Watch Landon Conrad Bottoms For Topher DiMaggio at and Flip-Flop Fucks with Donnie Dean in HOLE 1

This is a good weekend for fans of Landon Conrad. You can watch Landon Conrad gets fucked by Topher DiMaggio in “Gay Watch Part 3” by MEN.COM and Landon Conrad and Donnie Dean flip-fuck in the movie HOLE 1 by Raging Stallion.

+ Gay Watch Part 3: Topher DiMaggio Fucks Landon Conrad



+ Hole 1: Landon Conrad and Donnie Dean Flip Flop Fuck

+ HOLE 1


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  1. alex says

    I don’t know why, but I wasn’t impressed when Landon first hit the scene — but geez Lousie — he has a great body and an ass made for fucking. Topher has been showing up more and more at Based on this and his twitter comment about a big surprise, I am sure he’ll be the next top to bottom. Personally, I’m still hoping for Charlie — and have given up on Colby. There are some other hot masculine guys showing up in porn willing to do versatile scenes. If he doesn’t bottom soon, I’d rather not watch him at all.

  2. Olaf says

    @alex Totally agree. Falcon marketed Landon as a nonchalant big dick top. He was kind of boring. Now that he’s bottoming regularly, which is clearly his preference, he’s become an increadible performer. Comment on Topher – snooze. If he ever bottoms I’m sure it will be like watching paint drying

  3. sxg says

    Oh Landon can do no wrong! He is all sorts of hot!

    Topher, however, does not look good in these pics. He looks heavily photoshopped, and a bit bloated. He certainly looks like he’s gained a lot of muscle, but that could be the photoshopping. Also, does anyone see a bit of crater face going on with Topher’s cheek area?

  4. W says

    I love watching Landon as a bottom. He looks so fucking sexy taking a dick. I saw him at an airport once and he is soooo good looking in person. But he is not the type of guy I want to take to to the airport bathroom and fuck him and cum on his face and leave. He is the type of guy I’d want to wine and dine and make love to for hours.

  5. bucko0710 says

    Adding to the chorus about Landon… particularly about his “transition” to being a bottom extraordinaire. Boring Falcon like many other studios presented him as a top which was ok but you can tell his passion or versatility was being suppressed. Now that he’s allowed to be his true self he’s such a great voracious bottom performer. Love seeing him as a bottom. As for Colby Jansen bottoming…I’m hoping!

  6. Dan says

    Landon is smokin’ hot and I salivate watching him. Especially love him with the scruff and hairy bod. One of the hottest models on the gay scene currently.

  7. GreGG says

    Can U imagine being Topher … and U read about your crater face in the cheek area. How about he has the ability to reach out and smacik someone. Nevermind …. its just trash talking ……

  8. MarcoManuel says

    Why some keeps saying that MEN only have gay for pay men?

    Landon Conrad,Dean Monroe,Christopher Daniels,Colby Keller,ect…

    You have the proof that not all gay porn stars in MEN porn are gay for pay.

  9. Clark Lane says

    Landon — a beefy body wrapped around a 16yo girl…I like him until I heard him talk once….can’t watch him again.

  10. sxg says

    @Gregg to be honest one of the main reasons why I said that is because a camming model (not gonna mention his name) who has done porn scenes for Randy Blue and a few other studios has mentioned to me on his experience with meeting Topher for the very first time.

    It wasn’t at a porn set, it was actually a bar. He mentioned as soon as his friend introduced Topher to him, Topher started being very critical of this guy’s hair, the way he dressed, and the quality of his skin. Honestly he was taken aback by it, as he had never met anybody like that, and personally neither have I.

    And I don’t believe this guy is lying, as he wasn’t 100% involved with the scene and porn was helping with his school expenses. And he is 100% gay and not a G4P.

    So if Topher can go and be a complete diva, douchebag, and asshole just like that to a person, then I feel he shouldn’t have a problem with others being the same way. I mean he did get pushed into a pit of fired here in Houston. People don’t get pushed into a pit of fire for no reason, and I don’t believe such a nice, thoughtful caring person is the reason why he got pushed in there.

  11. Jordi Lim says

    Wow I like Thoper, one brave tough guy. And one guy who isnt coward to typecast as a top performer, which of course his preference as a man. Keep it up Thoper. We love you.

  12. sxg says

    You’re stupid Jordi go get fucked so you can get a real clue about gay sex life. You talk so much nonsense about something that you’ve never done before.

    And now you’re gonna respond saying something so pathetic that you’re hurting so much and wondering why we’re attacking you. lol

  13. BLACKjack says

    Jordi Lim I usually don’t even bother to read your comments because like sxg said YOU’RE STUPID and most of the times your comments do not make sense but I will say that every time I think you have reached the pinnacle of not making any sense you onces again prove me wrong every single time !!!

  14. Jordi Lim says

    @sxg@BLACKjack I dont care about you guys, I gave my opinion and that’s it. Im virgin but I know what is sex, and I believe versa gay men are lunatic. Please leave me alone.

  15. George says


    Let’s put this into proportion Topher is purely a peformer who does what he is told by that is run by lesbians not men. Plus despite his pocked face checks and over made up cover for his burn marks plus his queenie plucked eyebrows etc, his studio decides to have him currently as a top, despite fact that his boy friend is a great top who regularly has his way with Topher.

    At a time suitable for his studio he will bottom in same way that he already has of screen. However if its left too late who really will give a damn.

    ps. There’s a good reason why you are a Virgin!

  16. sxg says

    Topher totally bottoms off-screen. You can’t have a successful relationship with a versatile guy if you’re not going to do both bottom and top for him. Speaking of their relationship, currently they are “working things out” according to Lance.

    Also, Topher lived in Houston, which is where I live. And I have a friend that has hooked up with him and has mentioned that they BOTH bottomed for each other. And I don’t believe he’s lying.

  17. Jordi Lim says

    what is happening to gay people now. I really don’t know what’s going on. Porn is fantasy but people tend to do it in real life. I never hated anyone what I wont like are the preferences that they invented. #PEACETOEVERYONE

  18. Pete says

    Donnie Dean has done videos on Flirt4free using the name Curran back in 2009. He even had a duo partner named Dontae. Fast forward to 2013 and he reappears as Donnie Dean on Flirt4free. Pathetic fucker tries to reinvent himself.

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