    @joedoe1000; there are plenty of theme sites out there featuring business men, white collar guys, lawyers, fine clothing including and sheer socks. MenAtPlay is the first one that comes to mind. If you don’t like SC, don’t try to change it, just take your money somewhere else.

  10. Josh says

    I have been a subscriber to SC for more years than I want to admit. After all of these years, I’m ready for a little more diversity. From time to time, SC will introduce a black or Hispanic guy (and they have always been hot) but lately it’s just a sea of white dudes. For the first time, in a long time, I didn’t renew my membership. America is just not this white.
    I’m sure I’ll be back, but in the mean time, I hope SC will consider adding more diversity to its line-up.

  11. JackNasty says

    @Alias74; @sam The point is trying to pass off Joshua as straight is willfully and more importantly unnecessarily lying to your customers. Personally, I’m lied to enough in my non-porn buying life. I’d like some honesty.

    What percentage of performers in Treasure Island Media videos are “sold” as straight, very close to 0.00% and they STILL sell like mad. It’s a completely unnecessary lie Sean Cody is telling us!

  12. says

    This was a great scene. And I agree that as long as the performer does a great job and gives a great performance, I don’t care what he does in his daily life.

  13. TJ says

    all the happy clappy smiles when being fucked.. its weird, when I’m having a guys cock in my ass, its usually a look of pain and pleasure though gritted teeth and the moaning, not “I just found shoes on sale, yay!”

  14. says

    You’d have to ask each and every one of them what they mean by the label “straight” because they must be using a different version of it than 99.99% of the rest of the world.

    But, like others have said, as long as they perform well, they can consider themselves whatever the hell they want.

    It’s pointless trying to take away these guys’ security blanket.

  15. DT says

    is it just me or the “behind the scene” at seancody is always hotter than the main scene? I’m not complaining tho. love to see they enjoy playing and having sexual contact

  16. GG says

    @QMN, Connor Kline/Brice was Joshua’s first scene partner. At that time, Joshua was saying he was “straight but curious.”

    Joshua then starts to call himself bisexual after a couple more times with other guys, something Connor probably did not know when he was interviewed.

  17. Filip says

    I also like Joshua very much. But I l want him to be as muscular as he was before. The other guy – newbie Noel has a very good body and is rather cute. I have only seen the trailer so far and it seems a little noisy. Hope I won´t get disappointed because both the guys are really hot. I´m not so much into creampies. Like facials more…

  18. andrew says

    I love Joshua. He is a beautiful guy with lots of muscles and a GREAT personality. His scene with, the beautiful and muscular newcomer, Noel was an off the charts sexual romp. I don’t know if Joshua is straight or gay or most likely somewhere in between. What is obvious is that he gets a serious man crush on all his scene partners and he LOVES guy on guy sex. You are awesome JOSHUA!!!

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