Russian Hunk Dato Foland Fucks Damien Crosse in Datos Law

Yay! We don’t have to wait long for this one. I just posted the behind the scenes photos of this hot Russian porn star Dato Foland on the set of MEN.COM and Stag Homme Studios a few days ago.

Today, director Francesco D’Macho released this scene called “Datos Law,” Dato Foland fucks Damien Crosse on Stag Homme website (I love that Damien has become an insatiable bottom now).

Dato Foland just made his porn debut a few ago on Men At Play website where Dato topped muscular porn star Tomas Brand. He recently filmed another scene with Goran for (behind the scenes pics)

Check out some sexy photos of Dato Foland I found around the Internet below.

Dato Foland on the set of MEN.COM. I love those mesmerizing eyes!


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  1. manu says

    He is so handsome! And Staghomme+ Damien Crosse is definitely a winning combination. This should be an amazing scene!

  2. Iverson says

    Dato is scorching hot! He’s very exotic looking. He kinda favors Diego Lauzen, both have beautiful eyes.

  3. sxg says

    Yea the faces are exaggerated in the first pic but it’s hot seeing the intensity and aggressiveness in their faces on the video. And Damien loves to be fucked hard, as well as loves to fuck hard :)

    And Dato a Georgian name? Hmm who knew? But it is, after all, his porn name so I’m sure that’s not his real name.

  4. MarcoManuel says

    Dato is hot.But,his country have a retrograde mentality when it comes to gay men.

    Any of you who go to Russia have to be careful with what you will say.

    If you go in Russia and talk pro gay,you better have some money.

    Too bad Russia is homophobic like crazy.Russians are at least 40 years late when it comes to gay rights.

    Will Russia ever catch up with the other more open minded european countries? Doubt it.

    Russia is possibly the only european country that will always be homophobic.Ukraine also is very similar to Russia when it come to gay rights.

    They just dont give a fuck about gay men.

    Russia is not middle east.But,its still a fucked up country when it comes to gay men.

    I read and heard so much bad things about gay men who went to Russia.These gay men will never go back to Russia again.

    Too bad.Russian men are hot.

  5. Mark says

    He’s really hot, but digging a little bit I found an article from January 2010 saying that he was 25. Now in Menatplay, 3 years and a half later they say he’s 26? Nothing wrong with being 28-29 and being that hot. Pornstars should be straightforward about their age :-)

  6. fred says

    no interest in both, yes they have nice bodies but they do not run me on moreover just have a look at that agressive face (plural) of damien Always the same….geeeee

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