Jack Harrer Comes 3 Times While Being Fucked By Trevor Yates

Our Scandal in the Vatican feature continues today, after Jack draws the long straw and wins the prize of who is going to get fucked by Trevor, the rest of the Kinky Angels scamper away to go in search of their own scandal while Trevor and Jack get down to action themselves. Jack so enjoys this experience he comes 3 times while being fucked by Trevor.

Yes, Bel Ami porn star Jack Harrer comes 3 times in this latest scene from Scandal in the Vatican. Is he trying to beat Aiden from Corbin Fisher? Trevor Yates‘ gigantic cock must hit the spot because Jack didn’t even stroke his cock while he shot his first load!


Bel Ami Releases The First Scene From Scandal In The Vatican, Blowjob Orgy & Introduces The Newest Kinky Angel Scott Bennet

We have seen the behind the scenes documentary about Bel Ami’s upcoming movie Scandal In The Vatican and today Bel Ami releases the first scene from this controversial fuck flick. It’s a blowjob orgy between big dick porn star Trevor Yates who dressed as a priest and the Kinky Angels.

And speaking of Kinky Angels, today BELAMIONLINE.COM also unveils a new exclusive just added to their list of 40+ exclusive models. Scott Bennet is a 20 year old beauty that will join the Kinky Angels in all new scenes launching in 2013.


Bel Ami Releases “Scandal In The Vatican” Documentary

Bel Ami just released part 1 of the documentary about the upcoming gay porn movie Scandal In The Vatican to members of BELAMIONLINE.COM. It reveals the cast of the movie – Trevor Yates playing a priest along with Kinky Angels Kevin Warhol, Jack Harrer, Andre Boleyn, Adam Archuleta, Jaco Van Sant, newcomer Sean Davis and Luke Hamill as a director.

And I found more info about this controversial porn movie on Gay Star News:

The Pope has been tricked into blessing two porn actors and a video of the moment is set to be included in a new Bel Ami gay movie.

The new film, Scandal in Vatican, is going to be released in September. It is the story of a couple of young priests, dressed as Catholic clerical students, who enjoy their sex experiences in the little country in the heart of Italy’s capital, Rome.

And viewers will see Pope Benedict XVI blessing the main actors in a Vatican meeting. The Pope didn’t know about their jobs and, according to producer Duroy, the scene will be the film’s most interesting part.

And don’t forget to check the new video 3 Colossal Cocks featuring Roger Lambert, Jack Harrer and Paul Mekas hot threesome!


Has Porn Star Trevor Yates Joined a Catholic Seminary in Italy?

Well, well… an anonymous source just pointed me to this Trevor Yates’ Facebook profile. Trevor Yates was a Bel Ami gay porn star famous for his gigantic cock.

Mine is not the usual career path to get to the church. Came here through the adult industry

That’s what he wrote in his Facebook profile along with pictures of Trevor in Vatican City including some pictures of Pope Benedict XVI.

What do you think? Did Trevor Yates quit fucking those bottom boys with his big dick at BELAMIONLINE.COM to join the church or do you think it’s part of a Bel Ami movie I mentioned last week, Scandal In Vatican coming out later this year? Or is someone in his Catholic Seminary trying to out him?


XL Big Dick Month with Trevor Yates, Roger Lambert, Florian Nemec, Todd Rosset & Ludovic Canot Makes His BEL AMI Debut

October was the ORGY month at BELAMIONLINE.COM and November is the XL month! They are kicking it off with one of the biggest in the business, Trevor Yates. This also launches the upcoming DVD these scenes will be seen in, Too Big To Fail. Todd Rosset fresh off his Best Bottom Award at the Hustlaball Awards fills in for a sick Roger Lambert and takes all of Trevor’s huge cock like the power bottom champ he is.

Coming this Saturday a popular international porn star Ludovic Canot (Morning Wood, First Class, Desperate Househusbands 2, Island Heat, TKO, My Israeli Platoon) makes his BELAMIONLINE.COM debut. He bottoms for the big dicked stud Florian Nemec. Check out Ludovic Canot and Florian Nemec extended trailer with interview below.


