Watch Goran Gets Fucked By Damien Crosse at MEN.COM

Muscle porn stud Goran tops in most of his videos with Stag Homme Studios. So I think it’s cool to see him as a bottom once in a while like in this new scene from MEN.COM. You can watch Goran gets fucked hard by Damien Crosse.

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+ Tied: Damien Crosse Fucks Goran

+ Handling The Hose: Jessie Colter and Andrew Stark Flip Fuck

+ Law And Hoarder: John Magnum Fucks Bryce Star

+ The Gay Dating Game



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  1. manu says

    Nice pairing 😀 I noticed Goran’s fat ass in other videos , he was due to get fucked!!
    Damien is hot as always

  2. Jay says

    Actually, Goran flipped quite a bit over at Stag Homme. The last time he was on screen with Crosse was a flip fuck scene filmed at Martin Mazza’s place in Madrid.

  3. alex says

    Yeah, we need more versatile guys in porn like Goran, Crosse and Magnum.

    Goran and Crosse, in particular, are very masculine guys who retain that masculinity when the bottom. It seems that Europeans are more willing to be versatile on screen.

  4. Ben says

    I love that first picture of Goran with his legs spread wide. Turns me on so much when guys are open and slutty.

  5. Jay says

    Sort of, Terry. They are still very much business partners, but as far as being a “couple”, based on what I have read on other sites, that is kaput. What I am wondering is are they actually divorced since they were legally married in Spain right after the country legalized same-sex marriage.

  6. MarcoManuel says

    Damien is into everything i hate in gay porn.

    He is into pissing,spitting (a lot) ,strangling,pulling hair,hard spanks,more pissing,receaving spanks in his face,cum in his mouth,ect…

    When gay porn stars are too much into hardcore things,its a turn off.

  7. sxg says

    Well no wonder you secretly love G4P porn, there is absolutely none of that there. I’d rather see a scene with all of that than see 2 G4P actors that you are in love with (which is all of them because you always name them as your favorite instead of real gay porn stars) have a boring fuck with their flaccid dicks.

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