Falcon & Raging Stallion Increase Update Frequency + Hot Sex: Seven Dixon, Jimmy Durano, Marc Dylan, Frederic Duris

Jimmy Durano Fucks Seven Dixon Man Power Raging Stallion

FALCON STUDIOS and RAGING STALLION STUDIOS just made a announcement today that they have increased the frequency of their scene updates to three times a week starting April 7, 2014. The updates for both sites will be released on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

To kick start this new releasing schedule, Raging Stallion released the hot first scene from the move MAN POWER where bubble butt bottom Seven Dixon gets fucked by Jimmy Durano. While Falcon Studios released a hot threesome with Marc Dylan, Francesco D’Macho & Frederic Duris from the movie Sexo En Barcelona – Part 1.


Jason Goodman & Joey Cooper – The Exclusive Video Interview

I’ve posted the exclusive video interview with porn star Connor Maguire on the set of BUCKS COUNTY last week. Today I have another exclusive video from the same movie, this time it’s a chat between gay porn stars Jason Goodman and Joey Cooper. Jason tops Joey in this movie Bucks County. You can watch the interview video below.

This week, check out the scene Ryan Rose fucks Ray Diaz from the movie “Alumni” from Falcon Studios and Goran fucks Marc Dylan from the movie “Sexo In Barcelona Part 2” from Raging Stallion.


Axel Brooks, Adrian Toledo, Aybars, Marc Dylan, Damien Crosse, Goran and Donato Reyes in SEXO en BARCELONA Part 2

Raging Stallion Studios has released the very hot movie SEXO en BARCELONA Part 1 last month (Check out some behind the scenes tidbits by Marc Dylan.)

Today, they just released SEXO en BARCELONA Part 2. These two movies mark the return of two porn stars Axel Brooks and Aybars. Axel tops hottie Adrian Toledo (I have some photos from the set here.) while Aybars fucks muscle bottom Donato Reyes. Porn star Marc Dylan appears in two scenes. Marc and Damien Crosse take turns fucking each other in one scene and Marc bottoms for Goran in another.

You can watch the XXX movie trailer of SEXO en BARCELONA Part 2 below.

Marc Dylan: “Part Two on The Topic of Sexual Preferences” & Connor Kline: “Drop The Racist BS, It Was A Joke”

Continue from the heated topic about “Racial Preferences In Gay Porn” on Tuesday, porn star Marc Dylan just uploaded another video blog “Living In The Blogosphere: More About People’s Sexual Preferences” in response to the comments.

[UPDATE] Porn star Connor Kline just tweeted “For the record I made a joke, you’ll didn’t get it. It was a stupid comment, I realize that now. I’ve fucked & am friends with every race, like anyone that knows me knows that. I’d bet 75% of my friends are African American, and they all think you’ll are ridiculous for saying this shit. Stop making shit up in your heads. :) thank youuuuuu. :)” and Connor posted pictures of his exes.


Marc Dylan Speaks Out On “Racial Preferences In Gay Porn”

I don’t understand where all these rumors about porn star Marc Dylan and racism came from or why. But somehow those rumors had become a heated discussion on one of my blog posts, where Marc Dylan himself replied:

You’re are implying something that is not true, I value everyone equally in terms of their humanness. So you can kindly Stop with your BS insinuations. Also, let me point out your flawed logic. Whom a person finds sexually attractive is not an indicator of there feelings towards the worth of the other person. People are allowed to have a type. What you said is the equivalent of calling a gay person sexist because he wouldn’t sleep with a woman.

Today Marc speaks out on this heated topic of Racial Preferences and Sexual Addiction on his personal blog. Marc with fellow porn stars Trenton Ducati, JP Richards, Billy Santoro also discuss this issue on Twitter.


Marc Dylan Talks About SEXO en BARCELONA, His Co-Stars Francesco D’Macho and Newcomer Frederic Duris

After I published the blog post about Raging Stallion’s new movie SEXO en BARCELONA Part 1 yesterday, porn star Marc Dylan sent me another video message just for Queer Me Now readers :-) He tells us cute and fun backstories from his porn shoot in Barcelona months ago. After watching Marc’s video, now I really want to meet Francesco D’Macho and Frederic Duris in person!

Don’t forget to check out Marc Dylan’s blog!


