Rod Daily – Bottoms For Muscle Stud James Huntsman, Had A Vacation at Lake Havasu & Jerked Off On A Boat With A Butt Plug!

Today, Next Door Studios released a new video Rod Daily gets fucked by muscle hunk James Huntsman. This is the second time we see James fucks a guy after his anal sex debut last month.

And Rod Daily also uploaded some home videos from this vacation at Lake Havasu, Arizona earlier this week. Rod shows us how to take a vacation like a porn star, he rented a boat, explored the late AND jerked off in it with a butt plug up his ass!

+ James Huntsman Fucks Rod Daily


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  1. ilovegayporn says

    OMG Rod is so hot!! He is one of the best performers around. I love how he is so open sexually and does not label himself. He is the best at NDS

  2. Matias says

    Rod is hot! The third clip is delicious. What a pleasure to find a boat and Ron in it…
    But why isn’t he wearing a life jacket?

  3. trex says

    Stop promoting Next Door Studios. Rod Daily is hot a a good performer, but he should find a new studio like Austin did. The fans of Huntsman are really sad.

  4. dio says

    so like, why did they hold this to release as James Huntsman’s ‘second scene’ when Rod Daily himself confirmed a while ago that he was JH’s ‘first’? Weird. I dun get it. Is there more chemistry, here, so JH seems more at ease, etc?

  5. ceem says

    I think NDS is a right place for g4p like Rod where he can spend time with “straight” guys like he. I wish all g4p would move to NDS and leave gay porn to gay men.

  6. dio says

    @ceem, realtalk: some of the WORST gay porn stars gay men. Come on, it’s all about the performance. If the guy is hawt, can give it up, and make it believable I’m groovy. There’s no ‘principal’ to any of this. LOL

  7. Almatolmen says

    I love the glasses! What is the set up exactly? When I saw the glasses I thought, “Ah, a sexy nerd/geek scene!” Surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of those, at least not good ones. They both look studly.

  8. mike says

    God all the whining. It’s great to see straight men fucked in the ass. It’s great to see straight men fucking men in the ass. If it’s not your fantasy then move along.

  9. ceem says

    ah, as always, a bunch of self-loathing homosexuals shows up. Thats why i say there should be place where you could enjoy your “straight” fantasy to the full – at NDS where all the Codys, Jameses and Rods can fuck each other all day and tell each other how they hate gay sex.

  10. Remy says

    Rod has said on multiple occasions that he’s bi so I don’t get that hate for him. James Huntsman, on the other hand….

  11. bernardo says

    As much as I think rod daily is hot. My thoughts and prayers are going to those killed in colorado in the movie theater.

  12. Matt says

    @sxg: rod’s one of the hottest hunks in porn. I’ve gotten off to him for years and never get bored or tired of him and have only heard him describe himself as “sexual” – not bi, not gay, not str8. NDS has some crazy G4Ps, like Cody, etc., but the site is hot, hot, hot. I’m happy to pay the monthly fee to get to “hang out” with the performers.

  13. Pablo Zed says

    Now I know Huntsman is really hetero because the prop glasses are the newest thing in NBA fashion, made popular by LeBron James and others during the NBA playoffs.

    BTW, those frames can cost upwards of $500 if he has the designer ones (I suspect his are chinese fakes).

  14. Almatolmen says

    ceem:: You have absolutely no evidence or justification for the accusation of “self-loathing homosexuals” other than those you place that label on disagree with you. That does not recommend your character. Africa-Americans, Jews, and feminists whose views differ from the ideological purists among them and that those purists cannot refute with reasonable arguements are targeted with that same accusation. It’s the last desperate resort of intellectual scoundrels.

  15. andrew says

    These guys are actors/models. They are giving us some really good gay sex scenes. It doesn’t matter to me if they are gay, bi or gay4pay. I love their performances. I especially like James Huntsman. He is off the charts sexy from his feet all the way up his muscular body to his beautiful face. Love you, James.

  16. Chris says

    I wouldn’t care about an actor’s sexual orientation, if it it were not used as a marketing device, and also if an actor were able to actually look like he was enjoying himself during a porn scene and not just forcing his way through it.

    I don’t mind porn actors who may be straight in their private lives, so long as they are open-minded and friendly to the gay community. But, I despise it when porn studios have straight or allegedly straight actors give interviews were they repeatedly go on about how they are “100% straight” and don’t enjoy their sex scenes and don’t have fun, etc. Yes, many of them actually say comments like this, and their remarks are actually used as MARKETING for the porn. It is all based the premise that gay guys are supposed to feel ashamed of being gay and wish they were straight–and if they cannot actually be straight, then the closest they can get is to have sex with a straight guy who doesn’t even enjoy the sex but just uses them to make a quick buck. So, why should I find any of that appealing or even acceptable as a gay man?? More importantly, why should ANY sane and self-respecting gay man find that appealing, instead of being insulted as he should be?

    There are a handful of straight or allegedly straight actors who perform well in quality gay porn and who are respectful to the gay community, and I have no problem with these guys. But, the majority of so-called “gay for pay” actors are obnoxious, openly insult the gay community, and their supposed superiority as a straight man is used as a marketing device to promote homophobic “gay porn” to self-loathing gay men, who need to consider what they are watching and WHY, and then get mental health counseling.

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