Sebastian Young Gets Fucked By Bryan Cavallo in “Man Musk”

Sebastian Young Fucked By Bryan Cavallo

The last time Sebastian Young got fucked on camera was for CockyBoys and he bottomed for Phoenix Saints almost half a decade ago. And as I reported last month, Sebastian is back in front of the camera and bottoms again.

MEN.COM is about to release his bottoming scene today. It’s called “Man Musk” and you can watch Sebastian Young gets fucked by Bryan Cavallo.

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 1

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 2

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 3

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 4

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 5

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 6

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 7

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 8

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 9

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 10

Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young 11

+ Man Musk: Bryan Cavallo Fucks Sebastian Young



Phenix Saint Fucks Sebastian Young

+ Sebastian Young Bottoms For Phenix Saint


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  1. andrew says

    Sebastian Young is a real life bad boy and he has a lot of mean looking tats. But, Oh how beautiful is his plump flawless ass. Sebastian, I don’t know how your beautiful plump ass fared in prison, but it sure needs to get fucked in gay porn. An ass like yours is a terrible thing to waste.

  2. Alias74 says

    He’s best getting fucked and grimacing in pain……check it out….he’s mugging the same “fucked face” in the still of the clip as he is in the photo where he’s getting fucked by Phenix Saint! BOSS!

  3. bucko0710 says

    It’s great to see Sebastian’s bootylicious butt being banged again! And like Manu I’d like to see some rimming too! Men.Com consistently fails to deliver on rimming or close ups of assholes – are you guys listening?! The Woody Fox T2B was also disappointing in that no tongue made any contact with ass!

  4. DD says

    The only thing of note in the entire scene was Sebastian blowing his load while being fucked by Brian and then Brian shooting such a big load himself. There was no rimming, mild-to no enthusiasm and if Sebastian can’t do any better than this then he should go back to prison because it’s the same old tired shit. The only reason I tolerate his “bad boy behavior” which is a cute way of saying sociopath is his ass and he’s not doing anything with it, so be gone.

  5. dvlaries says

    While I won’t go so far as to say this scene could never be bettered -some rimming would complete it more- it is very good, and was worth the wait. If Topher’s Top to Bottom round last December 19 was this good, Christmas would have been cheerier for his fans.
    Though Sebastian gives in to a grimace or two at the start (don’t these guys practice with toys before a shoot…?), he soon is going with the flow of what he agreed to, doggie, sit and missionary. The lighting and the crisp photography seem a cut better than Men’s typical standard, deserving to go into award contention in their respective categories.
    As I suspected, Cavallo’s less-pushy approach (and looking great with some facial hair) was a good match for the always-outsized personality of Sebastian. I hope the real life circumstances that have put Sebastian’s career on hold more than once are over, because the work I saw here could keep him among Men’s top tier names for a good long while if he chooses. Bravo.
    Side-note to Colby J.: counting his rounds with Phenix Saint and Trevor Knight, Sebastian now leads you 3 to 1 in giving up the booty. Tick-tock, tiger.

  6. alex says

    More scenes like this, please. I’m not a fan of rimming — and especialy don’t like where a guy is rimmed but not fucked. But being that this is Sebastian’s first bottom scene at, I think some of you had too-high expectations. If he stays versatile, I’m sure there will be opportunities for rimming down the line.

  7. says

    El culo de Sebastian Young, esta desperdiciado en esta escena. semejante macho, en una escena aburrida y predecible. Copia de todas las anteriores.
    Estoy de acuerdo con @Petra…Bryan Cavallo, es un porno star muy limitado en sus escenas de sexo.
    Muy mal emparejamiento…

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