Watch Softcore Preview of Spartacus MMXII The Beginning

Last year I covered this straight porn movie I want to watch, Spartacus MMXII The Beginning. It’s a porn parody to Starz’s Spartacus series. It received surprisingly positive responses from my readers. Marcus London, the star and director of this movie even commented on that blog post and mentioned the possibility of a gay scene in the second part, The Rise of Crixus.

Now, while fans are excited to see a teaser of Spartacus season 3 – War of the Damned. Marcus London also released another cool teaser trailer of his porn parody.

First, check out the full frontal nudity scene from Spartacus: Vengence. Then watch the trailer of its porn parody Spartacus MMXII The Beginning below. The lines between mainstream TV show and porn are blurred!

I’m excited about this straight porn movie because not many straight porn is full of hot muscular guys like this one.

[UPDATE] I just got this great news from Marcus London!

We are in talks to possibly do the full blown gay version with a new twist and different story. Ask your readers who they would like to see in it.

Isn’t that great? Who would you like to see in the gay version of Spartacus XXX? Post your answer in comment or tweet @MarcusLondon.

I have a long list of guys I would like to see in Spartacus XXX – Mitchell Rock, Trenton Ducati, Tristan Baldwin, Robert Van Damme, Race Cooper, Dylan Roberts, Cavin Knight, Marc Dylan, Darius Soli, Chris Tyler, Alex Brinsky, Sergio Serrano, Milos Zambo, David Dirdam, Adrian Toledo and Tyler Saint to name a few LOL.

+ Straight Porn I Want To Watch! – SPARTACUS XXX

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  1. MuscleFanatic says

    Definitely the most muscular guys in gay porn- no twinks please! Zeb Atlas, Angelo Antonio, Max Chevalier, Adam Champ,Tanek aka Thomas Mach, Trent Ducati- these would be some of my top choices. Too bad Vince Ferreli no longer does porn he would have been a great choice.

  2. scotch says

    Well,I know that it’d be not easy to do that, but it’d be awesome to see some of the performers in the straight movie,like Tommy Gunn or Markus London himself do a scene! :)

  3. Joe says

    I see in the role retired gay porn stars like Caesar, Tom Katt, Billy Herrington and finally Luke Garrett

  4. sxg says

    Definitely NOT Spencer Reed! Add onto your list Jesse Jackman! But he is an exclusive to Titan, so doubtful that they will let him on there. Oh also Cayden Ross and Derek Atlas they definitely have the bodies for it!

  5. Matias says

    The first clip is full of sexual energy and guys are masculine.
    I woudln’t like to see XXX version, because it would lack acting like this has. ONLY if there would be a strong story and porn would be part of the story. But that would perhaps be too much to ask for.

  6. raul says

    Yo meteria a Jesse Santana,como uno de los gladiadores,y a Johnny Rapid,como un esclavo sodomizado,jaajaj,xD

  7. Anderson says

    The gay version would be nice if only straight stars participate. Or, at least, straight stars fuck gay stars.
    By straight stars I mean the guys we see in straight porn, not gay for pay.

  8. ugh says

    Trenton Ducati (bottom), Stany Falcone (bottom), Derek Atlas (top), Cayden Ross (bottom), Sergio Serrano (top), Damien Crosse (top), Ross Hurston (please come back!, bottom), Avi Dar (bottom – gets gangbanged), Max Veneziano (bottom), Mattias Vannelli (the perfect Roman, top), Alfredo (from Kristen Bjorn’s Casting Couch #179, bottom), Gabriel Clark (versatile), Tyler Riggz (versatile), Dirk Jager (top), Bo Dean (top), Bruno Knight (top), and Harley Everett (top).

  9. ugh says

    “Marcus London, the star and director of this movie even commented on that blog post and mentioned the possibility of a gay scene in the second part, The Rise of Crixus.”

