MAN HUNGRY: Jack Dragon Fucks Max Summers [OLYMPUS]

I’m glad to see COLT STUDIO revamped their OLYMPUS line with many hot European porn studs. I like many old movies from Olympus catalog such as Hostile, Hooked Up, Brad Patton and Brian Hansen in Casting Couch and Fernando Nielsen looks nice in Bodyguards.

The new movie from Olympus line is MAN HUNGRY and I’m happy to see one of my favorite muscular bottoms, Max Summers, stars in 2 scenes.

In the first scene of MAN HUNGRY, Max Summers gets fucked by muscle daddy Chris Stone. I think this is the third time they do a scene together. The first time was Chris Stone v Max Summers video and the second time was a Tag-team wrestling, both from Roland Dane’s WRESTLE HARD.

Anyway, I think Chris Stone (Jack Dragon) fucks Max Summers is a good match. They both have amazing muscular bodies, Chris is a power top and Max Summers stays rock while getting slammed by Chris.

+ MAN HUNGRY – Scene 1 – Jack Dragon Fucks Max Summers [XXX Preview]

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Chris Stone v Max Summers

Max Summers v Alfredo Castlado

Antonio Russo v Max Summers

Max Summers-Brandon Steel vs Chris Hacker

Max Summers v Tatooed Junior-Garrett Felado

Mangiatti twins v Max Summers

Tag-team wrestling Brocky Brown, Chris Stone v Max Summers, Enrico Belaggio

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  1. manu says

    OOoooh I love Max :)Big ass , small dick and likes getting fucked , a perfect man :)

    I just wish he would let his body hairs grow, even though I must say I found myself turned on by his “vagina” wax in one of his movies lol, not something you’d expect on a big guy like this :)))

  2. alex says

    Max looks good, but I hate wrestlehard. So predictable.

    Now if they’d mix it up and have a top like Jack Dragon get banged — then they’d have something worth subscribing to.

  3. Luca says

    I like Max, too. I don’t care how big the bottoms’ dick is, in fact I prefer it to be on the small side, but I love muscle bottoms. I agree with Alex that WrestleHard is pretty bad. The guys aren’t that hot and it’s so drab, every single scene is exactly the same. They must have only ten or twelve guys they continually reuse.

  4. robs says

    Glad to see this is the direction that Colt is continuing to take. Big muscle tops fucking big muscle bottoms. Colt has always been classic and it’s great to see the tradition and image of Colt remains the same with lots of hot fucking.

  5. danico05 says

    I became a fan of Jack Dragon, after watching him with Mattew Rush. He looks great either with big men or younger guys. Would like to watch him with Adam Killian, Alex Marte, Alexsander Freitas, Brady Jensen, Morgan Black,Jake Deckard…

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