Hot 3-Way Fuckfest from Bel Ami, Staxus & Helix Studios

Gay Sex 3-Way BelAmi Staxus Helix

Three popular twink studios BELAMI ONLINE, STAXUS, and HELIX STUDIOS all released 3-way sex scenes this week. Which one is your favorite?

Staxus’ scene has the most daring title: “Assaulted & abducted, then double-fucked & pissed on – But Johny Cruz loves every minute” where you can watch cutie Johny Cruz gets double-penetrated by Benjamin Dunn & Sam Williams.

BelAmi released a scene where muscular stud Ennio Guardi gets tag-teamed by Adam Archuleta & Scott Reeves.

And you can watch Tommy Defendi fukcs Tyler Hill & Ian Levine at Helix Studios.


Alex Brinsky, Ennio Guardi, Joey Intenso on

Martin Love Fucks Alex Brinsky 1

Alex Brinsky, Joey Intenso, former Bel Ami model Ennio Guardi. These are hot and hunky European porn models I enjoyed watching. It’s too bad I haven’t seen their new sex scenes for quite some time.

I’m glad to know that I can watch some of the sex videos these hot guys filmed on MALEREALITY.COM. Check out these scenes: Alex Brinsky bottoms for Martin Love, Ennio Guardi fucks Marco Bon Phoenix, and Joey Intenso fucks David Road.


Cutler X Fucks Adam Russo Bareback at RAWJOXXX

Cutler X Fucks Adam Russo RawJoxxx Bareback

If you like bareback porn sites like RAW FUCK CLUB, you are going to like this new website RAWJOXXX.COM. It features muscular guys having sex bareback.

You can watch porn star Adam Russo gets fucked by his real-life boyfriend Cutler X bareback. This scene proves that Adam is a talented bottom because his boyfriend Cutler’s dick is gigantic!

Don’t forget to watch the newest scene where former Bel Ami model Ennio Guardi fucks Andy West.


Ennio Guardi, Caleb & Georgio TRIPLE PENETRATE Paris Nio!

I think BIG DADDY just released one of its most adventurous scenes. It’s a bareback orgy with former Bel Ami model Ennio Guardi, Georgio Black, Caleb Moreton and Paris Nio (aka Ben Reed).

They fuck in various sexual positions including double penetration, a combo between train-fuck and double-penetration, they even try “Triple Penetration” at one point! Greedy bottom Paris Nio gets fucked by Ennio, Caleb and Georgio at the same time!


Milos Zambo Pumping Iron and Getting Fucked By Ennio Guardi

For me, Milos Zambo and former Bel Ami model Ennio Guardi have two of the most perfect and muscular bodies in gay porn these days. And I like to watch them fuck in this new scene called “Gym Rats Fuck Raw Anal” by BIG DADDY.

In this scene, they kind of mix butt sex with working out. Check out these screencaps, Ennio flexing muscles while pounding Milos. And Milos lifting weight while getting fucked. Maybe they don’t have much time so they have to multitasking :-)


Watch Milo & Elijah Peters Get Gang-Banged By 6 Bel Ami Studs

BELAMIONLINE.COM just released a new video featuring the Peters Twins. This 8-Man orgy scene is from the new movie Doing It Together directed by Lucas Ridgeston and it was also shot at the straight porn star Rocco Siffredi’s house in Budapest.

In this bareback video, Milo and Elijah Peters get gang-banged by 6 muscular porn studs Manuel Rios, Jean-Daniel Chagall, Sascha Chaykin, Ennio Guardi, Luke Hamill and Alex Orioli.


Half of The Peters Twins (MILO PETERS) Does Bisexual Orgy Scene With Fellow Ex-Bel Ami Model Ennio Guardi at BIMAXX

There’s some discussion over at The BA-Boys-Archive group about Peters Twins are no longer on Bel Ami contract. Below are some quotes from what George Duroy posted about this subject.

Their contract expired. We still have several unreleased scenes with them.

Story of twins is a long, entangled and off-the-wall one, even by Bel Ami standards. And believe me, I met more than my share of peculiar characters in those 20 years in the porn business. In any case I hope it is over even with the twins, one never knows what will be next.

The good news is, BELAMIONLINE.COM has many unreleased scenes such as the one to be released tomorrow with the Peters Twins getting gang-banged by 6 Bel Ami studs.

And now they are free to work with other studios. Today a popular bisexual site BIMAXX.COM releases a new video called Bi Bouncers Part 2. It features Milo Peters and his fellow former Bel Ami model Ennio Guardi in a huge bisexual group sex scene.

You can see some pictures from this scene below but don’t read the rest of the entry if you don’t want to see Milo Peters eating pussy and fucking a girl for the first time on camera. Oh, and he gets fucked in this video too.


Benjamin Bloom Returns To Bel Ami And Fucked By Ennio Guardi

Benjamin Bloom returns to BELAMIONLINE.COM and he has packed on some serious muscle. Since Benjamin was so muscled now they had to pair him with an equally muscled Ennio Guardi.

I think this scene was shot around the same time as his hot four-way with Brandon Manilow, Lucio Saints and Nicolas Taxman from SEX CITY. Kristen Bjorn is known for his bodybuilder models. And now Benjamin Bloom is equally muscular as other KB models.

I’m glad to see more of Benjamin Bloom‘s scene from Bel Ami. His scene partner Ennio is known as a power top with big uncut cock and Benjamin has one of the most amazing bubble butts ever. Watch as these 2 muscle boys have a great ass fucking and cum shooting afternoon together.

FYI: Benjamin Bloom’s muscular brother is being prepared for his scenes at Bel Ami. Can’t wait to see what he looks like!