    Have Tony De Sergio get fucked by Marcus London. It doesn’t have to be that involved. Tony can blow Marcus and Marcus can finger him and fuck him. If that happens, this movie will break record sales.

  10. says

    I actually like straight porn and would totally see this film.

    I think any of the male stars from the straight version could be in the gay version, especially TJ Cummings, but I doubt he’ll ever do gay porn again.

    I like a lot of ugh’s suggestions. Just make it all bodybuilder guys, and we’re good.

  11. derrick says

    Cavin Knight as a gang bang bottom, definitely NOT Spencer Reed anywhere around the set not even as fluffer! but add to the list Jesse Coulter as a top and bottom, Alex Marte is a MUST!!
    Some hot twink like Ben Bradly as a rich owner who fucks his slaves then gets fucked in the end

  12. sxg says

    agree with a lot of UGH’s suggestions. And Max Veneziano! I have not heard that name in awhile. He was a beauty, tall, lean but very muscular. And I agree for a movie like this, I would like it to be filled with a lot of NATURALLY muscular guys. Or at least guys who don’t look like they’re a roided mess. Although Erik Rhodes would be the exception probably. Just because it would be nice to see a fisting scene in the directors cut :)

  13. MJ says

    you know I’m wondering why didn’t some gay porn studio think of making a porn parody of Spartacus anyway? I mean as long as the series has been out, and they couldn’t make a full blown movie out of that sooner? also the Naked Crixus scene is from Spartacus: Blood and Sand, not Spartacus: Vengeance. I will be a pop culture Nazi for two of my favorite things: TV and Manu Benett

  14. NutBusterDotCom Blog says

    I’d like to see Topher DiMaggio and Tristan Baldwin in a role. Also, bring Colton Ford out from under his rock. He must be in this film. I think Marcus London needs to be really careful of who he casts in the gay version. Maybe even hold open auditions. It would be nice to see some “NEW” faces. And people would be dying to know who they are and where did they come from. If it’s just the same old porn stars that grace the blogs everyday I don’t think it will be as good.

  15. Kevin says

    My cast would be Kurt Madison, Jalil Jafar, Jesus Moreno, Trenton Ducati, Nate Karlton, Dale Cooper, Francois Sagat, Heath Jordan, Adam Champ, Rick Gonzales, Lucas Young, Cole Markum, Colby Keller, Roman Wright, Lawson Kane, Scott Alexander, Gio Forte, Nick Sterling, Sami Damo, Charly Diaz, Conner Habib, Zeb Atlas, Tom Wolfe, Johnny Venture, Brad Kalvo, Hunter Marx, Allen Silver, Tate Ryder, Logan McCree, Ricky Larkin, and Damien Stone.

  16. D.C says

    I actually e-mailed Marcus about who would be carrying the American release Spartacus XXX (Slave of the Gods?) and was told that Wicked Pictures would be releasing it in the states in May of 2012, but I have been unable to track down a local distributor?…..does anyone have any ideas where I can order this from??

  17. sam says

    In the gay one I want to see lots of muscular guys. I don’t care who as long as they’re muscular. No twinks please.

  18. ugh says

    “Didn’t D’Macho do a Spartacus porn parody?”

    Yes, but it was terrible. Horrible lighting and too much make up (dirt and blood) which really distracted from the sex.

    “you know I’m wondering why didn’t some gay porn studio think of making a porn parody of Spartacus anyway?”

    Costs too much and most gay porn parodies are awful. Have you seen the HIS Dracula parody? It was terrible. Horrible special effects and there were only 2 scenes in the movie with actual fucking (spoiler: neither of them were very good). Casting Ari Silvio as Dracula was also atrocious. The Jersey Score movies were also terrible. I had to turn off the sound because plot related sex talk was getting obnoxious.

  19. Michael says

    There was an article in The Guardian about how the Internet is killing porn. Piracy and amateur sites are severely eroding income for producers.

