Rocco Reed, Marcus Ruhl and Donny Wright Fuck Tommy Defendi

Throughout November, you are welcome to send in your porn idea for a chance to get it turned into a real porn video at MEN.COM Script Writing Contest #2.

This is a good weekend for fans of Tommy Defendi, MEN.COM released two hot scenes back to back and Tommy bottoms in both!

In today’s video, “Gay’s Anatomy.” All exclusive porn stars, Rocco Reed, Marcus Ruhl and Tommy Defendi play doctor in this Grey’s Anatomy porn parody. It ends with Rocco Reed and Marcus Ruhl take turns fucking Tommy Defendi.

And in the video called “Flashcard Foreplay,” Tommy Defendi bottoms for Donny Wright.

+ Gay’s Anatomy: Rocco Reed and Marcus Ruhl Fuck Tommy Defendi

+ Flashcard Foreplay: Donny Wright Fucks Tommy Defendi



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  1. GreGG says

    Last Tuesday I bottomed.. On Friday night around 11pm I topped. Saturday the police were at my door. I’ve been charged for not getting approval from the fans. Darn it.

  2. says

    The scene with Marcus, Rocco and Tommy was so disappointing. The three had problems with their erections during the video. I like all three guys, but there was no energy or chemistry in this scene.

    Now the scene with Donny and Tommy was good. Donny does look really innocent, but he does a great job!

  3. Ed says

    The minute I read about Tommy Defendi and Donny Wright, doing a scene together, I knew I would not be dissapointed. They would make a handsome real life couple! I agree about Donny looking so innocent and yet, there is a real tiger in him and what about that gorgeous big stiff cock; it was made to go inside of Tommy!
    Let’s have MORE of Tommy & Donny; they are made for each other! Normally I like Tommy doing Top, and yet when he is with Donny, he is with his true Mr. Wright in more ways than one! I only hope both of these handsome men do not ever ruin their bodies with any tattoos, even one would ruin their natural perfection. Those two men score top marks every time.

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