Studly Pals Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau Flip Flop Fuck

OMG! Lucas Entertainment just pair up two of the hottest, sexiest and most beautiful gay porn stars at the moment and let them take turns fucking each other! I’m talking about two hot Canadian natives Gabriel Lenfant (aka Gabriel Clark aka Gabriel F.) and Marko Lebeau.

They are friends outside of the porn business and know each other for some time. I like watching them talk about their lives, careers, and fuck fantasies before stripping off their clothes and fuck their brains out. They both have two of the most funniest coming out stories ever!

Gabriel Lenfant and Marko Lebeau also had their bottoming debut videos released around the same time. Gabriel Lenfant bottomed for Trent Diesel at Cocky Boys and Marko Lebeau got fucked by another hot Canadian Trystan Bull.

Fun Tidbits: Gabriel Lenfant makes his own maple syrup at home. What a true Canadian! And he loves playing with cum!


+ More of Gabriel Lenfant | Marko Lebeau

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  1. manu says

    Marko is very hot! Love his furry butt .
    Don’t care particularly for Gabriel but what a strange name he chose ! Lenfant means ” the child” M_M was that a scat joke ? I hope not…:/

  2. Herman says

    Gabriel is so handsome. Great body too. So glad he bottoms. Looks great with a dick in his mouth and even better w/one up his ass. Love to see him with a dick in his mouth and ass at the same time. Now that’s a bottom.

  3. manu says

    You guys are coming up with the WORST metaphors and comparisons on this guy – the maple syrup got me confused at first ( it’s brown and he did say “eat” not “drink”) – now “pound a bottom like he is a piece of veal”…EWWWWWWW what’s attractive about a slaughtered baby bovine shredded to pieces?? Is that a new trend among gays since the Lady gaga meat dress??Pouding it – with your dick…oh dear :/

  4. boscoz says

    I hope Gabreil never sign Lucas as Exclusive who would never make more than 5 movies a year.
    that’s a long long to wait to see a new one
    I can get enought from Gabreil

  5. tom in portland says

    Another really disappointing scene from Lucas E featuring Gabriel. The actual clip does NOT match the pics. Gab is not rimmed while on his back in the clip and is mainly a top. And once again very few poor camera work when Gabriel is bottoming. This is now two scenes with him where the directing and camera work have really been subpar. If you are going to film a model like him, hire someone who knows how to film him.

  6. baz says

    agreed Tom. The two bottoming scenes for Lucas Ent that Gabriel did were not th best directed and filmed. But I still have his CockyBoys scene which showcased his bottoming better than the Lucas scenes, so I can wait for a better Lucas scene to come out.

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