Paddy O’Brian Fucks Jay Roberts in Bashed And Furious 3

British gay porn star Paddy O’Brian is back in this third installment of the Bashed And Furious porn series. He had fucked Issac Jones in part 1 and Marco Sessions in part 2. And this time it’s porn star Jay Roberts‘ turn.

They showed me the preview of this scene when I was on porn set last month and I love it! Especially the setting and the story that leads to the sex scene. Jay Roberts gives a great performance in this video!

Watch Jay Roberts gets jackhammer-fucked by Paddy O’Brian in Bashed And Furious 3.

+ Bashed And Furious 3: Paddy O’Brian Fucks Jay Roberts

+ Bashed And Furious 2: Paddy O’Brian Fucks Marco Sessions

+ Bashed And Furious 1: Paddy O’Brian Fucks Issac Jones



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  1. BLACKJACK says

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE jay and Paddy is one hot MOTHER as well and I have to agree with James it is time for Paddy to give it up !!! :) :) :)

  2. Zahid says

    Really lame. I don’t mind gay for pays provided they can perform and Paddy definitely can’t. I mean compare him to anyone from Sean Cody.

  3. says

    This was a great scene. Paddy fucked Jay so good! He gets better each video, contrary to what alot of people say! I would rather watch a video of Paddy fully clothed than one of the same overused (and as a result, boring) gay performers. From the experience I had working with gay porn actors who also strip, many of these hot young men are shallow, unfriendly, arrogant and dismissive if you’re not pretty like they are. I could name names, but I don’t want to burst any bubbles!

  4. alex says

    Speaking of, has Tony Paradise quite making vids there? As much as I wanted to see him bottom, I don’t think it was ever going to happen, but I though I’d at least see him rimmed. He, Colby Jansen and Jessy Ares were the 3 performers I love to watch. Fortunately, 1 of the 3 is versatile.

  5. mich says

    Same old, same old from Paddy, I think. I can never get enough of Paddy hardly touching the guys. This is just so hot. Lol.

  6. Nico says

    For us, the ones that like masculine men, paddy is the best pornstar nowadays. power top. not sure if i want to see him bottom. First, because he really seems to enjoy fucking these guys… so that’s why i love his scenes but he’s so gorgeous!!! star-looking

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