Topher DiMaggio Bottoming Debut with Lance Luciano

Tomorrow is the day his fans can watch porn star Topher DiMaggio gets fucked in the ass for the first time on camera by Lance Luciano on MEN.COM. I’m sure this scene is gonna be a hot flip-flop fuck scene between Topher and Lance. I have many photos of Topher DiMaggi’s beautiful butt getting pounded for you. Check it out. Can’t wait to watch the whole scene “Top To Bottom 6” tomorrow :-)

+ Top To Bottom 6: Topher DiMaggio & Lance Luciano Flip-Fuck



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  1. manu says

    OK maybe pair him with a proper top like CUtlerX, that would be nice.
    ALso the “painful” pictures aren’t necessary, it’s all we’ve seen so far o_O
    I hope there are good shots of his gaping hole.

  2. Nobweld says

    There’s nothing appealing about either of them for me. They have that horrid photo shopped look which is a big turn off for me.

  3. ricci says

    topher is 100% gay the way he can kiss a man says it all, and i start to prefer lance afa looks are concerned, want both of them to bottom in an interracial scene as well, or a mature top

  4. Dan says

    Topher has been around too long in porn and this certainly proves it. He couldn’t look any more bored in this epic. It’s obvious he’s been poked before and these pix showing pain are beyond fake looking.

  5. alex says

    Well, maybe he’ll be better as a bottom. I’m disappointed that there is anupcoming scene with Bruiser and he is getting topped by Topher. With Bruiser and Jaxton available, maybe can finally have a better football series — with Bruiser, Jaxton, Travis, Colby and John Magnum — and they all get fucked in the locker room by each other!

  6. David says

    Topher just bores me. He’s pretty but it’s too primped. I think he’s going to age well. Once his look gets a little rougher I’d be more interested.

  7. Eh says

    Well, I still only see Topher fucked in one position, while Lance is bottoming in at least two (from the pictures we’ve seen) so… I’m not impressed at the moment.

  8. George says

    Yes are big shits, the’ve ruined the scene by making it a flip-flop and halving the time Miss Diva Topher bottoms, plus they let Ms Diva pull all sorts of faces to give the impression he’s not interested in the scene.
    The fact they can’t release the scene on time adds insult to injury. I for one don’t want to see miss boring Diva ever top again and if this scene is as disappointing as it seems it may be, then no more for me. Time to move on.

  9. PSR says

    Just watched…he barely took it. He had potential as a bottom but the session ended too quickly. This definitely is a weak top to bottom.

  10. manu says

    I wanted to see Topher bottom but there are several problems :
    – Lance Luciano is a bad top ( like Topher)
    – The fucking lasts only a few minutes
    -there is only one position
    – I rolled my eyes when he said ” I can’t take it anymore, I gotta fuck you” and stopped the video there because I have 0 interest in seeing lance Luciano do anything.

    It’s the worst top to bottom video so far .
    Topher needs to bottom for someone else and I hope MEN does not screw us over with this flip flop shenanigan.

  11. dvlaries says

    Well it’s arrived and I’ll shortly have it, but it’s already blunted for me by simultaneous new clips with Joe Parker (paired with Cameron Kincade, Bait Buddies), and Woody Fox (paired with Kip Johnson, Falcon).
    I’m reading a lot of disappointment ahead of my own post and I’m sorry you guys didn’t get what you dreamed. I’ve taken so little note of Topher before now he might have gone an entire career never bottoming and without this series I likely wouldn’t have noticed or cared.
    The other name everybody seems to want is Zeb Atlas. I don’t know; I think Atlas probably thinks of himself as the Ryan Idol or Jeff Stryker of his time, and will want big money to do it, maybe a figure Men can’t come up with. Likely too, I think he’d want it better showcased than seventh entry of some ‘little’ online series.
    Me, I’d be tickled euphoric with Jack King or Woody Fox, if Men can get either or both to do it in the coming year. Here’s hoping, and Merry Christmas fellow posters. :)

  12. Ty says

    Just one position for TOP TO BOTTOM, and Lance has more positions than Topher, fuck this, I pass because this shit it is disappointing!

  13. Jason says

    This scene is crap and its embarrassing that are held hostage by the bitchy camp queen topher in to giving yet another sub standard performance and ruining the top to bottom series with this parody. This is simply cheating members.

