Johny Cruz Gets TRIPLE PENETRATED Raw by Alejandro Alvarez, Jace Reed, and Xavi Duran at Staxus

Tripe Penetration Johny Cruz Alejandro Alvarez Jace Reed Xavi Duran Gay Porn

Double penetration is more common in gay porn these days. But TRIPLE PENETRATION is still rare. It comes out like once a year. Those brave souls who get fucked by 3 cocks at the same time on camera so far were Johny Cruz, Dirk Caber, Paris Nio, and Aaron Aurora.

Last year, STAXUS.COM released a sex scene where Johny Cruz gets triple penetrated by Denis Reed, Benjamin Dunn & Mike James.

Today, you can watch this talented bottom boy Johny Cruz gets TRIPLE PENETRATED by Alejandro Alvarez, Jace Reed, & Xavi Duran. Check out the XXX trailer below


Breaking News: Dirk Caber To Get TRIPLE PENETRATED!

Dirk Caber Triple Penetrated Johnny Rapid Trevor Spade Asher Hawk

If you are a fan of muscle daddy Dirk Caber, mark your calendar for next week, October 24th. Because it’s the date that you can watch Dirk Caber gets triple penetrated! Double penetration is quite common in gay porn these days, but Triple Penetration is still a rarity.

Next Friday, MEN.COM will release the video Stepfather’s Secret Part 8 starring Dirk Caber, Johnny Rapid, Asher Hawk, and Trevor Spade. In this orgy scene, everyone is versatile. It starts with Dirk fucks all his stepsons: Johnny, Asher, and Trevor. Then Dirk gets gang-banged. The highlight, of course, is when Dirk Caber takes Johnny, Asher & Trevor’s cocks up his butt at the same time!


Johny Cruz Gets TRIPLE PENETRATED Bareback at Staxus

Johny Cruz Triple Penetration Bareback

Double Penetration has become a common sex position in gay porn these days. Lucas Entertainment is about to release the “All DP” movie soon.

But TRIPLE PENETRATION is still very rare. I saw it like once a year. Aaron Aurora got triple penetrated on in 2012 and Ennio Guardi, Caleb & Georgio triple penetrated Paris Nio in 2013.

Thanks to Simon, one of my readers. He pointed me to this latest triple penetration scene from STAXUS.COM. In this scene, power bottom Johny Cruz gets triple-fucked by Denis Reed, Benjamin Dunn and Mike James.


Ennio Guardi, Caleb & Georgio TRIPLE PENETRATE Paris Nio!

I think BIG DADDY just released one of its most adventurous scenes. It’s a bareback orgy with former Bel Ami model Ennio Guardi, Georgio Black, Caleb Moreton and Paris Nio (aka Ben Reed).

They fuck in various sexual positions including double penetration, a combo between train-fuck and double-penetration, they even try “Triple Penetration” at one point! Greedy bottom Paris Nio gets fucked by Ennio, Caleb and Georgio at the same time!


Gay Triple Penetration with Aaron Aurora Coming Soon on Staxus

Double Penetration has become a norm in gay porn these days. Every porn studios have done it. But Gay Triple Penetration is still a myth, a unicorn in gay porn. I heard about it, I saw some closeup pictures of it on Tumblr but I can’t find the studios that filmed it.

I used to blogged about “Triple Penetration” before but I only saw it’s done in straight porn so far. The closest to Triple Penetration in gay porn I’ve ever seen was the Rafael Alencar and Braxon Bond scene from Lucas Entertainment’s movie Assassin which included one cock and two dildos.

Today, I’m thrilled to see these preview pictures from STAXUS.COM! It’s the first time as a gay porn blogger that I see Gay Triple Penetration from porn studios!

This talented young man Aaron Aurora gets a Triple Penetration Fuck by Denis Reed, Milan Sharp and Neo Williams !!! This unique scene is coming soon on STAXUS.COM.


Mario Rossi (aka Sandor Vesanyi) in “Triple Penetration” Videos

Triple Penetration sexual position

As you guys know, Double Penatration or DP is a much more common sex act in straight porn than gay porn. Although gay porn studios are shooting more DP scenes for us to watch lately, thanks to them. But it looks like straight porn studios are raising the bar with “Triple Penetration” sex scenes.

I stumbled upon these triple penetration videos on Str8 Fun blog and Top Ten Triple Penetration Sex Videos list on Fleshbot. And wonder if there a brave soul out there willing to pull this off for gay audience? Is “Triple Penetration” possible in gay porn?

Triple Penetration seems kinda “gay” to me because it looks like the guy in the “middle” is fucking the guy “on top” LOL.

Solution? They use actor with some gay porn experiences! In both triple penetration videos below, the “middle” guy was performed by Mario Rossi. He is a straight porn actor who starred in more than hundred porn flicks. But he began his porn career as Sandor Vesanyi, a gay porn star in Kristen Bjorn‘s classic porn movies like AMAZON ADVENTURE, THE ANCHOR HOTEL and MANWATCHER. I think I read it somewhere that he was a best friend of another popular porn star Alexei Gromoff.