Marc Dylan, Francesco D’Macho, Donato Reyes, Lucio Saints, Adrian Toledo, Martin Mazza in SEXO en BARCELONA Part 1

I’m so happy to see one of my favorite porn stars, Marc Dylan, in action again. As I reported earlier, Marc traveled to Barcelona with Raging Stallion team to shoot two porn movies this part April. Marc and his co-star Francesco D’Macho even recorded a special video message for Queer Me Now. You can see more behind the scenes photos here, here, here and here.

Now the first movie, SEXO en BARCELONA Part 1 is available in the Raging Stallion store.

In this movie, American porn star Marc Dylan joins newcomer Frederic Duris & Francesco D’Macho (Marc wasn’t supposed to be in the scene but he couldn’t resist and joined in!), a three-way with Lucio Saints, Donato Reyes & Adrian Toledo, Aybars tops Martin Mazza and Antonio Aguilera fucks Damien Crosse.

SEXO en BARCELONA marks the returns of Aybars and Axel Brooks (in part 2) to gay porn. It’s also the first Raging Stallion movie of straight porn star Antonio Aguilera and hot newcomer Frederic Duris (Have you seen his huge cumshot?!?)


Porn Stars Marc Dylan and Francesco D’Macho Talk About Their Scene with Raging Stallion Studios in Barcelona

Last week I reported that muscle bottom Marc Dylan has returned to porn and he’s shooting in Barcelona with Raging Stallion. I just got a green light from Raging Stallion to reveal more info about this porn project.

They are filming for 2 Raging Stallion movies in Barcelona, Spain, directed by Tony Dimarco and the return of porn star Marc Dylan in front of the camera. [Tidbit: Actually Marc Dylan had a plan to work with Men.com earlier but the shoot was cancelled :-(]

Marc Dylan and Francesco D’Macho took a time out of their busy schedule to send some love to all the readers of Queer Me Now Blog! They talk about their impromptu sex scene and Marc’s new nickname :-) Don’t forget to check out their websites, MARCDYLAN.XXX and Stag Homme Studios.

Raging Stallion filmed a scene with Damien Crosse and Antonio Aguilera two days ago and yesterday they shot with Francesco D’Macho and a hot newcomer who’s never done porn before (I think his name is Frederique Duris), the sex was so hot Marc Dylan decided to join the action!!!

Beside Marc Dylan, this movie also mark the return of hairy porn star Aybars (Tales Of The Arabian Nights, Arab Heat, Giants, Cowboys) and Axel Brooks after a year hiatus.

Here’s the list of all the hot guys Raging Stallion planning to work with in Barcelona (It is subject to change) – Marc Dylan, Martin Mazza, Damien Crosse, Antonio Aguilera, Francesco D’Macho, Aybars, Adrian Toledo, Axel Brooks, Lucio Saints, Donato Reyes, Goran and Frederique Duris.


Marc Dylan Is Shooting Porn in Barcelona with Falcon / Raging Stallion Studios and Answers Fans’ Questions on His Blog

Last October, Falcon Studios and Raging Stallion team led by directors Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond filmed 2 movies Madrid Sexy and Addicted in Spain [behind the scenes pictures here, here, here and here]

Right now Falcon / Raging Stallion VP of production, Adam Q. Robinson, along with director Tony DiMarco and photographer Kent Taylor are traveling to Spain again and looks like they will be shooting porn in Barcelona and porn star Marc Dylan is on this trip too!

It’s gonna be nice to see Marc Dylan in action again after some hiatus. Imagine Marc Dylan getting fucked by hot Spanish guys! He also gets to help director Tony DiMarco with production stuff as well.

Marc just posted 3 video clips on his blog in which he answers his fans’ questions – Episode 1 / Episode 2 / Episode 3


A Happy Holiday Message from MARC DYLAN To You

Porn star Marc Dylan is Queer Me Now’s Most Searched For Gay Porn Stars of 2012. And he sent this message to Queer Me Now Blog readers.

Hey Guys, Ive been quiet for awhile . Just wanted to say I hope all of you have had a great year. Wow has it passed quickly! However you choose to spend the holidays, I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year

Merry Xmas and Happy Holiday!


Muscle Bottom Marc Dylan Gets Fucked By Paddy O’Brian

I used to update this blog with a weekly video by Marc Dylan. Looks like this hot muscle bottom does less porn these days, so I’m glad that Falcon Studios released this new scene from the movie SUMMER LUST. They paired up two gay porn stars with great muscular bodies, Paddy O’Brian and Marc Dylan.

Check out this hot scene Paddy O’Brian Fucks Marc Dylan and don’t forget to use this special promo code queerme25 to get 25% OFF.