  14. Ken says owe an an explanation for this awful video. No wonder they were too ashamed to release a real preview trailer of this very poor scene.

  15. dvlaries says

    Well, I’ve seen it now, and while I’m no Topher fan myself, I can certainly understand the disappointment of those who are. Liam, Paddy and Colby’s respective entries, that I was definitely eager for, weren’t exactly as I’d write (or cast) them either, but all of them seemed game to the surrender once they’d agreed to it.
    That doesn’t look the case here, and the bait & switch to a flipflop would have pissed me off also. The hammy grimacing both DiMaggio and Luciano were allowed get away with suggests whoever directed shouldn’t be trusted with another in this series, and would be laughable had Men not built this up as an “event.” My condolences to DiMaggio fans who deserve better than this lump of coal in their stockings.

  16. bucko0710 says

    Well what was all the hype about? It should be titled” Luciano Bottoms”! Topher’s bottoming scene was what? 5 mins max? Total let down – I’d asked for my money back for such a lackluster performance and a short one at that. So disappointing..

  17. alex says

    Not even going to bother downloading this one. My subscription ends in a few days. Hopefully, they’ll make up for this next month — and I will consider rejoining. At this point, I think and Topher need to part ways.

  18. Kev says

    Topher only got fucked for exactly 4 MINUTES in one position. The rest of the time was Lance taking it. Kind of disappointed, but it’s a start…..

  19. Eh says

    This is completely laughable, I can’t even voice the total rage i’m actually feeling for this waste of a scene. I really am pissed that these people even considered calling this “top to bottom 6” and bothered to attempt hype this, as if it would be entertaining. This was a waste of time, not to mention the fact they could have chosen so many other tops, but really this was no different than ANY other Topher scenes, honestly. Being an irritating person that can’t take what he loves to give. How did this even get past the script writers? The entire purpose of “top to bottom” is for TOPS to BOTTOM! How is that not clear, it’s in the title of the series!

  20. andrew says

    Topher is a top man in his public and private life. He gave it up to his boyfriend Lance for a few min. Don’t expect Topher to bottom again anytime soon. He is a total top and that’s OK.

  21. G-man says

    What a boring cop out!! Topher got fucked in one position for like three minutes… The purpose of these films is for a top to give bottoming a go for a full scene. You can barely call this a flip fuck scene because it was a “blink & you miss it” effort by him. I was all for giving Topher a go before this scene, but that was pathetic! What a little self indulgent, selfish performer he is. Shame on for releasing that piece of garbage!

  22. G-man says

    I actually purchased a subscription based on this scene… I want a bloody refund for that! Topher must have something significant to hold over the execs at if that’s all he had to do to bottom

  23. Jack says

    Miss Topher’s face pulling was all pure fake just seeking to fool people into thinking he’s a top. What a sad joke, he’s all false image and no substance. The beginning was a total hoot with his queenie voice, camp mannerisms, plucked eyebrows, heavy makeup and over elaborate hairdo. He needed to do a Rocco and have six big dick Black guys gang bang him for then he would not have been pulling faces but would have been smiling with pure delight.

  24. David says

    G-Man I too having seen TTB6 feel ripped off and want my money back especially after all the prior hype and advertising of this scene. I also agree with the 90% plus of contributors to this blog that topher can’t cut it as a top being hopeless and boring at it. Topher has become box office poison and is now the Blackberry electronics equivalent of i.e. zero marketability and about to go under.

  25. wow says

    wow, completely understand why there was no trailer, no one would have bought a subscription if they had, because a trailer would have been the length of the time topher spent getting fucked!

  26. fran says dosen´t take advantage for this scene could be the most popular, If I was the owner of the studio I ask the give up to the scene director terrible scene.

  27. mark henny says

    Given what others have done in the series( Hadn’t really seen any of them until recently) I can’t BELIEVE that they let TOPHER get awy with that non performance’ Sure ….He’s really goodlooking in a “Mario Lopez” way but he generates about as much energy & warmth as a glacier.

  28. mark henny says

    And what an interesting puzzle…..So goodlooking but somnambulant as a TOP & wodenly hopless as a BTTM. Shame on the company/director for allowing this to occur

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