Paddy O’Brian, Issac Jones and Johnny Hazzard Train Fuck!

UK NAKED MEN just released this hot threesome featuring 3 hot porn stars Paddy O’Brian, Issac Jones and Johnny Hazzard.

I published some behind the scenes pictures from this scene weeks ago. Now you can watch them in action and highlight is the train fuck with Issac fucking Johnny while he’s getting fucked by Paddy!

+ Paddy O’Brian, Issac Jones and Johnny Hazzard Train Fuck!


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  1. sxg says

    Why would anyone complain about anyone else in this scene when the godawful G4P Paddy is in it? I like Issac Jones he is so sexy. And I love following him on instagram.

  2. Just me says

    I can’t stand G4P most of the time, and Paddy is among the top of the list of guys that ruin a scene just by being in it. At least Rocco Reed actually LIKES to get fucked and does it often. Paddy is just the typical “I’m only doing this for the money because gay people have a straight guy fetish” G4P. Isaac Jones is fucking hot.

  3. Pascal from France says

    It is true that Johnny is like the first day still sexy….mmmmm !

    J’aime énormément Isaac !

    Paddy can go elsewhere, it is as boring as Cody Cummings…beurk !

  4. sxg says

    @SuckItBaby I feel the same way about Francois Sagat. I always knew he was 5’8″ and in porn it doesn’t look like that big of a difference, but holy hell in his personal pics with other guys he really looks short! He’s always had a larger than life character so it is a shock to see him with a group of people taller than him. Regardless though he is still so fucking sexy and I want him all for myself 😉

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