Cody Cummings with Joey Hard in Another Softcore Porn Video

Third time’s the charm, right? After two softcore scenes with Brandon Lewis and Anthony Romero, today Next Door Studios released the another softcore, this time with Cody Cummings and Joey Hard.

So I guess Cody Cummings fans love these softcore video… Or maybe he learns from reading blog comments that even if he had stepped up his game and fucked a guy, like Paddy O’Brian, people would complain that he’s a one trick pony anyway. Or even though he had taken a cock up his ass, like Rocco Reed, people would find things to complain, (such as soft dick) anyway.


Cody Cummings and Next Door Studios Go Softcore?

Are you into softcore porn? I am. I used to post about some of my favorite men of softcore such as Frankie Cullen, Adrian Bouchet and Raul Olivo. Too bad, most softcore porn depicts straight sex. And gay softcore studios such as Sharpshooter Studios doesn’t do sex at all.

I always hope there’s a market for gay softcore porn, with extremely hot male models perform simulated sex. Hot models like James Ellis, Alan Valdez, Rob Riches, Renato Ferreira and those models from All American Guys who surely won’t do hardcore porn. Some of them might agree to do softcore.

Who knows, maybe this new scene from Next Door Studios featuring A Fantasy Fulfilled – Cody Cummings and Brandon Lewis might kick start that trend.


All About Adrian Bouchet (Mark Stevens)

male actor and porn star Adrian Bouchet Mark Stevens in All About Anna

According to Wikipedia, All About Anna, a 2005 Danish film starring Gry Bay and Mark Stevens isn’t regarded as pornography even though it portraits hardcore sex, full frontal nudity and even cum shots! And the leading man Mark Stevens or Adrian Bouchet is HOT!

Thanks to the blogger at CasperFan blog for alerting me to this movie which can easily put other softcore porn to shame and posted 5 hot clips from this movie on his blog.

Yesterday, he posted a video clip of Mark Stevens in a full-blown hardcore porn scene. Yes, Mark Stevens was indeed a straight porn star! Why not? This guy has a hot muscular body and his small supporting role as an exploration team member in AVP: Alien vs. Predator can’t reveal it.

And for gay fans, Mark Stevens used to jerk off for MENATPLAY.COM!


Tim Oakes & The Male Bonding of Sandbach Rugby Team

I know I posted this video before, but since that Xtube video was deleted and I just found the longer version of it. I will post this infamous homoerotic episode of Generation Xcess documentary: Sandbach Rugby Team again.

Male bonding, guys kissing, nipple sucking, full frontal nudity even cock swinging and semi-erection. This documentary video is qualified as softcore gay porn in my book 😉

Tim Oakes, the captain of rugby team in this video, became even more popular among gay men when he posed naked for UK website


Frankie Cullen and The Hot Men of Softcore Porn

Frankie Cullen the handsome softcore porn model

Today, I came across this website called M.O.S.C. Vid Caps (Men Of Softcore) and I’m hooked! This no-frill website is the best resource of hot male models from softcore porn (Softcore does not depict explicit sexual contact, but ranges from nudity to simulated intercourse). You can browse through massive list of hot softcore male models (each with screen caps) and at the bottom, they got some hot video clips for you to download.

Their archive is really big, it takes times to watch it all. But I found this smoking hot guy named Frankie Cullen, he’s my favorite. His scene from Sexy Urban Legends is the best I watched so far, we can see a glimpse of his full frontal nude with hard-on!

Of course, I googled him and found this video sharing site called Str8Up (never heard of them before) with dozen video clips of sex scenes starring Frankie Cullen.

I’m now a fan of softcore porn, they got many hot male models. Who’s your favorite softcore guy? I hope softcore gay studios like Sharp Shooter Studios will let their models “depict more simulated intercourse” in the future 😉

+ Watch Frankie Cullen in Action [Boobs Alert]  CLICK HERE FOR MORE …