Muscle Overload: Casey Williams Fucks Marc Dylan in MANPOWER

What took COLT Studio this long to release this hot video Casey Williams Fucks Marc Dylan!?

COLT was among the first porn studios Marc Dylan worked with at the very beginning of his porn career. I posted some behind the scenes photos and videos from this movie MANPOWER back in September (The working title was Fully Torqued).

Anyway, I’m happy to this scene with Marc and the comeback porn star Casey Williams. Both of them are great guys on Twitter (@Marc_Dyaln and @CaseyWilliamsSF). Casey is always responsive to his fans and shares lots of pictures too.

+ Casey Williams Fucks Marc Dylan | MANPOWER

+ More of Casey Williams | Marc Dylan


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  1. FuckSXG says

    Is this it? Is this the charity fuck scene that I’ve been hearing about? Always love a fuck-for-a-noble-cause fuck. Good job Marc.

  2. Ben says

    Oh enough with Marc Dylan already! He’s just a person. There are tons of hot guys in porn. What’s with this shaving from the neck to the waist and everything from waist to toes is a gorilla.

  3. Matteo says

    maybe someone can help me- I’ve never been able to get into anal sex. it turns me on in porn but not in real life… if i try to bottom – it hurts too much – don’t feel any pleasure (although also can get into the idea of someone in me as sexy and even dare i say romantic) a top, I’ve never felt any pleasure with a condom or I’ve found it disgusting as the bottom isn’t clean and don’t want my dick mingling with shit. can someone give me some advice/help besides telling me to have a clean bottom and that bottoming takes practice.

  4. BBMountain says

    It’s interesting to see if Marc Dylan will do bareback again now that more studios like SC is going bareback. Please come back to BB mountain, Marc…

    In due time…

  5. alex says

    Thanks for the link QMN. Have to say, though, that the blonde version of Casey in the article isn’t near as hot as bald, muscle daddy Casey. So, I hope he gets fucked again soon. I hate when guys bulk up and then think that makes them only tops.

  6. abelardo says

    Ufff! Este cabrón esta tan quemado y SOBREEXPUESTO como Marcus Mojo. Cuantas vergas le han metido en su aguado fundillo últimamente?

    · Jimmy Durano
    · Valentín Petrov
    · Tyler Saint
    · A. J. Monroe
    · Mitch Vaughn
    · Cliff Jensen
    · Phillip Aubrey
    · Casey Williams
    · Orgía de Cocky Boys
    · Christian Wilde
    · Spender Reed

    Y como el conejito de Energizer y la lista sigue y sigue y sigue …

    Hay que saber administrarse, palabra que este tipejo no conoce. Así como habló pestes de cuando se lo cogieron a pelo en SX Video, al rato lo hará que su paso por el mundo del porno gay. Lo bueno de todo esto es que al rato se olvidarán de él y vendrá el siguiente y acabará en productoras de poca monta y volverá al bareback por andar de hocicón.

    Igual que a Marcus Mojo ya vomito a este puto.

  7. minos says

    concuerdo con abelardo, sin negar que el tipo esta tan bueno como el pan integral, es la mujer de todos los hombres, ya lo repasaron casi todos los activos del porno gay en dos años. por un momento, lo llegue a comparar con Kyle Mckenna +, pero por esto, no es de extrañar que sea una simple “llamarada de petate”. De tanto cabron que se lo tira, ya no sentira y eventualmente el esfinter lo traicionara

  8. dhags says

    Marc Dylan is a great looking guy (top shaved and bottom not is sexy to me) and further he’s just plain NICE. Passion is always a selling point, but anything Marc is in is good!

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