Muscular Newcomer MARC DYLAN (Chris Gabriel) Is A Bottom!

About 3 weeks ago, Jet Set Men teased us with pictures of hot new muscular model Marc Dylan on the set of its new movie Anthony’s Weener. I’m so excited about this hot new guy with perfect muscled body. I wished he’s a bottom because I want to see new bodybuilder bottom since Vince Ferelli and Mitchell Rock don’t do porn anymore.

Well, my wish comes true! Thanks to AnonyAnus who sent me these hot screen caps from SX Video‘s new bareback movie BAREBACK ME, PLEASE!. Marc Dylan is on the cover (They call him Chris Gabriel) and he’s a BOTTOM!!!!

The beefy newcomer flexes muscle for camera before he gets fucked by Vic Stone and Kirby Thomas. I like the fact that this hot bodybuilder sucks cocks, gets his muscled ass fucked and even eats cums! You can watch this movie BAREBACK ME, PLEASE! online.

Marc Dylan (aka Chris Gabriel) is definitely my latest porn crush! A new bodybuilder bottom porn star is born, watch out Cayden Ross!


+ More of Marc Dylan (aka Chris Gabriel)


+ Watch SX VIDEO XXX Movies Online

Marc Dylan on the set of Jet Set Men‘s Anthony’s Weener with his co-star Cameron Foster and AJ Banks.

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  1. Ben says

    This is so great! The only thing that would’ve made him even more hot would be if he barebacked. And he does! I love him!

  2. EdWoody says

    Really? You’re editing MY comments out, and leaving Ben’s and Reed’s in? I’m the one that’s against unsafe sex in porn, and yet I’m the one that’s in the wrong according to you? Good to know where you stand, QMN.

  3. Jay says

    You are censoring comments you do not agree with now? You put bareback material up, and then when you have posters who object to the idea of bareback porn (I’m indifferent either way), you then get pissy and basically say you are not going to tolerate a flame war here. Here’s a tip–if you don’t want flame wars, then don’t provide gasoline. As for Marc Dylan, his commercial viablity with condomed studios is going to be severely limited now that he has an SX Video product…enough said.

  4. says

    @EdWoody I set my blog software to automatically censor comments with some specific words. And in your case, the word is “idiot”.

    @Jay I believe there’s a way to express feelings and opinions without using harsh words or hurting other people’s feeling. And FYI I censor comments for a LONG time.

  5. Chris says

    @ EdWoody and Jay
    The author of this blog HAS BEEN putting up bareback sex scenes in his blog, and it’s his right to show content that he wants to show and to keep the blog the way he wants to, comments included, not to cater to your weird online righteous sex patrol. Don’t like it? Then move to another blog. It’s not a political forum, it’s a blog about gay porn, get over yourselves.

  6. Luca says

    Hands down this Marc Dylan guy has one of the best bodies in porn and he’s very handsome, which is rare. I know some of you guys object to bareback porn but he’s a consenting adult and damn, this is one of the hottest pornos I’ve seen in years. Porn is fantasy and the bareback stuff is just hotter. After watching this nothing on Titanmen, CF or Sean Cody- with the single exception of anything Jamie is getting fucked in-is remotely a turn on. If others studios don’t use him it’s their loss. He’s an amazing bottom.

  7. Mel says

    With Vince Ferrili on Hiatus and demuscled/deflated Mitchel Rock no longer in porn, it’s was time for another Muscle Bottom. Cayden Ross there is competetion now lol. In my opinion muscle bottoms are hotest guys. Carlo Masi, Chris Wide,Ferdinand Nelson, Atilla just to name a few.

  8. JC says

    I saw the cover for BARE BACK, PLEASE the other day on AEBN and I flew to my room to watch it!

    WOOF!!! He’s stunning. I’ve only watched the one scene with him, but I love him!

  9. Marko says

    So odd that a guy who must take pretty good care of his health to maintain a physique like that would have unsafe sex for a buck. Takes all sorts I guess.