    Porn companies need to invest more money and effort to produce better product and release only a few movies every year instead of attempting multiple videos a month. Consumers wouldn’t be so saturated with material where it isn’t special anymore.

    Viewers will take porn seriously when the company’s take them seriously rather than using the same set over and over again to the point where films are produced like an assembly line.

    Essentially, go back to the way things were when adult films were still screened in theaters. Kudos to Marcus London for his effort and the production values.

  20. hrsers says

    There should be a few solo jerk off scenes with straight porn stars. TJ Cummings and Tommy Gunn for sure!

  21. sxg says

    TJ Cummings can do more than jerk off during a solo. He has a few where he has toys and plays with his ass. And that’s after he’s done straight porn.

  22. Tickle Me says

    Adam Killian (verse)
    Alex Marte (verse)
    Marc Williams (verse)
    Nick Sterling (Randy Blue) (bottom)
    Shay Michaels (verse)
    Rico (Papi Thugs) (top)
    Francos Sagat (verse)
    Adam Champ (Top)
    Carlo Masi (verse)
    Marcus Mojo (bottom)
    Cadyen Ross (bottom)
    Spencer Reed (top)
    Matthew Rush (verse)
    Colton Ford (verse)

  23. Derrick says

    “sure that a spartacus movie with guys full of tatoo is a good idea!!”

    if only there was a way to MAKE UP the bodies of the models bodies with some sort of cover up so you couldn’t see the tats…..

  24. manu says

    @ Derrick : it exists , there’es even a video of “ZOmbie boy” ( guy who acted in Lady Gaga videos , his entire body , face included is tatooed ) where the make-up artist makes his tatoos completely invisible . I understand it musn’t be very easy to have sex with that on though , especially if you sweat…Eww

  25. manu says

    Guys I want to see in this :
    Aybars (bottom) , Arpas Miklos ( bottom ) , Jaxton Wheeler/valentino ( bottom ) ,ALex Marte ( bottom ) , Malik TN ( bottom ), Bruno Knight ( bottom), Spencer Reed ( bottom) and Ben Dodge ( bottom)!! For budget reasons I say don’t cast any tops , I will do it for free :)
    MOST importantly the director needs to be awesome otherwise it will be ruined . No silly lines and a focus on open fat asses plz :)

  26. Michael Australia says

    Ok I like how everyone on here is going wild with ideas so no matter who is contracted to which studio, who is gay, straight, gay for pay or bi, this is a chance to break down barriers and get over all this stupid porn politics, and yes it has to sell copies but…

    Ok first the straight guys if they really are should be in it, Spencer Reed for sure ignore haters Samuel O’Toole, Paul Wagner and Rod Daily. The tattoos you just have to ignore. Hunter Marx too. Then I want to see Brad Armstrong given a blow job by a guy. Then just have a huge orgy whilst respecting limits and sexuality, you tell them to leave your egos at the door. Unrealistic sure but you want input there it is Marcus look forward to whatever comes out.

  27. bernardo says

    Okay, I think this is going to be hot. I have been a huge fan of blurring the lines of straight and gay in adult films. Especially, in a movie like spartacus. Here is the thing though if you are going to have gay scenes in the movie it has to be a amazing scene. Marcus London fucking Cavin Knight, or Tommy Gunn and TJ Cummings fucking Benny G or in my feeling an orgy of straight guys and gay guys fucking and sucking and rimming and just getting nasty with each other. That would be FUCKING HOT!!!! And, it would sell like hotcakes and break the mold about porn from the stupid parodies. Also, a gay adult channel on satellite would not hurt either.

  28. dan says

    My comments is that I would like to see more naked fights will be very hot to see all muscular straight guys in hot fights, I hope that Marcus London do more this kind of movies for gay and straight, where can I get this dvd in store? I would like to see CHARLES DERA vs CODY CUMMING in WRESTLING, I want to here more new productions with straigh guys. thank dan

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