Exclusive: Ricky Larkin Gets Fucked By Dylan Roberts

I broke the news a few hours ago that porn star Ricky Larkin shot his one and only bottoming scene before he retired. As I promised, here’s an exclusive photo set just for readers of Queer Me Now Blog: Ricky Larkin gets fucked by muscular porn star Dylan Roberts in the upcoming movie “His Lover’s Son,” by ROCK CANDY FILMS.


+ News: Ricky Larkin Had Shot His One & Only Bottoming Scene (He Got Fucked By Dylan Roberts) Before He Retired

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  1. Woody says

    When I said we wanted to see a black bottom, I don’t think we expected this result.
    We wanted Ricky to fuck some nice bubble butt black twink, not BE fucked by this Dylan individual-whomever he is.

  2. Amichiniguis says

    Seems it will be disappointing, It remembers the cutre scene in Raging Stallion’s movie Porn Stars In Love where manuel torres bottomed, and that scene could be a lot better.

  3. manu says

    Well I’m glad I get to see him bottoming in my lilfetime 😉
    As others have said before, his dildo scene with High Performance Men was scorching hot, I hope this lives up to it!

  4. balfo says

    That first picture sìus sooooo HOT! It’s my absolute favourite position is sex: I love fuck mu partner like that, and I love watching big guys getting fucked in this position. Please, can someone tell me how it’s called?

  5. alex says

    I love that Ricky did just the opposite of what most gay porn stars do. He bulked up, and then he got fucked. Most guys bulk up so they can top. I never really understood that — because bigger guys have bigger asses — and make better bottoms. I doubt that Dylan will be as agressive as Ricky was with his own ass, but I definitely want to see this scene!

  6. Michael says

    He also did a dildo video for High Performance Men with his new beefy body – fucks his ass in several positions – comes on his face with his legs up and sucks the dildo out of his butt several times and after he comes! It’s pretty HOT!

  7. capncrunch says

    Ricky should come back and shoot for Raging Stallion. All that hair and masculinity that go with his big dick. Ricky if you come back PLEASE shoot for them.

  8. frank says

    Ricky Larkin is the epitome of ALL MAN.
    He would have been better off to have a
    scene with another equally hairy top/bottom Tommy Defiendi instead of Dylan Roberts.
    Also, the scene with Larkin and Roberts is produced by Rock Candy Films who has recently produced excellent films. The best film, so far, is “His Son’s Lovers”
    starring Matthew Rush. He has never appeared or ‘acted ‘ better. He too, would’ve been a good match with Ricky Larkin or Jake Deckard.

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