  10. BLACKjack says

    Chris it is not bare back porn that I am objecting 2 it’s the people like U and blogs like QMN with there SO WHAT attitude & approach that pisses me off ! when someone ( like EdWoody & Jay ) try 2 be a voices of reason and people like U & blogs like QMN refer 2 them as weird,righteous online sex patrol as if being concerned about the health of the gay community is not issue worth talking about. Chris U are correct this is a gay sex blog and every opinion on this blog is just that OPINION !! BTW Chris if people like Ed, Jay myself and many others ( who still think AIDS is a relevant issue ) take your advice and jump 2 another blog than ad dollars would jump 2 and I am pretty sure the author of this blog would not be THANKING U 4 that !!!

  11. alex says

    What is the draw to bareback sex? I think raw is a better term — because it just looks there would be less lubrication.

    On the other hand, I’m just as happy to see a guy fingered or dildoed.

  12. Chris says

    @ Blackjack

    fact of the matter is, we don’t need voices of reason, especially since commentors such as EdWoody tend to use very mean language, THAT was the issue the webmaster had, not to mention every post on QMN at one point became a flame war about bareback porn. It’s a gay porn blog and the performers in gay porn are consenting adults who fully know what they are getting into, as well as everyone knows that there are major consequences if you don’t use a condom in sex.

    And you say you’re not objecting to bareback porn, yet you still take the time to say how wrong it is. I’m guessing your the type to watch and get off on bareback porn and then shame others for watching it? Being a hypocrite does not bode well to get your point across.

    No one said that AIDS isn’t a relevant issue, but thinking you’re some kind of gay savior by going to every bareback post complaining about the non use of condoms and using disrespectful language and at one time, hateful comments about the porn stars, to drive your online ego stopped being funny a long time ago.

  13. BLACKJACK says

    Chris the bottom line is this AIDS still KILLS and as long as this deadly disease existed we need 2 continue to take all the necessary precautions even if it is disturbing 2 very closed minded individuals like yourself ! I am not perfect , I am no savior and have never proclaimed 2 be but I cannot close eyes eye’s and ignore the message that bare back films are sending that unsafe sex is OK and we all KNOW the TRUTH behind that !!! Chris we can go back and fourth on this issue for which I am not going 2 change your mind and thank GOD U will never change mind ! but until the day comes when there is no need for this type of discussion you may call me what ever name that choose because I am the type of individuals who says what he thinks and believes in what he says so that hypocrisy CRAP will never stick 2 me !!!. Chris IGNORANCE maybe bliss but full blown AIDS is not and anyone in this day age who willing 2 take the risk ( not saying that you are all though your argument leave me 2 believe otherwise ) has no one else to blame other than there blissful IGNORANCE !!!

  14. seaguy says

    Have those of you who do not like bareback porn ever thought of just not reading the posts about it. It get’s real old seeing your comments against it. Get a life!

  15. Herman says

    Marc Dillon is one hot bottom. Heir to Vince Ferrelli. Love to see him w/dick in his mouth and dick in his hole at the same time. gotta love a man who loves all of that dick. Hope he keeps bottoming and getting fucked for our enjoyment for a long time. Spread that muscle hole.

  16. Chris says

    @ Blackjack
    Sorry to say, that “hypocrisy crap” should stick to you, because saying that (and I’m directly quoting you) “it’s not bareback porn I’m objecting to” – means that you watch and don’t object to bareback porn, yet you shame others and the porn stars that do these movies – meaning that you’re in the same kind of mindset about logic with the anti-gay politicians that have gay sex – you don’t make sense! here’s some pointers – practice what you preach and no one listens or respects a hypocrite. At least EdWoody and the others didn’t support or watch bareback porn like you do. Their point of views had validity because of that, unlike yours.

  17. B says

    With not one main stream porn dvd released to date, Cameron Foster is already a star in my book…face,body,incredible ass. Anxiously awaiting the release of Jet Set’s dvd “Anthony’s Weener”. I think he recently signed an exclusive contract with Falcon’s Jocks division so it will be great to see him in future releases. What a hottie!

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