Paddy O’Brian Fucks Tomas Brand and Darius Ferdynand

Two new scenes starring top porn star Paddy O’Brian today, Paddy fucks hottie Darius Ferdynand in the fourth scene from the movie UNZIPPED from Lucas Entertainment.

And he stars in a new trilogy called “Secret Agent” by MEN.COM. In part 1, Paddy O’Brian fucks muscle stud Tomas Brand.

+ Paddy O’Brian Fucks Darius Ferdynand | UNZIPPED


+ Secret Agent Part 1: Paddy O’Brian Fucks Tomas Brand



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  1. litper says

    Darius and Tomas are two great performers. Too bad they were paired up with that trash. Oh well, at least we can enjoy Tomas’ big sexy ass being plowed!

  2. nhuixnhuix says

    Isn’t it like the fourth scene with Paddy and Daryus (including two threesomes with Paul Walker)?

  3. jeremy says

    yes,i cant wait to see Tomas Brand bottom. Tomas has bubble butt.
    Paddy is also fucking Tomas Brand husband Logan Rogue in part 3

  4. litper says

    jeremy, i wish it was Logan/Tomas flip-flop, but knowing MEN is str8-owned thery will never let us see real gay love, instead filling their scenes with str8 filth like Paddy

  5. whatthefuck says

    Tomas is fucking sexy… Love you Tomas….
    Agree with other please stop with this trash… Paddy can’t suck cock, can’t bottom… If you don’t want to suck or fucked leave the gay porn industry and if love to fuck go to straight porn… there no sucking cock nor get fucked…

  6. jeremy says

    i dont know why you guys are getting mad at Paddy.he is a top,i want Paddy to bottom too,but i dont get mad.
    Paddy do rim ass,other guys do not rim a guys ass,they love to suck dick.but they dont lick ass

  7. litper says

    So I’d prefer to see guys who LOVE to suck dick but don’t rim ass instead of boring g4p tops with limitations. If he’s so “straight” he should stay in straight porn.

  8. Herman says

    I love Darius and both he and Tomas sure love dick. Really love watching each of them getting plowed. Two hot men.

  9. ryandrake says

    now we just need paddy to fuck D.O and D.O and Tomas to do a flip flop, and Tomas needs to give it up to Vito Gallo and Vito needs to flip flop with D.O

  10. bucko0710 says

    Ryandrake – man are we on the same page regarding pairings for Tomas!! Love to see Tomas bottom more as he’s got one juicy butt. How about Tomas being fucked by Lucio Saints or Diesel Washington? Hell anything with Tomas having his big juicy butt fucked would be awesome – even a big dildo!

  11. GRPR50 says

    I love Tomas Brand. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE HIM. Paddy, it’s time to bottom Paddy. I like you but I am kinda getting bored now. You know what would be fun to watch, Paddy and his friend Paul Walker flip flopping.

  12. jeremy says

    GRPR50 Paddy and his friend Paul Walker do not kiss or fuck each other

    Paddy & paul are like brother

  13. MarcoManuel says

    Once again,the obsession of gay men about seeing a straight man bottom.

    Why you want to see Paddy to bottom so much?

    Even if Paddy would bottom,he would do it only against his will anyway.

    He would actually not be into it.

    Theres no point for paddy to bottom.

    Theres a reason why Paddy is a top.

    Because he doesnt want a cock in his ass.

    Im not a fan of Paddy.

    But,dont put pressure on him to bottom only because he is hot and masculine.

    Enjoy Johnny Rapid being a bottom and let Paddy be a top.

    You cant have everything.Damn it!

  14. litper says

    Because it’s only thing that “straight”men can do in gay porn – be a bottom bitch. Any other way it’s humiliating for us.

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