Bel Ami 14 BOYS AFRICAN ORGY (Condom Free)

BEL AMI concludes its “October Orgy month” with long-awaited 14 Boys African Orgy filmed in spring of 2010 in Cape Town, South Africa starring Bel Ami’s experienced models such as Brandon Manilow, Manuel Rios, Dolph Lambert, Peters Twins, Trevor Yates, Dario Dolce, Ennio Guardi and newcomer Kevin Warhol.

2 weeks ago, when I blogged about 9 Bel Ami Boys Condom-Free Orgy shot in Budapest, I thought the models would use condoms in this bigger 14 boys orgy. It turned out to be condom-free orgy too and Bel Ami believes it is one of the largest condomless orgies ever filmed.

You can watch the first part of this 14 Boys African Orgy at BELAMIONLINE.COM now with Part 2 coming October 30.


More Bareback Videos from Bel Ami, Corbin Fisher & ChaosMen

Bel Ami studio just released a Condom Free DVD titled SKIN ON SKIN. This bareback movie was directed by Lukas Ridgeston and Marty Stevens and you can watch Dario Dolce, Milo Peters and Manuel Rios get fucked bareback.

BELAMIONLINE.COM also released a bareback video starring huge cock model Trevor Yates and Dario Dolce. Muscle boy Dario managed to stay rock hard while getting pounded by Trevor’s monstrous dick!


Queer Me Now’s Guide To Gay Porn Stars on Twitter #3

Mustang exclusive porn star Samuel Colt and Alessio Romero share many photos from their trip to Black Party Expo via Twitter. The picture above is from Alessio photo shoot with Joe Opperdisano in New York.

Below you can also see some pictures from Bel Ami porn shoot in Cape Town including the latest photos of gay porn legend Lukas Ridgeston. And some behind the scenes pictures from Crotch Rocket, the second Falcon Studios movie directed by Erik Rhodes.


Bel Ami New Videos for Fans who Love Big Cocks and Foot Fetish

Bel Ami model Colin Reeves sucking Trevor Yates HUGE Cock gay sex

BEL AMI recently released a video for “size queens.” Those who enjoy watching HUGE cock must know Trevor Yates , the model with the largest cock at Bel Ami. This time the brave soul who took the challenge is Colin Reeves who has a sizable cock himself.

Besides watching Trevor Yates pounds Colin Reeves with his gigantic cock. There’s another video from BEL AMI, this time for audience with “foot fetish” starring Kris Evans and Jean-Daniel Chagall.


Manuel Rios, Trevor Yates & Henri Gaudin Fuck Condomless

Bel Ami models with big cock Manuel Rios Trevor Yates Henri Gaudin fuck bareback

Looks like BEL AMI is gonna end 2009 with a bang with this threesome video between big dick models Manuel Rios, Trevor Yates and Henri Gaudin. Talented bottom Manuel Rios gets fucked by Trevor Yates and Henri Gaudin like a pro and cums while getting pounded by Trevor’s huge cock.

This “condomless cum eating extravaganza” is the third bareback video recently released from Bel Ami after Todd Rosset & Dolph Lambert and Peters Twins flip flop fuck videos.


Peters Twins Suck Each Other While Get Fucked by Trevor Yates

Bel Ami gay sex Trevor Yates Fucking Milo and Elijah Peters Twins

I’m a fan of Milo Peters and Elijah Peters (aka Peters Twins). I love their perfect six-pac abs. And in the latest video from BELAMIONLINE.COM, they prove to be talented bottoms too getting fucked by the hugely hung Trevor Yates like a pro. Thanks so ricky, the reader who sent me the heads up!

This scene also comes with some controversy. In this episode, Bel Ami removed all restrictions on what the boys could do with each other. So our naughty twins, Milo and Elijah take turns sucking each other’s cocks and even cum in each other’s mouths! All while getting slammed in the ass by Trevor’s huge cock!

And this is just the first part. In the second, to be released this Friday, Peters Twins get a bit of their own back by fucking Trevor Yates.