Muscle Fest at Sean Cody: Football Player CHAD

I’m so impressed with Sean Cody‘s latest discovery. Chad is a 21 year-old college football player who packs on 210 pounds of muscle! You guys know I love muscular stud with boyish face and nice smile and Chad fits my fantasy perfectly. I hope (fingers crossed) we will see him in some “man on man” acton in the near future.

+ Watch Muscular CHAD Solo Video

Bad news: Even Sean Cody can’t convince bodybuilder Marc (aka Jay McQuay on HANCOCKMEN.COM) to fuck a guy…

+ Marc and Isaac Oral Sex Video


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  1. says

    Chad has a killer smile and a fantastic body. His cock is one of the most beautiful ones I’ve seen in a long time. Looking forward to seeing much more of him

  2. brian says

    I’m also impressed with Chad. He’s really gorgeous and has an amazing body… the best of recent times in Sean Cody (in other sites too).
    I guess his cock isn’t extraordinary, but the face and the body…oh my! And the face and the body are more importants than cock, in my opinion.
    I guess this guy will not return. I could be wrong, but he seems very straight! Anyway, if Sean Cody brings him back on hardcore scenes (not only blowjob videos), all of us will be very grateful.

  3. Derek says

    Why are we in 2010, still hoping they will throw money at some “straight” guy so that he will perform gay sex? If it takes that much convincing then it isn’t worth it. You know the guy is going to do poor job and it will take production three times as long to get the scene because they have to keep stoppin and fluffing. Do you know how many CH1 or Falcon productions had to cut scenes last year in order to either afford or placate straight performers? I don’t have a problem with gay4pay performers but if they can’t do the job or they have a shitty attitude about it then why the hell are we supporting it?

  4. Nobara Jones says


    Meanwhile…I’ll wait and withhold judgment to see if Chad returns. He’s either going to be the next Dan or the next Patrick….either way: I may have to re-subscribe!

  5. Mel says

    Chad is ok, not realy super impressed, I do appreciate Sean Cody trying to add some muscle to their stable. I disappointed that Marc is unwilling to have gay sex.

  6. nelson says

    I knew three years ago that Sean Cady was gay. I was working part time at the gym as towelboy and had the chane to see him in the showers with a real hard on as he was playing with him self. I went in under the spray and got on my knees and gave him the best blow job he has ever had. Later that night we got together at his pad and we fucked for over three hours and had a fine time.

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